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DirecTV is an American multichannel video programming distributor

Skip Waiting Time and Reach DirecTV Customer Service instantly

If you find yourself frustrated or lost in the maze of customer service menus, can help you avoid the hassle of waiting on hold. With accurate customer support details of numerous major companies, you can get in contact with a live agent without spending lots of time on phone trees and hold.

Whether you want a live representative of a credit card company or a satellite television service provider, eventually you need to navigate your way through countless options of phone tree- those automated voice menus. Moreover, if you want to connect with a major organization, be ready to wait for several minutes or in some cases for hours to connect with helpful support. Such an organization is DirecTV- an American giant in the direct broadcast satellite service industry. With over 15 million pay-TV customers, it’s no wonder that hundreds of people dial DirecTV Customer Service Number for support.

With the right information, approach and number, you can easily slash the waiting time on hold when you call DirecTV Customer Service for assistance.

Why Do Consumers Contact DirecTV Customer Service?

Being a major satellite television service provider, DirecTV entertains a large section of over 15 million subscribers with its 65,000+ channels. Acquired by AT&T in 2015, offer various types of services and products. Potential and current customers contact DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number for various reasons including setting up new accounts, managing old accounts, adding or canceling services, and more.

Here are some of the common reasons why consumers Call DirecTV Customer Service:

Facing issues with DIRECTV signals Ordering new service Fix Wireless Internet Unable to Reset device
Manage a repair appointment Technical issues with current service DSL issues Information about signal & cellular data
Changing or canceling service Billing issues U-verse TV problems Mobile hotspot issues
Unable to Make a payment Manage data usage Get help with your user ID Facing issues with software updates
Check for outages Reset account information and password Need Assistance for Set up equipment Set up and access voicemail
Change your service Remote Control Issues Unable to activate new equipment Unable to watch DIRECTV on the computer
DVR & Receiver issues Local Channel Connector Issues New DIRECTV customers Want to Add or remove DIRECTV premium channels and packages
Bill & account support Question about Digital Phone Information about Programming, Sports Packages, Premium Channels, and Protection Plans Unable to Reset a receiver
Cancel your service Get help signing in to your account Unable to see the bill online Rename a device
Issues related to DIRECTV High Speed Internet Inquires of Home phone – Landline Need Assistance for Equipment & Accessories Facing issues while Paying the bill online

While most of these issues can be resolved online through troubleshooting links or FAQs sections, some people prefer connect with a live person for better assistance. But, few issues like payments or billing problems require an expert’s guidelines. DirecTV understands the need of customer and offers extended hours for customer support calls every day of the week.

Tips you should know to avoid waiting

  • New customer set-up support and general customer service are available all week, including weekends, from 8 am to12 am Eastern Time.
  • You can contact DirecTV Customer Service any time- 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for technical support.
  • You can also contact DirecTV Customer Service for Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS).
  • The above mentioned information applies to Business accounts and residential accounts are serviced and set up by a different division.

Tips for Technical Support

Customers, who want technical support or need answers for technical questions, should call from a room where they can sit in front of the TV with a remote or receiver in hand. It can help you to work smoothly with the representative to determine and resolve any issues with equipment and reception.

Common Services related Problems Solved by DirecTV Customer Service

These following mentioned below are some of the most common services related issues faced by consumers:

Channels, packages, & programs Equipment setup Installation & order status Streaming, Apps and Settings
Information about DIRECTV channelAdd or remove premium packages and channelsFacing issues while trying to refresh the DIRECTV channels and serviceProblems related to live or recorded TV features of DIRECTV AppChannel Lineups & Premium Programs ProblemsNeed assistance for High-Definition (Hd) Channels & 4kInformation about On Demand & Pay Per ViewWhat is Promotional Rewards Want to Program the Universal remote controlUnable to Connect Genie HD DVR to the internetIssues of Genie remote controlGenie Dvr & Receivers Issues Exchange, set up, and activate your Genie 2 DVRQuestions about Non-Genie Dvr & ReceiversProblems of Genie Mini & Wireless Genie MiniRemote Control issues Want to Program the Universal remote controlNeed assistance for to install DIRECTVWant to Check order statusActivate and Set up a Wireless Genie Mini Get the DIRECTV App to watch TV anywhereQuestions about Set up DIRECTV parental controlsStream digital content from your favorite networksQuestions about DirecTV Everywhere StreamingWant to add or remove TV apps on DIRECTV

Reasons to Call DirecTV Customer Service

Customer Question- Do you (DirecTV) have any special discounts or promos on packages right now. My 24 months contract is about to expire in a month and I am looking for a new deal.

