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For large organizations such as SunTrust, handling numerous customer queries every day is quite a challenge. Therefore, they use different strategies to handle the situation and reduce the cost of human customer support. One of the most used strategies is phone tress- those automated menus you heard whenever you call customer support. Using these phone trees helps companies reduce stress from their customer support system, but it longs for consumers.

Most consumers find these automated call menus and long wait-on hold quite irritating and always lookout for a simple way to avoid these obstacles. Well, navigating your though phone mazes are very easy with the right information.

RepInASec builds short cuts and provides accurate information for customers of companies like SunTrust Bank. With detailed information about SunTrust Customer Service, from the best number to dial to tips to use if a call gets wrong, you can easily reach a human representative. In this content, we have tried to cover all the important points to help you with all of your confusion.

Why do consumers call SunTrust Customer Service?

SunTrust Bank is a leading American bank holding organization that offers deposits, credit cards, lending, and trust and investment services. The direct corporate parent of the bank was established in Atlanta. The bank operates 2,082 ATMs and 1,218 bank branches across 11 southeastern states. SunTrust Bank provides capital market services, corporate and investment banking, wealth management, and mortgage banking through its numerous subsidiaries.

On December 6, 2019, BB&T and SunTrust merger deal closed, which formed Trust Financial Corporation. Both banks continue to operate independently while merging their operating systems. Being one of the largest banks in the United States, SunTrust receives lots of customer quires every day. These are some of the most common queries solved by SunTrust Customer Service.

Common Customer Queries

  • Does SunTrust Bank provide Travelers Checks?
  • How to change my phone number and address?
  • How to get statement copies?
  • What details are required for a wire transfer?
  • How to provide feedback?
  • How to bank through the mail?
  • Where to find my routing number and bank account number?
  • How to use automatic payments?
  • Who has access to my accounts?

Services and Products related customers Queries

Personal BankingFacts About BankingOnline and Mobile BankingOther Topics
Question, issues or inquiries related to: Change my addressFinding my routing numberWire fundsOrder checksReport FraudPersonal BankingFind a Financial AdvisorQuestion, issues or inquiries related to: Getting Started with your New Account  Banking BasicsMaking TransactionsTracking Balances  Understanding Fees    Question, issues or inquiries related to: Sign On to View Accounts  Password/Username HelpCancel/Change bill paymentSet up Mobile AlertsMonitor & Manage  Question, issues or inquiries related to: Dispute a Credit Card TransactionFind a Mortgage Loan OfficerOwning a Home Debit & Credit Save & Stash Retire & Invest Plan & Budget

Tips to get the best result from SunTrust Customer Service Number

SunTrust Bank has multiple toll-free helplines for different departments. In addition, the bank offers different lines for lost and found, and other customer service concerns. Dialing the right number can short the time you have to spend while dealing with automated phone menus and help ensure that your problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Before calling SunTrust Customer Service, make sure to have your credit or debit card with you. Having relevant documents such as savings accounts number, current account number in hand before calling can help you save your time. If you don’t have your account number, check your paper checks or an account statement.

Recent Reasons why people called on SunTrust Customer Service Number

  • I want to make international transactions on my account, could you help me with this.
  • My card is not working, a message saying authentication failed. I need my card for an immediate transaction.
  • I want to report about illegal money transactions from my account.
  • Someone is trying to steal funds from my account. Please freeze my account immediately for now.
  • I closed my account a while ago, but I’m still receiving messages and alerts from the bank.
  • How do I apply for a credit card from SunTrust bank? I’m a new customer.
  • Could you tell me how many times your bank charges a customer for a maintenance fee? SunTrust has had charged me for three months in a row………….
  • I want to make a request for a payoff for a mortgage.
  • I opened a new account last week, but when I tried to deposit a new amount, an unexpected error……………..
  • Hello, could you help me get the copies of commercial invoices for shipments going to Venezuela? UPS want those copies………
  • I want to make a request to start an investigation into my account.
  • Someone is using my email address and account details for unauthorized transactions.

