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Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunications brand founded in 2000 by Peter Adderton in Australia. It is used by two independent companies in Australia and the United States, one is Boost Tel PTY Limited and another one is Dish Wireless LLC. Boost is providing 99% nationwide coverage of the fastest network along with other best services. The customer care representatives are available 24/7 to resolve your concerns without wasting your time. For services and assistance, you can go stress-free with Boost Mobile customer service. The experts at the helpdesk are well trained and experienced to resolve your issues and for providing you the best services.

Boost Mobile offers various network plans, device protection plans, and services for the customers. If the customer faces any issues related to these services, they can easily reach out to the customer operators on their direct customer service, which is 1-866-402-7366. They will take care of all the wired wireless configurations or specifications to resolve any trouble. Call Boost Mobile customer service now and you can directly connect with the experts at the helpdesk.

Popular Problems Why Customer Call Boost Mobile Customer Service

The customers can face various issues with their wireless devices like internet speed, data coverage, device protection, account management, and various other things. To resolve these issues you just need to reach out to the genuine customer representatives of Boost Mobile. Here are the popular problems that are usually faced by the customers for which they reach out to the customer operator service:

  • Not able to recharge in the app, Why is it showing ‘No internet Connection”?
  • Can I change my Network plan to an Expanded Data Network plan?
  • How do I make a payment online?
  • I have paid all the payment, why it’s still showing due payment?
  • Why my data speed is reduced?
  • How can I check my money left in my account?
  • How to activate my new wireless device?
  • I want to Re-Boost/Add Money, how do I make it?
  • How Do Track my Order?
  • Can I reset my Autopay for My Boost Mobile bill?

Products and its Services Offered by Boost Mobile Customer Service

Boost Mobile offers the greatest network services nationwide. Along with that, customers can also purchase the mobile phone of various branded companies with Boost Mobile protection. To resolve the issues related to these products and to provide top-notch quality services, Boost Mobile has a team of experts 24/7 at the helpdesk. Let’s have a look at the products and their services rendered by the customer care support of Boost Mobile.

Product Its Services
Plans and Services You can get DISH & Boost Mobile Merger plan Activate affordable family plans Get expanded Data Network plans Change normal plans to Unlimited Plans Virgin Mobile Account Transfer to Boost Mobile Get Sprint Forward Customer Migration Re-Boost your plan with great discounts Re-fill your Daily Plans Get access to WiFi Hotspot Plans Activate Tablet Plans Restart your plan again Network Management issues Add-On Mobile Hotspot Recharge 4G LTE Recurring Data
Phone and Devices You can purchase mobiles at a sensible price Track your Orders online Activate your Phone Get 5G and VoLTE network for your device Activate WiFi Calling Buy Pre-Owned Phones Activate a Sprint Phone Get Extended Warranty Policy Resolve Phone Features & Troubleshoot issues Get Device Protection Find my Phone feature Programm, Activate, and Reset your Android or iOS Phone Report Spam Messages Get Insurance for your Phone  Secure your WiFi
BoostTv Get Subscription of BoostTv Access hundreds of Channel at a low price Select your channel according to your preferences Get Channel in English and Spanish language Stream Videos in your High-speed data
My Boost Account Get Login into Your Boost Account Manage your Password Pay your bills online Set-up Autopay to pay automatically Changes your plan according to you Cancel your plans and service easily Find your phone if lost or stolen Restart your plan according to your choice

Reasons to Call Boost Mobile Customer Service

While using a network, hotspot, wi-fi connections, new device, and phone, customers can face various issues. These wireless technologies can cause numerous problems, which can be pretty frustrating for customers. So, to help the customers, the Boost Mobile customer representatives are available for resolving these concerns without taking any charges. There are various ways to connect with customer service operators. But the best way to contact them is through the phone. Here are some reasons which help you to understand more, that why you can call on Boost Mobile customer service number to resolve issues:

You can easily activate an affordable family plan if you are using any other Boost Mobile plan.

Over the call, you change normal plans to an unlimited plan.

You can know about transferring your virgin mobile Account to Boost Mobile.

You can also know about the amazing discounts for Re-Boost.

You can easily report your network management issues.

If you want to Activate your Phone, you can activate it by customer operator guidance over the call.

You can get help in activating your WiFi Calling.

The customer representatives can also set-up the autopay for paying bills.

You can change your channels or plan for your BoostTv. Get access to the channels according to your choice.

What Issues Can Be Resolved By Calling Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number? 

