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Delta Airlines is one of the major international airlines in the U.S. It operates over 5,400 flights daily to serves over 325 destinations in 52 countries on 6 continents. It is obvious to receive thousands of calls across the world to its customer service departments. Passengers traveling with can face issues various issues such as at the time of booking, on-board, cancelation, refund, seat arrangement, or need special assistance while traveling with children, pets, infants, or disabilities. So, in order to resolve the issues of passengers, Delta provides the best and helpful 24/7 available customer support. Passengers can call Delta Airlines customer service and get assistance from the experts at the helpdesk to resolve their concerns.

When it comes to the airline’s customer service, it is hard to find real customer contact details. As we know that there can be various other fake sites or agents that pretends to be the original airline customer support. So, to protect you from any other fake number or support, we have provided you the genuine Delta Airlines Customer service number and information to contact quickly and directly with Delta agents. Let’s look at all the adequate customer support details from here.

Popular Problems Why Customers Call Delta Airlines Customer Service

When you are trying to book a flight, selecting meals, seats, and other services, finding lost luggage, or claiming a refund, can be a real pain if you are facing issues in it. That’s why contacting customer support is the best option to resolve your issues without any hesitation. Here are some popular problems that are faced by the 

How can I Cancel/Change my flight?

  • How can I Find My E-Credits?
  • What are the Latest flight updates?
  • What are the Travel policies of Delta?
  • How can I book a flight online?
  • How to upgrade seats after booking a flight?
  • What documents to be carried at the time of boarding?
  • Why I’m facing issues in online-check-in?
  • What is the baggage allowance policy?
  • How Can I avail of special assistance?

Products and Its Services Offered By Delta Airlines Customer Service

As we know, Delta Airlines is a major airline and well-known and reputed for its services. Along with a comfortable journey, the airline also provides you several other beneficial options regarding your trip. Hence, passengers can face issues and they can have queries for the services provided by the airlines. Here are the services which are offered by Delta Airlines customer service to make your journey more comfortable and hassle-free.

  • Baggage Allowance
  • Check-in & Security
  • Airport Service Assistance
  • Flight Deals and Offers
  • Flight Schedules Alert
  • Popular Destinations
  • Onboard Support
  • Coupons and Promo Codes to fly
  • Travel Extras
  • Delta Vacations Packages
  • In-flight Entertainment
  • Rent A Car
  • Hotels Packages
  • In-Flight Wi-Fi service
  • Trip Protection
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy

Issues related to these products can be resolve by customer service. You just need to make a call and connect with the experts at the helpdesk. The Delta airlines agents are well trained and experienced to resolve your issues and they are available to provide convenient and helpful assistant.

Reasons Why You Should Call Delta Airlines Customer Service

There can be many reasons that can an issue and for that, you have to seek help from the experts. The best way to resolve your concerns without any hurdle is to call customer service. The calling service is unlimited and free, you can call the experts and get answers to your queries quickly and effectively. Here are some reasons to understand why customers prefer calling Customer services:

In case you get error while logging into the app.

You are asked to download the application just to retrieve your mobile boarding passes.

You weren’t able to load an older reservation before loading the app.

You weren’t able to log in. Even if your password is correct.

If you are facing debit card and its authentication related failure, whenever you try to book a flight for a different state.

If you have lost your itinerary and want to get them on your mail? You can get it, just Call Delta Airlines Customer Service.  

If you need help to modify your details on the itinerary.

You can also change your flight from one destination to another by calling the Delta Airlines Customer Service.

What Issues Can Be Solved By Calling Delta Airlines Customer Service?

Customers who are traveling first-time with Delta Airlines, or have traveled many times, can face a wide range of issues. For that, customers contact the customer service of Delta Airlines through phone numbers, web chat, or social media. But to resolve the concerns easily and quickly, customers prefer to call the customer service agents. So, if you are calling on Delta Airlines Customer service phone number, then you can resolve the given below issues:

Issues Related to Booking 

  • Want to book a flight
  • Facing issues in making changes in flight
  • Seat Upgrade issues
  • Flight rebooking
  • Change my flight

Cancelation and Refund 

  • Unable to cancel your flight reservations
  • Website technical support
  • Unable to claim Refund
  • Want to know more about the Refund policy
  • Issues related to a cancelation fee
  • Know your refund status