Reply from Agent- You can check the deal section or can sign up for email alerts to get better deals in the future directly in your mail.

Customer Question- I don’t what happened but some channels are not working.

Reply from Agent- Sorry for the inconvenience, I can check the subscription package for you. If you want, I can fix technical support for you.

Customer Question- The recording feature of DirecTV is not working.

Reply from Agent- Maybe your application or software is not updated, try to update them……………

Customer Question- How do I contact customer support of DirecTV from Canada? I want to suspend my DirecTV service temporarily.

Reply from Agent- You can contact DirecTV Customer Support of Canada, you can contact on 1*********……………..

Customer Question- Can I change the programming with Directv online?

Reply from Agent- Yes, Sir please makes sure the TV set is on and follow these steps………..

Customer Support- I sit here trying to order a movie and it says my account is past due. It is not. Directv (Edited per community guidelines) and they are a bunch of…..

Reply from Agent- Please let me check your account……………

What issues can be solved through DirecTV Customer Service Number?

You can contact DirecTV Customer Service for numerous types of issues including equipment and technical problems. These issues include:

  • Setting up, managing, and changing service
  • Canceling or adding a service in the current package
  • Arranging an equipment return
  • Billing and payment issues
  • Reports of equipment and technical issues, such as poor sound or reception
  • Scheduling appointments for technical support

What issues can’t be solved through DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number?

Most reception issues can diagnose identified and resolved remotely through phone based customer support. But other problems related to repairs or equipment replacement requires other approaches. In such cases, a representative of the DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number will assist you to arrange a way to send back malfunctioning equipment or a technician visit.

What to do if I’m not satisfied with My DirecTV Call?

Sometimes, even after best efforts, you may not find the best solution to resolve your issues through phone-based customer support of DirecTV. If you are in the same situation: You can try other options to connect with DirecTV customer service.

But, before trying other methods, try these few simple steps:

  • It’s very important to take notes or record calls while you connect with customer support. So, if you took notes or recorded the call, go through it once to find any gap or point at miscommunication or misunderstanding.
  • Now call DirecTV customer service again, they are higher chances that you may connect with an agent who has better experience or better training who can understand your problem better and give you a better solution.

If the second call also works out for you, try another communication method:

Visit the DirecTV website– Go to the official website and request for live chat support. You can also post your problem on the community forum on the website.

Text-based communication– You can try the text-based communication method to get a better solution. This communication method provides you evidence of your conversation which can be helpful in further conversations.

Contact DirecTV on Facebook or Twitter- the company also manages the account on social media. So you send a direct message to get a solution to the problem.

Visit an AT&T retail store – It’s better to make an appointment in advance or contact the staff or manager before visiting the store. Try to explain your issues first and ask for the solution before visiting, it can help you save your time and efforts.

Important Details of DirecTV Customer Service

Phone Number Bill and Account- 800.288.2020 – Every day, 8 a.m. – midnight ET
Technical support- 800.288.2020 – Available 24/7
Support for travel abroad- +1.408.962.1025 – Available 24/7
(FREE from mobile phone)
Working Hours of Call Centers 24/7 for Technical and international support 8 am to 12 am for Bill and Account
Is Call back Available Yes
Is real Human Support Available Yes
Best Time to Call 9:35 AM
Alternative Methods to Contact Phone, Web, Chat, Facebook, Twitter

Website –
Fb –
Twitter –

Communication Quality 69%
Help Quality 48%

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  1. Awesome service, really fast

    I had signal issues with DirecTV so I called their Customer Service. They helped me solve the problem over the phone itself.

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Billing & Account: Everyday 8am-10pm ET Technical support: Available 24/7

1 review

  1. Awesome service, really fast

    I had signal issues with DirecTV so I called their Customer Service. They helped me solve the problem over the phone itself.

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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *