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Do you want to talk to a live representative of Grubhub Customer Service but without waiting on hold? RepInASec can help you to reach a live person without going through all those automated menus and long waiting. It is a web service designed to help the consumer to get the assistance they need quickly. A team of experts collects all details of numerous companies’ customer service and their contact methods. Here you find everything that clears your all confusions related to Grubhub Customer Service including the best Grubhub Customer Service Phone Number to contact, common customer queries, alternative methods to connect with an agent, which issues can be solved, comparison of contact information, and more.

Why Do Consumers Contact Grubhub Customer Service?

Grubhub is a leading American online and mobile food-ordering and delivery platform with a comprehensive network of diners with local restaurants. Grubhub connects over 300,000 local restaurants, diner and associated with 245,000 of these food joints in over 4,000 cities in the United States. The brands owned by Grubhub are Grubhub, LevelUp, Seamless, MenuPages, and AllMenus. The platform is used by more than 19 million users, thus it’s normal for the company to get lots of customer queries.

Some of the most reason that makes consumers’ to contact Grubhub Customer Service include:

  • Need Assistance for Setup service
  • Want to cancel a service or plan
  • Facing a Service problem
  • Inquires about Overcharge/Strange charge
  • Want to Change plan
  • Delivery Issues
  • Want to change payment methods or address
  • Want to complain about a Missing Content
  • A different issue

Common Consumer Question solved by Grubhub Customer Service

Grubhub provides a better and fast platform for consumers to connect with their local diners and restaurants to get their food easily. The company connects around 19 million users with 245,000 linked restaurants across 4,000 cities and all 50 states in the United States. Being a major food delivery platform, Grubhub receives lots of customer queries around the United States.

These following are some common questions asked by Consumers:

What is contact-free delivery?There is a charge on the card, but I didn’t make an orderHow to place an order?
How to select contact-free delivery?I want to update or add my payment methodUnable redeem a promo code
How to know that the food has been dropped off at the delivery address?Why Grubhub charged me twice for the same order?I want to save and edit addresses
What is curbside pickup and its benefits?Why are there multiple charges on my card?How to add and save delivery instructions
What to do if my driver didn’t follow the delivery instruction I mentioned during order?The app is rejecting my card paymentUnable to add or update my payment method
What else Grubhub do besides supporting local restaurants?Why is there a $1 charge on my card?Facing issue during redeem a gift card
I want to Check my refundView my past orders and receiptsWhat is Donate the Change?
My order is wrong, totally different from what I orderedReset my passwordWhat is Grubhub+ work?
Which restaurants are eligible for Grubhub+ work?How to cancel Grubhub+ work membership?How does Grubhub+ with Lyft Pink work?

Recent Reasons people call Grubhub Customer Service

  • I tried to use my discount coupon that was given to join the app but now it saying invalid code.
  • I ordered food from a restaurant that was about to close, Grubhub charged me but did not delivered the food.
  • After Grubhub cancelled my order due to some issue, I was told I would get a refund, but the amount was never credit.
  • I ordered two pizzas with different topics from a restaurant near me. But they delivered me same topics.
  • I had a really bad experience with Grubhub, the delivery person was so rude, and he delayed food delivery for two hours.
  • My order was unwrapped, the boxes was not properly packed.
  • Delivery guy stole the items from my order.
  • I ordered food from Grubhub but even after waiting of 2 hours, you driver is still not here.
  • I applied to drive for Grubhub about 3 weeks ago. Are there still no openings?
  • Hello, I am driver of Grubhub I need assistance with emails not registering.
  • I want to cancel a pre order for tomorrow.

Contacting Grubhub Customer Service

There are two ways; you can try contact Grubhub Customer Service representative- Phone and Live Chat.

Live Chat– To talk with a human agent quickly, Live Chat is a good way because the wait time usually shorter than they are for phone-based support. However, sometimes live chat is not preferred or inconvenient, in which case the company also offer a number to call. The department of Live chat usually handle Service problem, Setup service, Cancel service, Overcharge/Strange charge, Change plan, and other customer service issues. The main center of Grubhub that offer Live Chat service is located in Westlake, TX or El Salvador. The service of Live Chat is rarely available 24/7, but Grubhub customer service available 24 hours, 7 days.

Grubhub Customer Service Number- While Grubhub provide feature of live chat; they also offer phone number service to solve your problems. In total, there are 2 methods to connect with them. The Grubhub Customer Service Number to contact is 877-585-7878.

Note- Grubhub does not offer customer service by email.

Comparison of Grubhub Contact Information

Grubhub offer multiple options for consumers to contact their customer support including phone number, live chat and other options. Below on the given table you can compare the all ways to contact Grubhub Customer Service by looking which method is quicker or which one can help you better. Consumers can connect with customer support of Grubhub through following methods: Phone and Chat.

Phone Number / ContactWait
Customer Service- 877-585-787810 Mins
Online Help2 Mins

What issues can be solved through Grubhub Customer Service Phone Number?

A representative of Grubhub Customer Service can handle most issues including Setup service, Cancel a service or plan, Service problem, Change plan, Overcharge/Strange charge, complain about missing content or wrong order, delivery issues or a different issue.

What issues cannot be solved through Grubhub Customer Service Phone Number?

Grubhub Customer Service may not be able to provide you mush assistance if your issue is related to a conflict between you and the restaurant over food item quality or wrong order packed by the restaurant. For example, of you order a pizza with beef topics but the restaurant send you different topics, in such case Grubhub representative can check the same with the restaurant or share your concern with them. In addition, representative may also guide you to get refund for the wrong order in some specific cases.

What to do if you are unhappy with your Grubhub Call?

You get off the phone with Grubhub representative, and feel as though your problem were not solved to that your queries were not answered, try these options to get a better solution.

Review the notes that you wrote during your first call. Look out for the points of miscommunication that badly affected your communication. If you don’t have such notes, take some time and wrote all points you remember from your conversation. Keeping this information in front of you during next steps can help you to stay focus on the point or issue.

Call Grubhub Customer Service again. Keep in mind that all customer services agents are not same some have better experience and training than other. So, when you contact Grubhub Customer Service again stay polite and explain your problem as simple as possible, don’t forget to highlight the points of issues where you want them to focus more. The next representative might be able to provide you a better solution.

Try other methods– If second call doesn’t work for you, you can try other method to get in touch with customer support team of Grubhub. The Live Chat service is available on the official website of Grubhub.

Important Details of Grubhub Customer Service

Phone Number877-585-7878
DepartmentCustomer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers24/7
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support AvailableYes
Best Time to Call9:00 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Chat
Navigate phone maze to a live person supportJust wait on the line
Communication Quality79%
Help Quality78%
Last Time Information UpdatedNov – 2020
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