Baggage Policy

  • Know about baggage policy
  • Unable to claim Baggage 
  • Find lost or damaged baggage queries
  • Track check baggage
  • Want to know more about special items
  • Request to any special item

Other Issues – 

  • Queries related to flight policies
  • Request for any extra in-flight or onboard service
  • Want any special arrangements if you are traveling with children or pets, or for children traveling alone.
  • Want to avail of SkyMiles or Delta’s frequent-flyer program
  • Complaints or feedback about the Delta Staff service
  • Live flight times, schedules, and delays updates
  • Facing Billing issues at the time of booking

What Issues Can’t Be Resolved by Calling Delta Airline Customer Service Number

There are various issues that can be solved easily through the phone number and customers don’t need to worry about them. But there are some issues that are difficult to resolve on the call and for that, they have to resolve them through the different. Some of the issues that can’t be resolved through the phone are:

Passport and visa issues:  If you are traveling internationally then passengers need a valid passport and visa to travel. All the airlines are required to enforce all rules and regulations for the passengers who are traveling internationally. So, if you are having issues with your passport or visas for your trip, then you have to resolve it on your own.

Lost or Stolen Bag At Airports and Security Checkpoints:  In case, a passenger has lost an item or bag before entering the gate and at the checkpoint, then they have to reach airport security. Passengers need to contact TSA or securities to report a lost item or bag.

Payment Issues with Other Travel agents: If you have booked your tickets through other travel agents and you are facing issues in making the payment, then you need to contact that travel agent only. The payment issues with other travel agents can’t be resolved at the Delta Airlines customer service.

Issues with Other Flight Partners:  In case you have booked your flight with Delta Airlines flight partner, and now you facing issues, then you need to contact that airline to resolve the issues. That airline will help you to assist you without your concerns in their flight.

What to do If You Any Complaint or Any Feedback Regarding Delta Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

There is a wide range of opinions on the quality service you can get at the helpdesk of customer service by calling them. Sometimes customers are fully satisfied with the services they received, whereas sometimes, customers have to wait long for support and complaint about the services they got from the customer service representatives. So if you are not happy with the services of customer support, then you can also try to connect through different ways to resolve your issues:

  • Call Delta back – The different customer representatives can make a huge difference in providing assistance. So, you can try once again calling and connecting with other operators to resolve issues. The operators are well-trained and informative to assist the customer with their concerns. 
  • Online – Another way to send your queries or feedback is by submitting it on the official website. On the official website of Delta Airlines, you can send your feedback, and the operators will respond to you as soon as possible.  
  • Social Media – If you are not still satisfied with online feedback, then you can try getting ahold of social media methods. Through Twitter and Facebook, you can send your queries in a direct message and the experts will respond to you as soon as possible. 
  • Try Another Number – Delta Airlines provides different numbers for different services. In this case, you can call on the particular number for the service you are looking for. The experts will resolve your issues without any hassle and quickly.
  • At the Airport  – If you are already at an airport and you are facing issues regarding booking or boarding or any other concerns, then you can reach out to the Delta Airline counter for help. The attendants at the helpdesk will resolve your issues quickly so that, you can travel hassle-free and comfortably. 

Call Delta Airlines Customer Service | Conclusion

You can find many numbers on the internet pretending to be Delta airline’ real agent number. That numbers can be real long-time waiting and frustrating. The general customer service number of Delta airlines is 800-221-1212. Customers can directly call at this number and cut the long unnecessary hold and call waiting. Talking about the customer care service, so many customers are happy and left satisfied with Delta’s customer service. The customer representatives strive to render complete satisfaction to handle questions and concerns and other issues. 

This happens a few times, that Delta customer support has got negative reviews for its customer support or for its flight services. There are wide ranges of services are offered by Delta Airlines and customers can avail them through various methods. You can easily call at the helpdesk to resolve your concerns without any hesitation and without paying any charges. The services are available 24/7 for the customers to travel hassle-free. Or else, you are not comfortable in calling Delta Airlines customer service, then you can also connect them through other various easiest ways.

Phone Number800-221-1212
DepartmentCustomer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers24/7
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support AvailableYes
Best Time to Call8:15 AM
Phone Number of International Services800-241-4141
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Web, Chat

Website –  
Navigate phone maze to a live person supportKeep pressing 0 OR tell the voice prompt “Give me options” and then press 0
Communication Quality69%
Help Quality58%
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