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An American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company

BOFA Customer Service: Avail Prompt Resolutions Precisely For All Problems

BOFA or Bank of America is an investment and financial services bank. It has millions of customers maintaining their accounts with BOFA. Which directly implies that they receive thousands of calls and messages seeking help. And to meet the needs of the customers BOFA Customer Service plays an integral role. It maintains all the needs of the customers, helps them resolve their problems, and provides answers to all questions.

Common Problems faced by Customers

As a multinational financial services bank, it receives a lot of customers reporting various problems daily. Customer service is used to dealing with various kinds of matters faced by customers. Some of the commonly reported problems by customers-

  • Report stolen credit card.
  • Seeking help with maintaining commercial banking accounts.
  • Asking for information on financial care available for children and the elderly.
  • Queries on Loans and Mortgages.
  • ATM withdrawal issues.

Services by BOFA Customer Service

Making it convenient for all customers, the BOFA Customer Service Number provides various services on call. Avail of these services and make full use of them. These services are available only to help the customers have a convenient and easy way to maintain banking services. Therefore, the services available are-

Banking Avail full support on maintaining a bank account with BOFA. Only if you may call BOFA Customer Service Number they will be able to guide you with all the support you need. Get help maintaining your commercial account, student accounts, or even your general account. Make changes with your account through the customer service itself.
Loans/Mortgage Get help on sanctioning your loans or approving mortgages. The BOFA Customer Service Number will be able to provide you with detailed information on the interest available loans and many more. It is an easy way to gather information without even visiting the branch.
Credit Cards Know your credit score, apply for a credit card or clear your credit bills. You may also report stolen cards or theft. They will provide you immediate action for the same.
Insurance/ Financial Services Get help to buy any financial services or get advice on investments. The customer service is capable of providing advice and guidance on the same. You can easily not just get advice, but also process any of these through the customer service.
Technical Help The BOFA Customer Service Number is capable of resolving all technical matters. You may contact the customer to troubleshoot your matters or processing any technical issues. They will surely help you resolve them within few minutes. Even if the matter is not resolved instantly, kindly give it 24 hours, it will be resolved for you.
Information Avail correct information and learn more on various schemes and plans by BOFA. Just call BOFA Customer Service Phone Number and get updated and accurate information.

Common Errors Caused by Customers

Customers cause some very silly and common errors, which can easily be avoided with slight cautiousness. Therefore, you should always be alert and report any discrepancy immediately. Do not delay in reporting any troubles and avail help. Contact BOFA Customer Service Phone Number instantly to report any matter for instant action. Some of the most common errors are-

  • Entering the wrong PIN resulting in card blocking.
  • Sharing a PIN with others, which may lead to card theft.
  • Not clearing mortgage or loans on time, piling interests.

Report your Matters through BOFA Customer Service

The customer service team is always prepared to provide instant help to all its customers. Therefore, if you ever face any problems, without any delay, make sure to report them with customer service. Some of the ways to report matters and acquire support are through-

  • Call BOFA Customer Service Phone Number

The easiest way to make complaints is through a phone call. Without hesitation, as soon as you realize any crisis, dial the number and acquire help. Customers should ensure to provide correct information on calling for verification purposes. Therefore, you may want to keep your account number or card details handy before calling for fast resolutions.

  • Have a Live Chat Session

You may also want to live chat with the customer service representative. If you conduct a chat through the official site, your account details will remain confidential. No one will be able to acquire it until you allow it. It is a safe way to have a conversation.

  • Forward an Email

If you like to track your communication or progress on the complaint filed, email is a very good option. You may send an email to customer service mentioning all about the matter in concern. The customer service will respond to you back through the same. It lets to keep proof of communication.

  • Through the Contact Form from the Website

Another way is to fill a contact form mentioning all details about the matter. Mention all details correctly and your contact details. Once the customer service completes a careful review of the same, it will revert to the mentioned email address. Customers report satisfactory responses.