Best SunTrust Customer Service Number to dial

In total, SunTrust Bank offers four phone numbers to connect with their customer support. The best number to dial is 800-321-1997 when compared with other numbers in terms of real-time wait on hold and confusing automated phone menus. The customer support department’s common issues that answer calls to this number include missing deposit, update account info, fraudulent charge, account access, refund a charge, and other customer service problems. The main call center of the bank is located within the metropolitan area of Virginia and Florida. You can use this number anytime between Mon-Fri, 7 am-7 pm EST. 

The Next best number you can try is 800-786-8787 phone number for their Customer Service department.

It’s not always clear that which number is best to call as SunTrust has a different number for different departments. So, if these numbers didn’t help you, try other numbers as well to get better results.

Comparison of SunTrust Bank contact information

There are a total of 5 ways that you can use to contact SunTrust Customer Service representative to get assistance. These methods are including phone numbers and online help available on the official website. In the table below, you can find the best way to contact customer support by comparing all SunTrust contact information’s waiting time. You can connect with SunTrust Bank across the following mediums: Phone and Web.

Phone Number and Method of ContactWaiting Time
Customer Service- 800-786-878712 Mins
Online Banking, Bill Pay, Mobile Banking, and PC Banking- 800.382.323210 Mins
Home Loans- 800-634-79283 Mins
Report Checking Account Fraud- 800.447.89946 Mins
Stolen or Lost Card- 800.786.878712 Mins
Private Wealth Management- 866-495-541645 Mins
International Toll Free- 800.7887.283520 Mins
Bankruptcy Filings, Loss Mitigation, Short Sale and Real-Estate Owned (REO) Inquiries- 800.443.10325 Mins
Credit Bureau Disputes- 877.596.540718 Mins
TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf)- 800.854.8962 Mins
Online HelpWithin 2 Hours

What issues can be solved through SunTrust Customer Service Phone Number?

Customer contact SunTrust Customer Services to get assistance or solutions for various kinds of queries, including:

  • Questions or issues related to opening a new account
  • Getting information or assistance about taking out a loan
  • Getting the assistance of Home Loan
  • Reporting identity theft and fraud
  • Applying for a new credit card
  • Help with an existing credit card.
  • Questions and need assistance for investment, checking, loan, and savings accounts
  • Informing the bank about travel or a move

What issues can’t be solved through SunTrust Customer Service Phone Number?

There are few issues that can’t be completely solved through phone-based support of the SunTrust Bank. These issues may involve bank representatives or/ and banking customers’ requirement to physically sign some documents or have any signatures witnessed by a notary and banker. If your issues are related to a combined account or want to remove someone from your account or something similar, you need to visit a bank branch near you.

If you need to purchases banking products such as money orders and cashier’s checks, you need to visit the bank. However, you can Call SunTrust Customer Service to fix an appointment with the person you want to meet at a bank branch near you.

What to do if you are unhappy with your call to SunTrust Customer Service Number?

If your call with the SunTrust Customer Service Number didn’t go well as you thought, don’t fret. There are other options that you can try to get your desired solution.

First- take a few minutes to collect all the important memories about your call and write down in points. Now go through the notes and check for any point of miscommunication. Having this information can help you stay on point and explain your situation better.

Second- write all points that you think might help you during your next call.

Try the following methods:

Call SunTrust Customer Service again. The next representative that you connect with might be more experienced or better trained. So, he or she might provide you a better solution.

Try alternative methods to connect with SunTrust bank. SunTrust offers online help on its website, which provides you with a transcript of your conversation. You can use this transcript to elevate your case when required.

Visit a local SunTrust branch. If required, you can use the phone-based system of SunTrust to fix an appointment.

Important Details of SunTrust Customer Service

Phone Number800-321-1997 Note- SunTrust Bank offer different number for different customer concerns.
DepartmentCustomer Service Department
Working Hours of Call CentersMon-Fri 7am-7pm EST
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Best Time to Call9:00 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Web
Navigate phone maze to a humanPress 1 then *77, then 0 then 2
Communication Quality71%
Help Quality69%
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