In case your HP Laptop doesn’t start when you press the power button and instead welcomes you with blinking lights on your keyboard, this is indicative of a few types of hardware-related issues. Primarily, your work surroundings does effect the laptop performance in many ways. In case, it is hot or dirty, if your laptop is moved or jostled too much, it may result in HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking too often.

A flashing Caps Lock key essentially means that there is some power-related problem that needs to be taken care of. This could be an error with your power supply, or perhaps that your HP laptop cannot appropriately ventilate itself. Whatever the reason, your HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking issue can often be resolved with some careful steps on your own without the need to take it elsewhere for expert repair.

Reasons behind the Issue

Typical sequence of long and short flashes along with long and short beeps help identify errors when you start your HP laptop. Recent laptops have two-part indicator sequences with different color lights to make you understand different types of errors. Essentially, the LED beep/blink alternates near Number Lock and Caps Lock keys indicating the type of HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking error.

There several reasons why the HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking error or no screen issue can occur on your laptop. The most suitable reason for this issue is mostly the trouble with the BIOS setting of your computer. Changing the BIOS settings on your laptop, may, sometimes cure the problem. Besides this, there could be other reasons as well.

Steps To Get Rid Of HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Issue

To correct this issue, you may require to carry out some essential steps. When you thoroughly get through the application of these steps, the solutions becomes easy.

BIOS Setting

BIOS involves a host of issues that need to be taken care of to get rid of HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking issue. So, you have to check your HP laptop BIOS settings first. Below-mentioned is one of the steps to resolve the laptop blinking issue with some quick steps:

Delink the power supply and connect the laptop to the battery power. This resets the Keyboard Controller or Embedded Controller.

  • From the HP laptop, unplug the AC power.
  • Keep the power button pressed for over 12 seconds.
  • After at least 12 seconds you need to release the power button. The Laptop now powers on and is expected to boot in a normal manner.
  • Now you can re-connect the AC supply to the laptop. This will help you getting rid of your HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking issue.

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Resetting the system

As the next step, you may try using your HP laptop to get the hard reset done. Resetting your laptop, indeed, is one of the effortless ways to eliminate the flashing HP Laptop Caps Lock trouble as well as the no screen issue. However, it might erase all of the data saved when you reset your laptop. To prevent this problem, you require to back up all of your files and documents that you have saved on your system before you move ahead with resetting to eliminate the problem of HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking.

  • First, to reset your HP laptop, you need to begin with the adapter.
  • Press the Power button as a next step.
  • Next, you need to remove the laptop battery to check whether the light is blinking or not.

This way, you can resolve HP laptop caps lock blinking as well as no screen problem with the help of resetting your laptop.

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Cooling And Cleaning the Hardware

There is a way to reseat the memory if the problem persists. It might also help contacting our tech support for troubleshooting due to a possible RAM or system board malfunction in conditions such as these.

Sometimes, a HP laptop CPU overheating condition is detected or the HP laptop CPU is not detected. Surrounding temperature overheating condition is detected with your HP laptop. A GPU (graphics processing unit) overheating condition is detected on your laptop leading to HP laptop caps lock blinking issue.

  • To eliminate the above-mentioned conditions, you first need to check the power cable connections on your laptop.
  • Check if any external power adapter has insufficient capacity for the system.
  • Allow the laptop to cool down. Go to the section meant for removing dust from the cooling areas on your laptop. This should eliminate the issue of HP laptop caps lock blinking.

If the error does not go after cooling and cleaning the laptop, it is a possibility that there might be heat-related damage to the internal components of your laptop. You may get in touch with our support for troubleshooting help. Similarly, you may contact HP Customer Service for repair due to CPU or system board failure.