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Resolve all your issues easily without any efforts through the most convenient method of resolving issues- Adidas Customer Service. Contact your issues and get fast and easy solutions within few minutes. The customer service works hard to serve all its customers and always entertains all the queries with utmost priority. Customer’s absolute satisfaction is what customer service wants to accomplish. Therefore, you may contact customer service whenever you feel the need to do so.

What problems the customer service handle frequently?

Apart from dealing with thousands of queries daily, the customer service also encounters various kinds of issues that customers call Adidas Customer Service number to report. Even after dealing with various issues daily, some matters are persistent. Some matters are so common that they come multiple times each day. Some of which are-

  • Delivery issues.
  • Billing / Payment matters.
  • Track order.
  • Exchange / Return of products.
  • To report wrong product/order.

Available services from Adidas Customer Service

You can be satisfied with the service the customer service has to offer. You may call Adidas Customer Service number and avail all the service it has to offer as a customer in case of need.

Technical Issues Billing issues Support Information
While using the application or the website, and ordering or logging in to your account if you face any technical matters, the technical expert team of Adidas will help you through. Suppose, you face any problems with your bill, payments, or so on, contact the customer service for help. If you want to track your order, know details about the invoice, return/exchange/refund, in any case, feel free to call Adidas Customer Service number for answers. Other than any of these cases if you have any queries with Adidas, you are most welcome to approach the customer service and get the answers.

Common errors

At times customers cause some common errors which makes the process, complicated and lengthier for both the company and customer. It only delays the delivery of the product and creates confusion. Therefore, it is best to be sure before placing an order to achieve fast delivery. It is best if you can follow some simple steps and always double-check to avoid future errors. Here are some common errors-

  • Order wrong size.
  • Order wrong product.
  • Errors in Payments.

Reach Adidas Customer Service to report your issues– 

It is normal if you face any matters with your order or product of Adidas. But the most important part is that whether or not you report them to look for answers. And only if you report them, will you get solutions for those matters. And if you are still confused, just contact Adidas Customer Service for help in all the possible ways and decide. It won’t take much of your time, but the matter will surely resolve. So, make sure to reach the customer service to report your complaint through any of these ways-

  • Call Adidas Customer Service Phone Number-

Without giving any more thought just dial the number and report your concerns. Feel free to reach out to customer service at any time if you face any issues. Speak with the agent about your matter and seek help. The customer service will surely be able to help you with your problems with the best solutions. But make sure to call for help. The sooner you report, the sooner the matter will resolve.

  • Live Chat-

You may live chat with an agent through the official site expressing your concerns and look for answers. The customer service will surely provide you with assistance until you are fully satisfied with the response. You can continue your chat until you get all your answers. This is a very easy and hassle-free method to report any complaint.

  • Official Website (Help Desk)-

Report your matter through the official help desk portal. Reach the official site and scroll through to get answers, or drop your query at the help desk. The help desk customer service will resolve your matter and provide you with solutions and answers.

Customer Service may not be able to resolve some issues-

Though the customer service has experience of many years serving its customers, there are some matters which even the customer service is unable to resolve. It tries its best to meet all the needs, but due to some rules, and boundaries, the customer service is bound not to cross to maintain the systematic working of the entire ordering and delivery system. Each product has certain limitations, boundaries, and validities, and it is a must for customer service to work accordingly. Hence, it brings some limitations, which cannot be broken and so the customer service is unable to help you in situations such as-

  • Each product has a different return/replacement/exchange date. And if you require changing/replacing or returning any item, it has to be in the given period only. No return/ exchange or refund will take place once the period expires. Even the customer service will not be able to help you.
  • If any product exceeds the warranty period, you will not be able to claim a warranty, and the customer service will not be able to entertain such matters. They can suggest options to re-purchase or repair the product, but cannot resolve the matter completely.
  • In case of a refund, if there is any delay on the bank’s part, the customer service will not be able to help you. If there was any lag on the part of Adidas, and if you call Adidas Customer Service phone number, then they may surely help you.
  • If any other product is not working well with other products at your home, the customer service can suggest your alternatives or way to work roundabout but cannot resolve the matter for you.

You can still trust to call Adidas Customer Service number if you need any help. Though they may not be able to help you directly, they can always guide you on how to move forward with your matter to get the best results.

Multiple ways to contact Adidas Customer Service- 

With a guarantee to help you solve all your problems, accept all your feedback, and provide you with excellent services that you truly deserve, customer service is available in many ways. You can reach out through any of the ways that you are comfortable with and avail of the services with equal effectiveness and swiftness. Therefore, you can reach out through any way possible for you-

  • Contact Adidas Customer Service Phone Number-

To provide you with calling support the customer service is available from Monday-Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm PST. You may call at any time during working hours and avail of the services. Your call will directly connect with an agent who will listen to your problems, understand the cause, and act upon it accordingly to resolve your matter at the earliest. Most people prefer to speak with the agent to express their concerns as they are more comfortable and feel secure to get confirmed answers. Therefore, you may also call Adidas Customer Service phone number for help.

  • Contact by Live Chat-

A very convenient and very easy method is through the live chat option that is available on the official site. All you have to do is, log in and chat with the agent about your matter. The agent handles your matter as per the concerns you raise and suggest alternatives or troubleshoot your matter. In certain cases, you might have to provide some more detailed information about your matter so please prepare yourself with all the information on the matter that you are approaching the customer service.

  • Contact by the Help Desk-

Visit the official site and effortlessly slide into the help desk section. Before that, you can also take references, from the Information page, Contact us page, and FAQ section for help. You can just drop your query and wait for a response. The customer service will surely get you all the best answers within 100 hours. So, kindly wait patiently for a response before rushing into other methods to contact Adidas Customer Service.

  • Visit stores-

You may also visit the stores of Adidas to browse around, purchase any item, or any other query. The staff will surely help you with all the matters. Therefore, feel free to visit the stores, approach the customer service or reach out through any means that suits you the best.

How to proceed further after an unsuccessful call with Adidas Customer Service?

It is very simple to get all solutions from the customer service call. But in case if had a bad experience or had an unsuccessful call, do not fret. There are more than you can try until you succeed.

  • Call back again to the customer service and speak with a different agent about your issues. You can call back as many times as you like until you are fully satisfied.
  • If this method does not suit you, you may try live chatting with the agent. If you feel the agent is not able to help you, you can start a new chat with a different agent, and continue doing this until you get solutions.
  • If this does not work in your favor you may visit the official site and approach through the help desk portal. It will take some more time but you will surely get all your answers.
  • In case if none of these satisfies you, you should write a postal mail or visit the stores or office. They will surely give you the best options as solutions.

You are free to contact Adidas Customer Service whichever way you are comfortable with, but please do contact if you have anything that you wish to share with Adidas. The customer service appreciates your calls, messages, feedback and acknowledges them.

Contact Information

Phone Number 800-448-1796.
Call back available Yes.
Working Hours Monday-Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.
Is real human support available? Yes.
Best time to call 8:30 pm.
Alternative Methods to contact Phone, Web, Chat.
Web (Help desk)
Live Chat

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