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Troubleshoot all your Problems with the BB&T Customer Service.

As customers, we always have many queries and look for answers. Most people are confused about where to find solutions for all their questions. But worry not, BB&T Customer service will help you get all the answers. You can quickly contact customer service for any matters and get help from the qualifying team of experts who will guide you and work with you step by step until you find a solution. So, if you are looking for some help with your account, card, or loans, feel free to contact BB&T Customer Service Number and avail of the services.

Common Problems that Customers Complaint-

While solving multiple customer queries daily, the customer service department is well-versed in tackling all kinds of issues. You may Call BB&T Customer Service Number for any purpose that you seek for help-make a complaint, give feedback or ask for information. The customer service department will surely help you to get the best results. Most commonly, the customer service receives complaints on some matters that customers frequently face-

  • To report a stolen card.
  • To obtain information on Loans and Mortgages.
  • To ask for Bank statements.
  • Issues with making payments.
  • Depositing money or Withdrawal issues with ATM.

Services you can get from BB&T Customer Service

Without any hassle and doubt, be confident and call BB&T Customer Service Phone Number and avail the services, as you can instantly get the answers. Any day you face any issues, please reach out; the customer service will surely help you get through any problems. You may contact the customer service and avail of the following service-

Banking IssuesLoan & MortgageTechnical HelpSupportInformation
Many people also contact BB&T Customer Service Number to get banking-related queries. You may have questions about your account or card; feel free to seek help from customer service for assistance.Many people also contact to inquiry about loan or mortgage schemes. You can know all the methods, periods, or the same interest rates, along with the process to acquire them.In case of any technical issues, customer service is the best option to contact for help. They will be in the correct position to help you get out of it at any moment. While using any online payment methods or any account issues you face while using it online, the customer service will surely help you get through them.If you lose your card or account issues and require freeze your account or block your card, please contact BB&T Customer service Phone Number for help. The customer service will help you get the best results out of it.You may have many questions about various matters regarding your connections with BB&T bank. So, feel free to ask for all the information you need to know from the customer service.

Common Errors-

Some customers commit some silly errors because of some stupid misunderstandings or miscommunication. It is best to recommend being extra careful while you are in public to handle your Debit card or Credit card or make any online payments. So that you do not face any problems, here are some common errors that customers commit-

  • Always avoid sharing your account details in public with anyone.
  • Never share your PIN for a Debit card, Credit card, or Online Payments.
  • Make sure to make online payments only through secure gateways.
  • Always keep a receipt or copy of the payment.

How to report a complaint with BB&T Customer service?

If you ever face any obstacles or concerns, it is best that you report them for the best solutions. And since it is bank-related matters, it is always best to the bank’s customer service before any other step. They are the only help that can help you get out of your issues. So, if you encounter any matter, kindly contact BB&T Customer service for all the help you need. And here’s how you can report your concerns-

  • Call BB&T customer Service Number-

At your comfort, call BB&T Customer Service Phone Number and speak with the agent and report your problems. The agent will surely get the best of options for you to get out of the matter. It is the systematic method of contacting the customer service by most customers in case of any discrepancy.

  • Report through the Official Website- 

Log in with your official ID on the Official Website of BB&T Bank and convey your matter. You may also scroll through the help pages to get answers if you wish to. If you want to connect directly, drop your query and wait for a response.

  • Twitter-

You can also tweet about your concerns tagging the official handle on Twitter, and get the team will surely help you with your problems. It is a modern method that customers use for bringing in the notice of any matter they are facing.

BB&T Customer Service cannot resolve issues over call-

It is impossible to resolve all issues over a phone call by customer service. The customer service will surely get the best of what you need, but it does not always happen over a phone call. Some matters require human attention, and so you may have to visit the bank or meet with an agent in person or fax or mail it on your own. Here are some cases when the customer service seeks your help to complete the process-

  • If you have to submit any documents, you will have to mail, fax, or visit the bank to submit the documents independently.
  • If you have to give signatures, you will have to complete the process only by visiting a bank.
  • If you wish to issue a second card for your existing account, you will have to complete the process through the bank branch of the current account only.
  • For loans and mortgages, you will have to visit the bank to complete the documentation and verification process.

In any of these situations, the customer service can surely guide you through the process over the phone call but cannot perform it on your behalf. You will have to complete the process independently. Therefore, you may still call BB&T Customer Service for help and assistance through the process.

How can to contact BB&T Customer Service?

The ways to contact BB&T Customer service are very effortless and straightforward. There are many ways to get for the convenience of the customers. You may choose to reach out through any process that you are comfortable with-

  • Call BB&T Customer Service Number-

The most convenient and popular means to connect is through the official customer service phone number available on the official website or scroll down and dial. The customer service will listen to your issues judiciously and resolve them instantly or even guide you through any required process as per the query you raise. Do not be hesitant and dial for help. Always remember to keep in handy all your documents before calling for the verification process.

  • Contact through the Official Website-

All you have to do is log in to the official site with your registered ID and seek the help you need. You can also scroll through the help pages pr the information regarding any matters you seek. Most customers find all answers through these pages as well. And in case you do not see your answers, drop -n a message with your ID; the customer service will resolve your query within 68 hours.

  • Reach through Twitter-

You may also get through Twitter to reach out for help or give any feedback. Always tag the official Twitter handle of BB&T. you may post your tweet at any moment and wait for a response from the customer service.

  • Visit the Bank Branch-

You may also reach out seeking help by visiting a nearby branch for any matters. The branch staff will help you with the best set of options. But it is best to visit the branch where you have an account for fast solutions. It is a very convenient way to resolve matters.

How can to proceed after an unsuccessful call with BB&T Customer Service?

Typically, it is infrequent that customers have an unsuccessful call, but not impossible. Therefore, if you face any such matters, do not fret and prepare yourself to get all answers that you seek. And the first step to do is to note all the drawbacks of the previous call and the query you have. Write all the important points and keep in hand your ID, verification documents, and so. Once you are ready, kindly move forward following these steps-

  • Call back to the BB&T Customer Service Phone Number and speak with a different agent about your issue, explaining the matter with the help of the note. This approach will surely be more fruitful than the previous one, or you might get the best solution for you.
  • As most customers, you may also repeatedly call the same number and speak with different agents and seek help if you are not satisfied. You may also ask to speak with any higher person who could better handle your matter.
  • If you are still unsuccessful, you can always visit the website, connect through the help pages, and seek solutions.
  • If these do not satisfy you, you can also attempt to reach through Twitter by tweeting your concerns and seeking answers.
  • If none of these methods work out, you can visit the branch bank in person or write a postal mail to the branch or the Head Office as you may prefer.

Do not give up until you have tried all means; it is best to contact BB&T Customer Service Number like most customers if you seek help. It will surely lead you to all the options that you can find.

(NOTE: there are various numbers for each matter- Loans, Mortgages, Credit Card, Debit Card, General inquiries, Updating Information or so, henceforth, be sure to dial the correct number for best results. You can find all the numbers on the official site.)


Phone Number888-228-6654
Working HoursMonday to Thursday- 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.Friday – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Best time to Call9:15 am.
Is real human support available?Yes.
Call Back Available?Yes.
Alternate ContactPhone, Web, Twitter.
Help Desk//www.bbt.com/bbtdotcom/contact-us/default.page
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