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Discover is a prominent Credit Card Brand based in the US

Avoid waiting and skip call menus, reach Discover Customer Service

When you try to connect with a live representative of customer service of big companies like Discover, you may find yourself waiting on hold for several minutes. In the case of Discover Customer Service, there are more chances to get confused among various phone number that belongs to a different department. With the tools and information of RepInASec , you don’t need to deal with the part where you wait in hold for several minutes listening to their call music. Our team has created these shortcuts which help consumers like you skip all those numerous phone menus, long hold times, and confusion with customer service phone numbers, especially with a big organization like Discover.

With the right information about the best phone number, real-time current wait on hold, and tips, you can skip right through those automated phone menus to get right to an agent of Discover.

Why Do Consumers Contact Discover Customer Service?

You are looking for a faster way to connect with Discover Customer Service, so you possibly have knowledge that who they are. But, the information in this article helps to get an idea of how big they are and how exactly their customer support work. Discover is also known in the industry and among the consumers with different names including Discover Card, Discover, and Discover Home Loans Inc. They are considered to be part of the following industries and sectors: Financials, Financial Services, and Diversified Financial Services. Discover is also the part of sectors like public, information technology & services, financial services, technology, b2c, and b2b. Discover Has more than 50 million active users and the number is increasing every year. Thus, it’s quite common for the company to receive customer queries in a large number every single day.

These are some common topics of customer queries:

Discover it Cash Back Credit Card Apply for a Card Cashback Match Open an account, or bank by phone Online Statements and Transactions
Discover it Chrome Gas & Restaurants Discover it Miles New Card Activation For calls from a TDD/TTY device Options to Pay Off Discover Card
Discover it Chrome for Students Earn Cashback Bonus Closing a Discover Card Account Online Banking Technical Support Paperless Disclosures
Discover it Secured Using a Discover Gift Card Closing a Deceased Cardmember’s Account Discover Student Deposits Program Downloads and Copies
NHL Discover it Credit Card Pay with Cashback Bonus Card Design and Replacement Account Agreement Merchant Payments
Discover it Miles Change Rewards Program Change My User ID or Password Report phishing & fraudulent activity Make an Online Payment
Discover it Business Card Redeem Cashback Bonus Update My Information Opening Bank Accounts for Trust Contactless Card
Discover it Student Cash Back Credit Card Discover Match Add a New Employee to Account Identity Verification Credit Card Fraud
Data Breaches Chip Card Secure Document Upload Inactive Accounts Discover Giving
Enhanced Account Security Report Lost or Stolen Card SSN, Inquiry & New Account Alerts Stolen or Lost Card Extended Product Warranty
Fraud and Account Protection Freeze Account Balance Transfer Cardmember Agreement Military (S.C.R.A) Benefits
Credit Scorecard with your FICO Credit Card Resources Billing Errors Disputes Financial Hardship

Reasons to Call Discover Customer Service

  • Why is my account request still pending?
  • I got a PPI payment from the company in *** and would be pleased if you would email me……….
  • Can I change the pin for my credit card?
  • How to get a copy of my last statement for credit card ending in *****…………….
  • How to fund a new discover it card?
  • Could you please check that my car has car rental insurance or not.
  • Hey, my card is not lining to my PayPal account, even after several attempts……..
  • Could you tell me when my statement close date is…………
  • I got a credit card in my mail, but didn’t request one……….
  • How to access current savings statements………

Contacting Discover Customer Service

While Discover offers phone-based support for customers to get an efficient solution for their queries, they also various methods to get in touch with them. Besides calling, the next best way to contact Discover Customer Service is live chat as well as online help. The other ways to contact Discover Customer Service include:

Live Chat and Online Help- Before calling any Discover Customer Service Number, we recommend you to try the live chat or online help option to contact them. These methods are way more convenient than phone-based support. Live Chat or online help FAQs can help you solve your queries in less time. However, if you find these methods useless in your case, go for phone-based support for assistance.

Phone Call- In total Discover offer 4 phone numbers, it’s not always clear which phone number is best to contact and which one has the least waiting time. However, you can start with 800-347-2683 which handles common problems faced by consumers include Cancel my account, lower my interest rate, change my service, and other customer service issues. If your issue is related to some complex issues like a complaint about fraud or something similarly serious, you can try other Discover Customer Service Number as well.

  • The best Discover Customer Service Phone Number for common customer queries (within the United States) is 800-347-2683.
  • For outside the United States, customers can call on 1-801-902-3100 for customer support.
  • For Member Services Department contact Discover Customer Service through 800-347-4736.
  • The next best Discover Customer Service Phone Number for Member Services is 800-347-4736.

Please note- It’s advised to check the number before calling as Discover Customer Service as a different number for different divisions.

Comparison of Discover Contact Information

Above are top methods to contact Discover Customer Service, including their top phone number, live chat, and online help option. Below with the mentioned table, you can easily compare all total 6 ways to contact Discover by comparing which one is the fastest method. You can connect with the customer service of Discover through the following methods: Web, Phone, and Chat.

Phone Number or Contact Way Wait
Customer Service- 800-347-2683 (Within U.S.) 6 Mins
Member Services- 800-347-4736 2 Mins
Online Help Within 2 Hours
Technical Support- 800-347-3085 2 Mins
Live Chat 12 Mins
International Customer Service- 801-902-3100 16 Mins

What issues can be solved through Discover Customer Service Phone Number?

People can contact representatives of Discover Customer Service through the website, live chat and phone number to get assistance for various types of issues. The phone-based support can help you out in various types of issues or queries including:

Questions about an account, credit or debit card, or program Report problem about fraud or identity theft
Applying for a Student Loan or Personal Loan Credit Card Dispute and other problems
Questions about Business card Cancel an Account
Making changes on an account Issues Related to Card Declined
Need to update information about an account Report a Lost Card
Researching or Flagging transactions Account Restricted
Request to increase the limit of loan or credit card A different issue

What to do if you are not happy with the Discover Call?

If your conversation with the representative of Discover Customer Service didn’t go well as you expected, try these options to get a better solution.

Go through the notes you take through your first call and check the points of the miscommunication. If you don’t have these notes, just sit down and write all the important points you remembered from the conversation. These simple points can help you to keep on track during the next steps of the communications.

Call Discover Customer Service- Keep in mind that all agents have different levels of experience and training. So, there are high chances that the next person you connect with may have better skills than the first one and able to provide you a better solution.

Try other Phone Number- Discover Customer service has a separate phone number for each department, even in the single department such as student loan, there are different numbers for fraud cases, opening a bank account, applying for the student loan, and more. A detailed list of phone numbers is available on the official website of the company.

Try live support– Discover offer various methods such as live chat and online help, faqs, and links, so you can try these methods to connect with an agent.

Send Letter– The most official method to contact Discover Customer Service is to send your problem or question through postal mail.

Important Details of Discover Customer Service

Phone Number 800-347-2683,
note- Discover has different Phone Number for Different card holders
Department Customer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers 24/7
Is Call back Available Yes
Is real Human Support Available? Yes
Best Time to Call 9:30 AM
Alternative Methods to Contact Phone, Web, Chat
Website –
Navigate phone maze to a human At first 2 prompts, don’t press or say anything; if asked about an account manager, press 0
Communication Quality 86%
Help Quality 95%

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  1. Helped me reissue my card

    Discover’s customer service is very helpful. My problem was solved much quicker than I expected.

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Available 24/7

1 review

  1. Helped me reissue my card

    Discover’s customer service is very helpful. My problem was solved much quicker than I expected.

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