  • Through Twitter

Some may also contact BOFA Customer Service through Twitter to make complaints. BOFA provides customer service even on Twitter. Reach out for help and acquire it easily. While you tweet to BOFA, make sure to tag the correct Twitter handle to receive a response.

Issues that customer service cannot resolve over a phone call

Customer service is capable of many things. Still, it has some limitations that it cannot act beyond. Therefore, you will have to understand these and respect these boundaries.

  • For opening or removing a name for a joint account, both account holders have to be present at the branch. This is not possible over a phone call or online.
  • Also, for hardcopy submission of documents or physical signatures of certain documents, the customer will have to visit the branch.
  • To collect any huge amount of money, that is not permissible on your daily account withdrawal, you will have to visit the branch to complete the formalities.
  • Until the arrival of a new ATM card, you may issues a temporary card from the bank by visiting in person for ATM withdrawals only.

Some matters are beyond the jurisdiction of the BOFA Customer Service Number to handle. Apart from these situations, you may contact for any other assistance at any time during working hours.

How to reach BOFA Customer Service?

Conveniently, reach customer service through various platforms. All these platforms are active and respond swiftly to all requests. Get in touch through any of these ways available-

  • Call BOFA Customer Service Phone Number

Customers may call customer service for all matters. The calling lines are open only during working hours. Kindly take note of it. Also, BOFA has a separate contact number for all reasons. You may find different numbers for Credit Card, Auto Loans, Mortgages, Insurance, and Investments. Assure to call the correct number to avail correct answers and get fast resolutions.

  • Live Chat through the Official Website

Live chat is available and safe through the official website portal. It allows you to keep your account details confidential even from the customer service representatives. Customers may chat for as long as they want and gather all the information or help they need. It is a very productive way to communicate with the customer service team.

  • Contact through Email 

Some customers are finding it convenient to send emails to customer service. It is also a very helpful way to acquire help. You may send your complaints, seek information, or give feedback to the customer service. They will respond to you back within a standard amount of time.

  • Contact Form on the Website

The Official Website consists of in-depth information and full details of all matters. You may scroll through to find relevant solutions. And if you choose to get help from the contact form available on the website, you may do so, by mentioning all correct information. Customers have always received satisfying responses.

  • Twitter

Customers may contact on social media platforms as well. With the high demand of customers, customer service is available to provide its assistance on Twitter. Tweet on Twitter about your matters and tag the official Handle. The customer service is not always available on Twitter but they will surely respond to you back within some time.

What if the customer service support does not satisfy you?

Usually, most customers, end up well satisfied with the support from customer service. It is only a few customers that report dissatisfying responses. However, if you are one of them, do not fret. You can still try to find better solutions. But for that, you will have to prepare yourself first. Take some time to re-think your first attempt. It will motivate you, and help you find the drawbacks. It will help you in the future.

  • You may contact BOFA Customer Service Phone Number to speak with a different agent seeking help. Clearly state about your first attempt and ask for different solutions.
  • If this is not helping, then you may try to have a live chat with the customer service. This will open different options for you.
  • Also, an email might help you find better solutions, it works for many customers.
  • Contact form from the official website is another option that you can turn toward to find better solutions.
  • Finally, if nothing helps, you may have to visit the branch or reach out on Twitter for help. One way or the other customers will surely attain a satisfying solution.

Always make full efforts before you give up. Reach out to BOFA Customer Service at any given time and acquire what you need. It is a very easy and convenient way to get help and targeted resolutions.  

Contact Details

Phone Number 800-432-1000 800-933-6262
Working Hours Monday-Friday 7:00 am-10:00 pm ET. Saturday-Sunday 8:00 am-5:00 pm ET.
Is Real Human Support Available? Yes.
Alternate Contact Methods. Phone, Live Chat, Email, Web, Twitter.
Live Chat Through the Official Site.
Web Through the Official Site.
Twitter @BofA_Help

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1 review

  1. Thanks for the information

    These contact details helped me reach customer service and resolve my insurance issues. Thanks.

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