A touchpad or trackpad on a laptop acts as a pointing device that includes a tactile sensor with a specialized surface that can read the position and motion of your fingers for a controlled output on the screen. A touchpad does the same task as the mouse on a desktop PC. Dell touchpads are qualitatively well-designed and work quite well to help users accomplish their tasks. However, sometimes Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issue does happen wherein the laptop cursor doesn’t move as directed or doesn’t activate items on the screen as desired.

Dell users have reported issues with their touchpads. Most affected laptop users report sudden loss of ability to use the touchpad after it has been working fine for a long time. Other users encounter this issue after performing a Windows update, while still others have no apparent reason to state. There are also times when Dell laptop users say that when an external mouse is connected, the touchpad works fine. Below we go on to discuss a collection of methods for resolving the Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issue.

How do I fix the buttons on my dell laptop touchpad?

Method 1: The function key issue

Many laptops of Dell have a dedicated function key for Touchpad integrated with the F keys. The most common is on the F9 key. The most obvious reason why the Dell touchpad buttons stop working is because the user disables the touchpad by mistake.

To reactivate the Dell computer touchpad, press the button that resembles a Touchpad button and see whether you get back the Touchpad feature. Certain Dell models will need you to have the Function key pressed along with pressing the Touchpad key to get rid of the Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issue.

Method 2: Reactivating touchpad from Dell Settings or Control panel

Users that find they have lost the touchpad functionality after Windows update installation have also managed to resolve the issue after finding that their Dell laptop Touchpad was disabled within the Control Panel. Although the reasons for this are not clear, most users believe that the issue is caused by an a faulty Windows update.

Re-enabling the Touchpad feature of your Dell laptop via Control Panel can be done in this manner:

  • Open a Run box by pressing the Press Windows key+R. Then, type “control” and press Enter to open Control Panel.
  • Within the Control Panel navigate to Hardware and Sound. Then, click on Mouse and Touchpad.
  • Thereafter, click on Additional mouse options and check whether your Laptop Touchpad is active within Mouse Properties. If not, under the tab for Dell Touchpad, click on Enable device and restart your computer. This will help eliminated the Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issue.

Note: In case, you cannot locate the configurations options specified above, open a Run box with Windows key +R functionality, type “main.cpl” and press Enter to open the Mouse Properties screen. Next, move over to Dell Touchpad and click on “Click to alter Dell Touchpad” settings. Now, from the Dell Touchpad section, alter the Touchpad toggle from Off to On and press on “Save” button.

  • You can check if the Touchpad issue has been resolved at the next start up. If you’re still having the same Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issue, move over to the next method.

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Method 3: Update Touchpad driver through Device Manager

Losing your Dell’s Touchpad functionality can also be caused by a faulty driver or by an inappropriate installation performed by Windows. Some users facing the same issue have regained the Touchpad feature on their laptops by updating the Touchpad driver. Also, rolling back to an earlier functional version also helps.

Here’s a quick instructional step on how to utilize Device Manager to rollback or update the Touchpad driver on Dell notebooks or laptops:

  • Open the Run box by pressing Windows key+R. Then, key in “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open Device manager as a step towards resolving the Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issue.
  • Within the Device Manager, open the drop-down menu meant for Mice and other pointing devices. Next, right-click on Dell Touchpad and choose Properties.
  • In the properties window for Dell touchpad, click on the Driver tab and click on the Update Driver box.
  • Next, click on the Search Automatically for updated driver box and pause until the new driver is installed on your system.

Note: If the wizard says you already have the current driver, come back to the Driver tab and click on the Roll Back Driver.

Once the Dell Touchpad driver gets updated or rolled back to previous version, you need to restart your computer to see whether the Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working was resolve at startup.

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Method 4: Creating a Linux Boot DVD

This might look like a little unusual solution to this issue, a lot of users have effectively been able to get back the Touchpad utility on their laptop. This method creates a Linux boot DVD, which you use to boot in Linux. Then finally, you boot back on Windows 10.

Many have reported the success of this method in bringing back the Touchpad functionality. Here are the instructions for creating a Linux boot DVD to boot your laptop from it so that the Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issues gets fix:

  • Download the Linux distribution ISO by downloading the latest Ubuntu LTS release.
  • Once the Linux ISO gets on your laptop system, push in a blank DVD and record the Linux ISO on it. Note: In case, you don’t have any access to a DVD device, copy the Linux distribution on a flash drive.
  • Now, restart your computer and boot from the Linux utility that you’ve recently made. You might have to change BIOS settings on your machine in case you find that your DVD drive (or USB slot) are not set as booting options. This is a step towards resolving Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issue.
  • Once your laptop boots via the Ubuntu ISO, choose Try Ubuntu without installing and press on Enter.
  • Wait till your computer gets booted in Linux, then restart your system. Before restarting take out the Linux application so that your computer boots back with Windows.
  • During the next Startup of your system, you need to wait until your system gets booted up and check whether your Dell Touchpad Buttons Not Working issue has been resolved.

You can try contacting dell customer service if the issue persists.