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CenturyLink Customer Service- A Way To Resolve Any Kind Of Query Of Customers

CenturyLink known worldwide as the American Telecommunications company whose headquarter is located in Monroe, Louisiana. It is formerly known as Lumen Technologies, which serves network facilities, communications, cloud solutions, security facilities, managed facilities and voice services. The company is the main member known for the fortune 500 and S&P 500 index. The services for the communications include broadband, Multi protocol label switching, long-distance and local voice, data integration, network, video, public access, voice over internet protocol, Ancillary facilities, and other facilities. It also delivers the global enterprise client across Asia Pacific, EMEA, North America and Latin America. Their services include special access which is designed for the customers to make sure they get the better support and authentic ways for their lifetime.

CenturyLink is perhaps known as the opportunity for the people to offer the business and consumer, the services related to DirectTV, Broadband, telecommunications and more services. As the provider of facilities, it is known for U.S. states and giving the facilities by the representatives available at customer service department.  Here, the representatives are skilled and educated enough to provide different kinds of services to the customers for their future concerns as well as.

Why do Customers Contact at CenturyLink Customer Service Number?

There can be several reasons that dissatisfy the customers and make them to contact the representatives again at customer service department. The representatives can always know about the services the company is having, so these are the reasons people can look for,

  • Customers quote that he is having an email link for the Centurylink which is …. And now he had it for years so he may requires the assistance…
  • Customers quote that he paid for a month and he cant run his own laptop so he needs assistance as soon as possible
  • Customers quote he clicked on an e-mail link labeled “centurylink”. This e-mail said that I could pay m…
  • Customers quote that he Called on Thursday **th to get phone repaired. Told me they would send some one out on…
  • Customers quote that he thought I was auto pay I was before and had to change my a count due to my computer bei…
  • Customers quote that he received your invoices and pay for your internet service as well as cable services th..
  • Customers quote that he was Unable to make outgoing calls. Message says:”call phone company for access code” Phone…


Service Information
Requesting the start of latest facility If customers want to start with the new services the century link is having for the services. You can always ask about the current services that customers are having issues with.
Making necessary changes to current facilities If you are looking for the service related to necessary changes you want to make to the current services then you can ask the team for the same.
Technical assistance for the facilities or devices If you need technical assistance, connect with the representatives as soon as possible to get the best of their support anytime.
Transferring facility or cancelling If you want to know about the canceling or transferring service then you can connect with the reliable team of representatives.
Scheduling technician visits If you want to schedule the visit with the help of the representatives available at customer service department you can connect with them and know about the necessary changes that they have for the services you ask for.
Purchasing or upgrading the equipment or devices If you want to know about the purchasing of the equipment or upgrading of equipment then you can always know about the inquiries related to the products with the help of representatives at customer service department.
Customers wants to make the necessary payment plans If customers want to know about the relevant payment plans then you can always connect with the professional representatives who are available at customer service department.
Customers having the billing problems and accounting If customers are having issues related to the billing and accounting then they can always connect with the representatives at customer service department, they are available for your support round the clock.
Questions about the proper use of services or equipment If you have questions regarding the proper use of the equipment and the facilities the customers that they can look for if they want to look forward for CenturyLink Customer Service.
Round the clock customer service If you want to know about any kind of service then you can contact representatives at customer service department. The representatives are available round the clock to assist with every kind of query.


If you want to have a proper conversation with the customer services of CenturyLink then you contact the representatives at their flexible timings and know about the following tips to help you,

  • First you need yo make sure you are dialing the right customer service number for the facility that you are requesting at customer service department.  CenturyLink is having several kinds of number for different departments so you can check the latest bill and the official site for what number you should dial or also ask the representatives for the same information.
  • You can also have the account number as well as the correspondence or the relevant bills which is regarding the inquiry in front of you. Also you need to make sure that all the documents should be handy so you have to begin the conversation with the representatives.
  • If you are asking the technical assistance for phone, internet, or Direct TV then you have to make you keep in mind that the professional representatives are available to assist you in the reliable way.
  • You can also ask the representatives for assistance of phone, internet, and directv assistance. The representative will ask about to perform remote diagnostic testing. This will be easier if you are in the same room as the device or your computer. If you are calling about broadband service from a mobile phone, and your phone is currently connected to your Wi-Fi, switch off the Wi-Fi.
  • Keep pen and paper handy so that you can take notes during your call. This can be helpful if you need to record confirmation numbers and can be particularly useful if you need to escalate your case.


The reports on the customer services of CenturyLink is mixed. Some of the customers may pleased with the facilities of the representatives of customer service department. Some may find the dissatisfied facilities which may make the customers never call again the customer services. The areas of the dissatisfaction include inconsistent details which is served by the representatives as well as the failure to go through the promises the representatives have made.


Customer service representatives for CenturyLink can resolve a range of issues over the phone, including enrolling you into a new service as well as transferring, changing and canceling service.

In addition, a representative can perform some diagnostics on your service and equipment. The representative may also be able to teach you how to use your equipment and get the most out of your broadband, phone and DirectTV services.


If your situation can only be resolved by replacing or repairing equipment, you will need to either schedule a technician appointment or make arrangements to swap out devices at a CenturyLink location.

If you want to pay your bill in cash, you will need to visit an authorized payment center. Be sure to bring your latest CenturyLink bill with you so as to ensure that your payment is properly credited to your account.


Sometimes you may feel that you are not getting the services you actually expected then you may need to look for the other ways through which you can actually contact the representatives for their services. You may believe that when you contact at CenturyLink Customer Service you typically get the facilities and then you believe that you wound up getting something different that you may never thought of.  If ever you get a chance to get in contact with the client support office you may get what you needed however in some ways that it ends up being unique, at that point there you may think of some extraordinary circumstance where you may not be effectively to get settled with the situation by your call or possibly not during the main call.

In any situation when you get yourself not happy with the facilities at CenturyLink Customer Service Phone Number, at that point you can look for the different ways through which you can contact the representatives as soon as possible,

  • You can contact the agents through the live talk on their official site. Some of them can for the most part contact in the better manner through the live chat option. Additionally, they will guide you for the reliable and authentic information you have for the constant support you get at customer service department.
  • If you need to discover more approaches to interface with the more individuals then you can search for web-based media accounts as they are accessible on a few stages. In some irregular cases, it may be simple for the purchasers to get to their pertinent concerns tended to through their significant channels.
  • You must know that the CenturyLink Customer Service is accessible on twitter, reddit and Facebook like stages. You can generally get association with the agents accessible here. For more data, you can get the data on the official site of Home depot.
  • Also, for more client facilities you can generally associate with the agents by visiting the store it might be anything but difficult to get settle your issues in the event that you interface with the group appropriately. You can call the store as the representatives are available according to your convenience.


Call Picked Up by a real person Yes
Phone Number to contact 888-218-0467
Call back service availability No
Department you are calling Customer Service
Current Wait 23
Best time to dial 8:45 am
yo Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm EST
Alternate Methods Twitter, phone, chat, web
Quality of help 54%
Quality of communication 77%
Rank (among phone numbers) 1
Rank (Overall) 1
Customer votes 3823

Why You Must Contact At CenturyLink Customer Service?

If you want to know about any kind of service you have you can always contact the representatives here at CenturyLink Customer Service and know about the services, they will be delivering to you. Here, the representatives are specially trained and highly skilled enough to give you information related to the products and services you receiver here at helpline number. So what are you waiting for Contact CenturyLink Customer Service as soon as possible to get the better results for your issues.

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