At the times when the user opts for performing an upgrade of DE to a later version, the upgrade fails. The data logs identify that the Endpoint Encryption Agent (EEAgent) is the failing component. Also, there resides fewer Windows-based system users who may have been using Avast Antivirus are basically reporting that upon checking their Event Viewer logs, they are seeing regular Avast Update Helper Error 1316 (every hour or so). However, the issue doesn’t manifest itself outside Event Viewer, some affected users are concerned that due to this issue, they are leaving their system exposed to security issues.

In case, if you haven’t updated your Avast application version in a while, chances are the issue is erupting due to an old bug that ended up affecting Avast Free and Avast Security software program. This issue was fixed by Avast at the initial stage, and you can take advantage of the fix by installing the latest available version of Avast.

However, the issue initiates to have started occurring after a machine interruption or after a failed application update, chances are you are dealing with some type of corruption that cannot be resolved conventionally. If this condition is valid, you can use the built-in repair function to troubleshoot and recover the application.

Reasons Why this Avast Update Helper Error 1316 Occurs

Please take note that the updated MSI data package that was downloaded from the Product Download site was renamed prior to the installation. This could have taken place with a third-party deployment tool or via command line, which results in an unexpected entry in the registry preventing the installation of the agent.

Troubleshooting Steps To Deal With Avast Update Helper Error 1316 Code

Method 1: Update Avast to the latest version

As it may turn out, back in 2018, there was a whole surge of Avast Helper Error 1316 after Avast pushed a quality-of-life update that ended up increasing the memory and processing unit or the CPU memory usage of Avast Free and Avast Security. A lot of those affected users complained that whenever the usage went up, the Event Viewer filled up with events pointing towards the Avast Update Helper Error 1316.

Some affected users who have managed to fix the issue by installing the Avast installation to update to the latest version.

We recommend to you to take a look as here’s a quick guide on updating your Avast version to the latest build:

  • Ensure to open up your Avast Antivirus application and start by clicking on the Menu icon (top-right corner).
  • Proceed further, from the newly appeared context menu, click on Settings.
  • Once done after you manage to access the Settings menu icon, click on the General tab, then click on the Update subtab.
  • Now make sure to click Inside the Update sub-tab, click on Check for Updates button, and wait until the operation is complete. The app is designed to automatically download the recent version and install the latest version automatically.
  • Now once the process is complete, you will be prompted to restart.
  • Ensure to open up Event Viewer again by pressing Windows key + R.
  • Make sure to see if you still have new examples of the 1316 Error pointing to Avast Helper error.

Check If you still encounter the Avast Update Helper Error 1316 issue, then move down to the next fix below.

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Method 2: Using the built-in repair function

Whether or not you’ve only started to encounter this issue after an unexpected machine interruption or after a failed application update, it’s possible that you’re seeing this error due to a partially corrupted application installation.

You can run it directly from the application and it’s really effective in fixing most local issues that will end up triggering the Avast Helper Error 1316.

We recommend you to take a look as here’s a quick guide on running the built-in troubleshooter in order to repair the Avast AV product:

  • Ensure to open up your Avast installation and click on the Action Menu (top-right hand corner). Then, from the newly appeared context menu, click on Settings.
  • Once done at the confirmation prompt, click Yes and wait for the initial scan to complete.
  • Once done at the end of this process, you will get a list of the potential issues that were uncovered. To troubleshoot every known example, click on Resolve all fix the problems.

Check If you still encounter the Avast Update Helper Error 1316 issue, then move down to the next fix below.

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Method 3: Uninstall Avast Secure Browser

If you’re using Avast Secure Browser, keep in mind that it’s one of the most frequent culprits that is known to trigger the regular Avast Helper Error 1316 entries in Event Viewer. As it turns out, the issue is most likely occurring due to a conflict between Avast Secure Browser and the default security product on Windows 10 (Windows Defender) or a different 3rd party antivirus.

Checkout for a step by step guide on uninstalling Avast Secure Browser for getting rid of Avast Update Helper Error 1316

  • Carefully press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Within the text box, type ‘appwiz.cpl’  and press Enter to open up the Programs and Features menu.
  • Further to this, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation procedure, then restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved at the next computer startup.

Now, In case the same issue is still occurring, move down to the next potential fix below. Also with the assistance of the distinct strategies, any printer user may learn how to remove Avast Update Helper Error 1316 code without any efforts. In any case, if for certain reasons the previously mentioned strategies don’t work then try contacting avast customer service team for help.