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You are looking into DoorDash Customer Service, so you likely definitely know what their USP factor is. Be that as it may, it assists with getting a thought of how vast they are and what their service providing capacity resembles in case that you are a client. DoorDash gives their best customer assistance over email. In the event that you were wanting to converse with a DoorDash operator live at the present time, on the telephone or through live visit, this may be baffling.

However, at any rate you know there ought to be an individual on the opposite end helping you, and it might take less time generally to send a couple of messages to and fro. Here’s everything you need to know about contacting DoorDash Customer Service for help.

Try These DoorDash Customer Service Contact Channels For Best Results

According to the information provided on, there are three ways that guarantee users a response from Customer Service. These effective methods to contact DoorDash are listed below:

  • Dial DoorDash’s Customer Service Phone Number

To speak with a Live Representative at DoorDash, simply call 855-431-0459. Upon dialing this number, you will soon be connected to a live person with a negligible hold period. You are recommended to keep your order and account details handy as customer service may require it to complete your request or resolve your issues with the service.

  • Use The Live Chat Option

If the customer is facing issues getting connected to the Customer Service Team through a Phone Call, Live Chat is a great alternative. Simply visit Consumer Help Center and click on the ‘Chat With Us’ option. A chat window should open in the right corner of your screen. You will be required to fill in your details and select a category with which you are seeking assistance. Click on ‘Start Chatting’ to begin a chat.

  • Email For Non-Live Orders

Issues involving invoicing, payments, account management, and more can be solved through email as well. Please note that assistance through Email is solely available for non-live orders. To send requests and concerns to DoorDash, email them at

Reasons Why Customers Like You Are Contacting DoorDash Customer Service

Users usually connect to DoorDash services for various reasons, which primarily include:

  • Getting stats or details on delivery status of  letters and files/folders.
  • Inquiries regarding Account balance deductions on usage of Mastercard charges
  • Following shipments and delivery
  • Inquiries regarding system on kinds of stuff that can and can’t be delivered
  • Initiating analysis and protection claims

All The Help You Can Get By Reaching Out To DoorDash Customer Service Team

Delivery Missing Status Report On the off chance that you are not home to finish paperwork for your package, an entryway label will be left at your entryway and the driver may reattempt delivery.   To keep away from missed delivery, pursue DoorDash Delivery Manager where you will have the option to sign electronically or give extraordinary directions for delivery.
Consignment Tracking via Track ID DoorDash Tracking, the apparatus at the head of your page gives you shipment refreshes in only a single tick. An instrument worked for speed, straightforwardness, and accommodation. Spare your shipments directly to our landing page, so you don’t need to sign in to discover where your packages are.
Addressing Issues Via Delivery DoorDash Express through DoorDash Customer Service has restored door to door pickup and delivery system to choose postal codes across key urban communities in India for both homegrown and worldwide systems. Before finishing your shipment, if you don’t mind writing to to know whether the postal code in India is right now useful.
Account Stats Related To Easy Access There is no charge to open any sort of DoorDash account. Delivery account creation expects you to give a Mastercard number so your charging data is attached to your DoorDash account. So as to check the Visa data, an impermanent $1 hold might be set on your Visa.
Refund Initiation DoorDash Inc (U.S.) We offer an unconditional promise for each U.S. shipment. You may demand a discount or credit of your transportation charges in the event that we miss our distributed (or cited, as on account of DoorDash SameDay ) delivery time by even 60 seconds.

Issues Consumers Are Reporting To DoorDash Through Its Customer Service Channels

  • My package has not been conveyed despite the fact that you state it has. It either went to some unacceptable location or has been lost. Here kindly refund my cash.
  • Package invalid examined, has two “shipments” along these lines, my package isn’t conveyed to me.
  • I requested my package to be gotten back to me. Case – lost
  • Box from Vitacost was conveyed to some unacceptable level and left inside the front entryway of my place.
  • I have been harmed since December of a year ago and I am attempting to perceive what I have to do.
  • Package conveyed not mine!
  • Devery Driver said the business was shut, this is a private location so couldn’t convey the transfer close to your home.
  • I booked an ordinary day by day pickup and need to talk with neighborhood dispatch to affirm the subtleties of appearance.
  • An under-weighted item weighing less pounds was conveyed, which was left-inclining toward my garage entrance.
  • DoorDash truck harmed my letter box on Saturday, October 3, 2020, at 09:25 pm. The truck damaged it.

