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Working Hours:


1800 3000 9009

Optimum Customer Service | Quick Support Related to TV, Phone, Internet, and much more

Are you looking for a faster and easier way to connect with a live person of Optimum Customer Service? Do you want to save yourself from the frustrating and time-wasting process? RepInASec saves your time and frustration on your customer support issues by showing you a faster way. Interactions with your ever-growing list of services take a long time and can feel argumentative. But, you don’t have to go through a long, irritating obstacle course to cancel a service or get a solution for issues you’re facing. It should not take several days to get an actual helpful response when you are facing a constant problem with the product or service you use.

RepInASec offers you detailed information about Optimum Customer Service, so you can get a faster response. With all of our shortcuts and walkthroughs on how to solve your customer service problems for free.

What is Optimum?

For issues like Cancel Account, Change Plan, Service Outage, Dispute a Charge, and Technical Support, contact Optimum Customer Service. We believe that Optimum has call centers in Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York. You can reach them by phone from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m., From 8 am. to 10 pm., Monday to Friday., Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Eight phone numbers and ten different ways are provided by Optimum for customer support.

Optimum is a major American internet, telephone, and cable TV brand that mainly serves the New York Tri-State area. Originating as an internet service from Cablevision Systems Corporation, currently, Optimum is owned by Altice USA- a major company that owns other cable brands that operate throughout the United States. Being a major communications service provider, the company receives a lot of customer service requests on its Optimum Customer Service Number every day.

What issues can be solved by calling the Optimum Customer Service Phone Number?

The phone-based support of Optimum provides efficient and instant solutions for various types of issues including:

  • Starting a new Internet, telephone service, or cable TV
  • Making changes or canceling existing services
  • Technical support
  • Arranging for the relocation of service
  • Billing Questions
  • Scheduling technician visits
  • Transferring service after a relocation

What issues can’t be solved by calling the Optimum Customer Service Phone Number?

Although most of the issues can be solved through phone-based support of Optimum, some problems which require a technician to visit require another approach. Such issues require a technician to diagnose and repair problems with connectivity and equipment.

Customers who want to return or exchange equipment will need to use a delivery service or make a personal visit to a local store of Optimum.

Customer’s Reasons for Calling Optimum Customer Service

  • Need assistance in programming the Optimum TV Remote Control
  • Questions about Online Bill Pay
  • Unable to reset A Locked Password
  • Need Assistance while Updating My Optimum Password
  • Inquiries About Altice One
  • Inquiries Altice One: Over The Top Apps
  • Inquiries Altice One: Managing Settings
  • Inquiries to Altice One and Cloud DVR
  • Questions about Optimum WiFi
  • Information about the Requirements for Using Optimum Hotspots
  • What are Optimum WiFi SSIDs
  • Unable to Connect the Device to Optimum WiFi
  • Need assistance with Automatic Sign In
  • Security Tips for Optimum WiFi
  • Inquiries Altice One: On Demand
  • Want to name change in Optimum Account
  • Ordering Optimum Online
  • Set Top Box Power Consumption
  • Optimum Online Technical Support
  • Modems: Power, Standby with Optimum Voice
  • Optimum Online: Accessing your Email
  • Optimum Online and Optimum Voice
  • WiFi Security After the iOS 14.0 Update
  • Facing issues with Online Bill Pay
  • Replacement of a Remote Control
  • Ordering Pay Per View (PPV) Events
  • Optimum Support App
  • Manage Your In-Home WiFi Network
  • Online Bill Pay: Delete or Modify an Automatic Payment
  • Apple TV: Set Up Apple TV
  • Optimum Voice: Features
  • DVR: Program Your DVR on the Web
  • Cable Modem Power Consumption
  • Email Storage Capacity on Optimum
  • Maximum E-Mail Message Size
  • Optimum Online E-Mail Recipient Limit
  • Reporting Spam, Hacking, Receipt of Threats, or Child Pornography Updated
  • Dynamic IP vs Static IP
  • What factors affect my Internet speed?
  • Stopping Pop-Ups

Issues solved by Optimum Customer Service Number

Optimum is a major American internet, telephone, and cable TV brand that mainly serves the New York Tri-State area. TV, the Internet, and Phones are the major product offered by Optimum. With a base of millions of consumers, it’s quite natural for people to contact Optimum Customer Service for service-related problems.


Need assistance or inquires related to Programming remote, using Parental Controls, Setting up my HDTV, Voicemail Call history, International Call, waiting for call forwarding, VIP rigging block, unwanted calls, private calling, backup phone directory, listing Stop, robocalls.
Need assistance or inquires related to International calling, transfer my phone number and multiple lines, on DemandTV to GOOptimum AppPay, Per View Optimum Channel, My cable boxes, Remote set up TV Channel Lineups.
Need assistance or inquiries related to Email, WiFi, Hotspots, Internet Protection, Phishing Emails, and RouterOptimum App
Pay Bill
Need assistance or inquires related to Bill payment options, online bill pay, Making a late payment, Returning Optimum equipment, want to update my service, existing customers: moving service disconnecting service

Reasons people call Optimum Customer Service recently

  • Hello, I want to download the optimum App to watch TV on my laptop. But, after many failed tries……….
  • I want to cancel my service.
  • Hey, my services will be disconnected next week. I am due to be in the hospital on the same date. Could you extend the d…………….
  • I want to report a bad product. I bought a new cable box a few days ago but suddenly, smoke and sparks………
  • I want to make some changes to my service.
  • Hello, last month my bill was 4** but this month it rose. I didn’t add any extra service to my current plan. I………..
  • My TV screen says no resolution now there’s no picture just a black screen now is Samp…

Tips to Contact Optimum Customer Service Quickly

Optimum mainly serves the residents of the New York Tri-state, each area has a different number. Another thing to know is that the organization has different numbers for residential and business customers. It also has a different number for opening new accounts. Technical support can be accessed by phone 24 hours per day. Customer Support for all other problems is available from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern time. Check out the timings to connect with the live representative at Optimum Customer Service given below.


  • 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. – Monday – Friday
  • 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. – Saturday
  • 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. – Sunday


Check the number: Make sure you are dialing the correct phone number for your area and account type (business or home).

Check the time: Make sure your contact optimum customer service at the available time or specific business hours.

Keep all documents in hand: It’s better to keep relative documents such as a recent bill in your hand. If you don’t have a bill, keep the account number online and wrote it down or print it. It will help you to prevent time wasted by your customer representatives.

Remain polite and calm during your call: It’s important for you to understand that many representatives of customer support are under significant pressure. A slight polite gesture from you can change their attitude towards and they may try better to solve your issue.


If you are not happy with the conversation you had with the representative of Optimum Customer Service, try other options to resolve your issues. Here are some things you can try to get an appropriate resolution:

Write down all the important information– If you haven’t written down the information during the call or recorded your conversation. Take some time and wrote down all points you remember. Having these details in front of you can be helpful for you to keep on track while having further conversations.

Call Optimum Customer Service again– some agents have better training or more experience than others. So, there are higher chances that other agents may be able to understand your issues better and provide you with a better solution.

Online Help– Some matters, such as transferring service because of a move and checking service outages, can be addressed completely through the mobile app or website of Optimum.

Use other methods of communication– Optimum provides multiple options for getting in touch through online chat. This method has the benefit of giving you a record of your communication that can be helpful when escalating your complaint. Optimum also provides assistance through different social media platforms such as Twitter. Similar to online chat, you will have a record of your conversation with the agent.

Visit an Optimum store– You can visit a store near you especially when you need to exchange or change equipment.


Below you can compare various methods of contacting Optimum by looking at which ones are the quickest to get better solutions for issues. You can contact customer support of Optimum across the following platforms: Phone, Chat, and Web.

Phone Number/ Contact Wait
For new customers- 1-866-218-3259 7 Mins
Connecticut Residential Customer Service- 203-870-2583 Residential Sales- 203-870-2491 26 Mins
New Jersey Residential Customer Service- 973-230-6046 Residential Sales- 973-230-2036 14 Mins
Long Island Residential Customer Service- 631-393-0636 Residential Sales- 631-393-0706 10 Mins
NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester Residential Customer Service- 718-860-3513 Residential Sales- 718-975-1179 20 Mins
Customer Service – 888-276-5255 7 Mins
Cablevision Customer Service- 800-877-8849 2 Mins
Purchasing- 203-847-6666 26 Mins
Moving & Address Change Concierge- 877-318-2092 1 Min
International Customer Service- 917-529-5500 18 Min
Social Media 10 Min
Live Chat 38 Mins


Phone Number 1800 3000 9009
Department Customer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers 24/7
Is Call back Available No
Is real Human Support Available Yes
Best Time to Call 8:30 AM
Alternative Methods to Contact Live Chat, Mobile App, Web, and Social Platform
Communication Quality 52%
Help Quality 58%
Last Time Information Updated Oct-2020

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