If you are contacting the customer operators regarding the phone, and network issues or you have any queries related to your Boost account then you should be ready with your details and reference documents. There are various issues that can be easily resolved over the call the phone without any hurdle. The customer service operators are well trained and experienced to handle the issues related to the services. Here are some of the issues and concerns that can be solved easily by reaching out to the best customer support:

 Issues Related to Plans & Network Services – 

  • You can Activate an affordable family plan
  • Know more about expanded Data Network plans
  • How to Change normal plans to Unlimited Plans?
  • How to transfer your Virgin Mobile Account to Boost Mobile?
  • Know more about Sprint Forward Customer Migration
  • Get discounts for Re-Boosting your plan at the helpdesk
  • Facing any issues in WiFi Hotspot Plans
  • Get Activation for your Tablet Plans
  • You can also Restart your plan
  • Resolve your billing issues
  • Know how to make payment online
  • Resolve any network management issues

Issues Related to Phone and Devices 

  • If you are facing issues in purchasing the mobile
  • How to Track your Orders online?
  • Facing issues in paying the bill for the product.
  • Unable to order any phone?
  • Get activation of your Phone
  • Facing issues in buying 5G and VoLTE network for your device
  • Know how to buy Pre-Owned Phones
  • Unable to activate a Sprint Phone
  • Know how to get Extended Warranty Policy
  • Facing issues in your new device
  • How to use a warranty, if your mobile is broken?
  • How to get Device Protection?
  • How can I Find my Phone?
  • Can I Reset my Android or iOS Phone?
  • Get help in reporting Spam Messages
  • Know about Insurance for your Phone


  • How to get a subscription for your BoostTv?
  • Get Access to various channels
  • Buy the plan in English and Spanish language channels
  • Facing any issues in streaming the Videos
  • How to stream videos in your High-speed data?

My Boost Account

  • Get help in login into Your Boost Account
  • Manage your Password, if you forgot it
  • Know how to Set-up Autopay through your account?
  • Cancel your plans and service at the helpdesk
  • Restart or buy a new plan.

What Issues Can’t Be Resolved By Calling Boost Mobile Customer Service Number

There are some issues, that can be resolved physically and they are impossible to resolve over the phone call. The issues like Broken phones, accessories, or any other technical issues can’t be resolved on the phone call. So, to resolve these issues either the customers have to visit the nearest door or they have to mail the devices to fix the damage at the mailing address. For small queries and questions, you can also visit the official website of Boost Mobile. There you can also find various answers to questions without even contacting customer support.

You can purchase any product or device on the phone, for that you have to visit the official website of Boost Mobile, If you facing any issues while paying the billing or you want to cancel the order then you can call on the phone number of Boost Mobile.

What To Do If You Are Not Satisfied With Boost Mobile Customer Service?

It is true, that sometimes people do not get completely satisfied with the customer’s services and have complaints about the services. As customer operators assist hundreds of calls every day. Every customer has different opinions on the services provided by the operator. So, in case, if any customer is not happy or want to share any feedback on the service he got from the operators, then they can connect Boost Mobile customer representatives through various other methods. Here are the other methods, you can try to connect with representatives to resolve your concerns:

  • Call At The Helpdesk Again – At the helpdesk, you can connect with various customer representatives. In case you are not satisfied with any of the operators, then you can try contacting other representatives. As, a different representative can have an immense effect on giving help in his way. So, you can attempt indeed calling and associating with different administrators to resolve issues.
  • Online – If you want to send queries or you want to report any complaint against any operator then, you can submit it through the online form on the official website. On the official website, Boost mobile provides you an opportunity to raise your questions and the operators will strive to respond to your concerns to resolve them with the best possible help.
  • Live Chat – The customer can also connect through the live chat option provided on the official website. On the website, you can ask your queries and you can get instant solutions and answers.
  • Social Media – If you are still not happy with online service, then you can also connect with the experts through social media. You can send your questions through direct message and the specialists will react to you at the earliest opportunity.
  • At the Store  – You can also find a store which is nearer to you. So, if you are not satisfied with the phone call service, then you can visit the nearest store to resolve your issues in hand. Especially, if you are facing any technical issues or issues in your device, then you should visit the store to fix the damage.

Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number| Conclusion

This happens a couple of times, that Boost Mobile client assistance has got negative audits for its customer services. But the representative strives to provide complete satisfaction to the customers in order to resolve their issues. You can undoubtedly call at the helpdesk to determine your interests decisively and without paying any charges. The administrations are accessible day in and day out for the clients to get away with any problem. On the internet, you can discover numerous numbers on the web claiming to be Boost Mobile customer operators. That numbers can be real long-term pausing and baffling. So, to avoid falling for that unknown sites and visit the official website of Boost Mobile to get genuine information.

In case, you are not happy in calling Boost Mobile customer service number, at that point, you can likewise associate them through different least demanding ways.

Phone Number 1-866-402-7366
Department Customer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers Mon-Fri: 4am – 8pm PST Sat & Sun: 4am – 7pm PST
Is Call back Available No
Is real Human Support Available Yes
Best Time to Call 8:00 AM
Alternative Methods to Contact Phone, Web, Live Chat, Social Media

Web –
Fb –
Twitter –

Communication Quality 75%
Help Quality 50%

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