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CVS Corporation is a massive brand for retail medicines and health care in America. It is currently serving millions of people for their daily medication and health care plans. They are also associated with AETNA, a well-established insurance company. You can approach CVS for any health-related matters. Dental, Heart Diseases, or any significant medical condition.

CVS Customer Service is also very efficient and responds very fast to its customers. They treasure every consumer equally, and so to meet the needs of every consumer is as important. People always have given a positive response, so if you face any issues, make sure to seek help.

Just pick up your phone and call CVS customer service phone number at 1-800-746-7287 and avail the services for your good.

Some Problems that customers face-

In Medical help, people face various kinds of issues and problems. And they all vary widely from each other. No one can guess what will happen next. However, there are few problems that consumers face daily, which is identified by the customer service as the most common issues are-

  • How to change the prescription?
  • How can I change the address for the delivery of medication?
  • I did not receive the medicines yet, and it says that is already shipped?
  • How to redeem credits?
  • How to add a credit card for payments?

Customer Service provides Services-

The CVS Customer Service Number will help you in any way to ask for as per their jurisdiction. They provide immediate help and the best services to their consumers. All the consumers are well-pleased with the services that the customer service offers.

Technical Help Support Information
Many people face technical issues, which is very common and nothing to feel anxious about. Be calm and call CVS Customer service phone number and take help. You will get all the support you ask for from customer service. Even if they are not in the state to help you directly, they will guide you to go forward. Ask for any help or get all the information by just making a call. Feel free to reach out and seek help.

How to register an issue with customer service?

It is very straightforward to reach out to CVS for any complaint or query, or feedback. There are not many platforms to reach out to, but all the methods are very effective and efficient in serving its customers. So, at any point of time, you have to report any complaint or issue, feel free and reach out, seek help for your problems by-

  • CVS Customer Service Phone Number-

The most frequent method that customers opt to contact CVS customer service is by calling. For any query or issues you face, it is best to call CVS customer service. It is the fastest way to get answers. As soon as you call, you will directly connect with the customer service representative and speak to the person and get answers to what you need. 888-607-4287 working 24 hours seven days.

CVS Caremark-800-509-9891 working 8:30 am to 7:00 pm EST.

CVS Customer Service (for general queries) – 1-800-746-7287 works Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST and on weekends, i.e., Saturday & Sunday the working hours are- 10:00 am to 6:30 pm EST.

  • Complaint through the Help Desk- 

Another way to get answers from CVS is through the Help Desk portal. You can message anything issues you face and expect a response with a solution. If you are uncomfortable, you talk about your problems; you can always approach through the web portal. It is very beneficial.

  • Complaint through email-

Suppose you wish to connect with, then you can also write an email. The response time is swift and decent solutions for each problem. You will get a response within an hour. It is a very convenient way to communicate if not an emergency. Also, there is proof of every exchange of dialect. You can contact through email to get valid and practical answers.

  • Connect through Facebook-

If you have to reach CVS Caremark, you can also connect through Facebook. The response time is about 14 hours. Facebook is a pervasive social media platform, so if you post your questions, not just from the customer service team, but you can also get help from other consumers or members.

  • Visit a Pharmacy or Hospital-

You can also visit a hospital and pharmacy of CVS and seek help in any emergency matter. Even if not an emergency, you can still get help from the staff in case of any issues.

Issues that Customer Service Cannot solve-

Customer service can only help you with matters that do not require physical manual labor. They can guide you on how to get help in such cases but not help you. There are many cases when the customer service cannot solve your issues or help you get through.

In case of emergency, you have to act fast and take help from hospitals or pharmacies for immediate care to better the patient. The CVS customer service can help you reach the nearest hospital to send an ambulance service but not practically be present to help you.

Not always the customer service can help you. In some cases, you have to take help from actual persons. The customer service can surely help you with your prescription of medicines, delivery of drugs, call an ambulance in emergency, or any other help, but last-minute help can only be available from the hospitals.

Contact CVS Customer Service-

CVS does not have many options to get through. So do not confuse yourself. There are only a couple of ways. All the methods are pretty straightforward and fast to get solutions. So any problems you face, make sure to get help and try to contact CVS Customer Service. Without any hassle and a long wait, the best services are available. Here are the ways you can connect-

  • Call CVS Customer Service-

Depending on the reason of your need you call CVS Customer Service Number. Each condition has a different number, so make sure you dial in the correct number before complaining that your problem did not resolve.

Call CVS Customer Service Number for general queries at 1-800-746-7287.

Call CVS Customer Service Phone Number for Prescription related matters, i.e., CVS Caremark at 800-509-9891.

Call CVS Customer Service or at 888-607-4287.

  • Connect through the Help desk-

You can drop your queries, suggestions, issues, or feedback through the help desk. The help desk is designed in a specific way to meet all the needs, requirements, and thanksgiving of each customer. You can drop your message without any worry and wait for a reply. The customer service will get back to you and give an appropriate response. This process might take some more time, between 50-60 hours, but you will surely get a response.

CVS Caremark!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gnC3NzC-8gw1AfMzMXA08zH4NQQ7dgIwN_U_2CbEdFANO6-Qw!/

  • Through Facebook and Email- you can Email your query or Feedback at It is available for the best interest of its customers 24 hours and seven days. You will get a response within 1 hour from the time you sent your mail. It is a speedy response time so that you can count on it for any immediate actions necessary.

CVS Caremark- you can also connect through Facebook. It will be more time-consuming but a very effective means to get answers. It is a comprehensive platform where you can write about your issues and seek help from customer service and other users. You can reach out through This available 24 hours seven days. And the response time is about 14 hours

  • Visit a Hospital

You can also visit a CVS hospital and seek help in case of any emergency issue. The hospital staff will guide you and help you get the best solution. You can also visit a CVS Pharmacy in case of minor problems if you cannot get through the CVS customer service phone number.

Not satisfied with the Customer Service Support?

Likely, you are not satisfied with your first call with customer service. It is possible. But do not panic. You can find yourself a solution without any issues and achieve what you seek. You need to put your hand out, grab all the options possible, and try them until you exhaust all your energy. It is just a saying. It won’t take much time; it is just so that you have a broad knowledge of what all you can do to resolve any of your issues-

  • Firstly, calm down and take a seat and think about the conversation without panicking. Write down all the key points and what your query is, and what your expectations are. It will help you to find your answers sooner and achieve them.
  • Call back to the customer service and speak with another agent and explain your problem taking reference from the list. It will help you to define your questions better and specifically about your needs.
  • If that does not satisfy you and give you your answers, the best way is to approach the Help desk. You can scroll down the page and read about all the answers, and if they are not satisfying enough, you can also write down your question. You will surely get a response.
  • If these still do not satisfy you, you can always write an email or connect through Facebook. It will surely help you get what you require.
  • And if none of these works, you can visit the pharmacy or approach the CVS hospital and ask for help. They will surely help you find what you are looking for.

Don’t just give up; take what is yours. You have the right to get your answers so fight until you are delighted. Extend your hand and avail the services. The CVS customer service will surely be a part of your journey and help you get through any problems.

Contact Information

CVS Customer Service Phone Number. 1-800-746-7287
Working Hours. Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST.Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm EST.
CVS Caremark (Prescription Customer Care). 800-509-9891
Working Hours. 24×7.
Best Time to Call. 9:35 am. (Customer Service). 888-607-4287
Working Hours. 8:30 am to 7:00 pm EST.
Best time to Call. 2:45 pm.
Is real human support available? Yes.
Is Call Back Available? Yes.
Alternate Contact Phone, Web, Email, Facebook, Help Desk.

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