Shipping Issues And Tracking Information, Assistance Customers Can Get By Writing An Email To DoorDash

DoorDash representatives can do many things to help you with the following:

  • Shipping items and getting problems resolved.
  • DoorDash Customer Representatives can answer your questions about shipping issues
  • Direct you to places where you can drop off a shipment or purchase services,
  • Provide tracking information.

In addition,

  • A DoorDash customer service agent can also open an investigation into an item that seems to have been lost during the shipping process and can also open a claim for damages.
  • Doordash can also arrange to have a driver come and pick up an item at your home or office.

Resolving Certain Issues Isn’t In The Hands Of Customer Service

DoorDash customer care will be unable to give a lot of help which includes:

  • In the event that you and a third-party have over the passage or non-passage of a package.
  • For instance, if DoorDash conveys a package that you have shipped off to someone else or business and furnishes you with confirmation of the package.
  • DoorDash may decline to pay a lost package guarantee if the collector says that the individual in question never got the thing.

Dissatisfactory Customer Service Isn’t The End, Try These Options When Calling DoorDash Fails

In case you’re not happy with the arrangement given by the DoorDash Customer Service specialist, you can attempt these means to get the correct answer for your issue.

1.Check your email for client criticism mail from DoorDash Service: Usually, DoorDash Customer Service sends messages to clients getting some information about their client care insight. You can answer the mail demonstrating your disappointment.

2.Check your SMS box-Similar to mail, DoorDash Service sends SMS on your enlisted versatile with respect to your client support insight. You can answer them about your experience.

3.Contact DoorDash Customer Service IT Department-As no select helpline number is there for client assistance. An operator with leader forces may have the information or authority that can resolve your case expediently.


These Best Practices Ensure Getting A Satisfactory Response From Customer Support

  • Ensure you are Emailing the right mail address for the office you are attempting to deliver your anxiety to. Moreover, there are independent mail Ids for charging related complaints just as cargo shipments.



  • Have any important documentation and data before you at the hour of association through mail. This may incorporate following numbers, receipts, solicitations, financial records, just as the addresses of both sender and beneficiary.


Email Address, Average Wait Times, Best Time Call, And More Details To Note

Connect Us Primarily Through Email Support- Write at
  Average wait Time Minimum 24 hours
Current wait Time Not Applicable
Customer Support Via  Mail
Phone number Not Available
Call-back available Not Available
Call picked up by a real person Not Applicable
Department you’re connecting DoorDash Customer Service
Call center hours Not Available
Best time to Connect Not Available
Rank (overall) Rank 1
Alternate methods Email, chat
  Social Media Presence Facebook, Twitter, Web

Website –
Fb –
Twitter –

Quality of communication 90%
Quality of help 77%

DoorDash Customer Service – What The Users Are Saying?

Different demographics and client base have communicated mixed responses with DoorDash client support suppliers. Customers generally end up modestly low of their system as DoorDash customer system guarantees to check for no space for considerable delay lines, impolite operators, ideal complaint redressal, or getting channels to drop benefits on demand. Notwithstanding, clients have numerous a period hailed the worry that they’ve gotten conflicting system on a visit from the Service chief’s end when requested repairing a tech inquiry, or about giving “How-to-Guides”, Keeping a record of mail packages and conversations, just as bills and receipts, can be useful when managing DoorDash Customer Service.

For the sake of client care helpdesk, they address issues by Email Support just and as they guarantee to determine inquiries with a normal stand by season of 24 hours, they invest heavily to pass on you that they are your best specialized help supplier with regards to fixing, or sponsorship up for gadgets and devices over your homes or workplaces. All you require is drop a mail on their enlisted Email ID which you can search for over their official site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact DoorDash for a refund?

A. In order to request a refund, you can dial the Delivery Support Phone Number (855-222-8111). The phone number can also be found in your confirmation text and email.

Q. Does DoorDash have 24-hour support?

A. Both Live Chat and Phone Call Support of DoorDash are available to the customers 24/7.

Q. How long do DoorDash refunds take?

A. All DoorDash refunds are processed immediately. However, it can take anywhere between 5 to 7 business days to show up in your bank account.

Q. What happens if DoorDash eats your food?

A. If a driver opens the food of a customer or is suspected of food tempering, DoorDash shall terminate the driver’s account.

Q. How do I contact Doordash support by phone?

A. You can DoorDash for assistance by dialing the Customer Service Phone Lines – US (English): 855-973-1040, US (Español): 855-834-8733, Canada (English): 647-957-7219.

Q. Does DoorDash pay for gas?

A. Since Dashers are independent contractors, DoorDash won’t be paying for the fuel costs. Dashers themselves shall be responsible for their vehicle expenses.

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