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Fitbit is an American consumer electronics and fitness company

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Fitbit is one of the leading consumer electronics and fitness companies in America. It produces various latest technology electronic products and devices related to fitness. These products are specially designed for consumers to know about the number of steps they have walked, quality of sleep they are having, their heart rate of the user, steps climbed, and other fitness metrics without visiting the doctor. So, if you have wanted to know more about the services, products, or have a query, then you can reach out to Fitbit customer service.

From Fitbit, anyone can buy activity trackers, smartwatches, wireless-enabled bands, and various other products. Fitbit also provides customer support to help and assist customers with their concerns. So, if you are looking for genuine Fitbit customer service and then you are in the right place. From here, you can get the contact details of Fitbit without even waiting for long hours hold. Read on to know more about the services and help you can get at the helpdesk.

Common Problems Customers Contact Fitbit Customer Service for

There are many issues that can be faced by the customers while using the products and devices. So, to resolve these issues, they can conveniently reach out to customer care support. Fitbit provides various ways to easily contact customer care service. Here are the common issues that are commonly faced by the customers and for which they reach out to Fitbit customer service.

  • How to can I buy a Fitbit device?
  • Why am I not able to sync my Fitbit Device with a Smartphone?
  • How can I track my data on the Fitbit server?
  • How can I sync the interval of the Fitbit device?
  • Do I have to download any app to connect with a Fitbit device?
  • How can I troubleshoot the Fitbit sync issues?
  • What to do my band got broken?
  • How can I restart my Fitbit device?
  • How do I know about my Fitbit device warranty policy?
  • Can I order any Fitbit device online?

Product and Their Services You Can Get Fitbit Customer Service

Fitbit offers a wide range of award winners’ devices and products. Customers can buy them, sync them, and keep a record of fitness. You can buy various devices according to your choices and preferences. In case, if any customer faces any issues related to the particular device, then you can conveniently reach out to customer support. At the helpdesk, you can report your issues and queries, and get instant solutions to your concerns. Let’s know more about the services, you can get at the Fitbit customer service helpdesk:

Products Its Services
Trackers – You can know how to buy it, how to use it, how to set it up, report any issues related to it, how to check your data, how to enable or restart it, know about its warranty plan, know you can update your device.
Smartwatches – What type of watches, how to buy them, what is the warranty policy, what is Fitbit premium subscription, how to connect it with mobile, report issue if you are not able to connect, troubleshoot if not working properly.
Smart scales – know how to use, what is the best smart scale device, how you can buy it, compare all smart scale features, report issues if the device is not working properly, know how to use it.
Wireless headphones – Know how to buy it, report any issues, file a claim on your device’s in-warranty, report any technical problem in headphones, know about the return policy and warranty policy.

Reasons Why Customers Prefer to Call Fitbit Customer Service

Now, if you are why wondering why do people contact customer care support through the calling support. Calling customer care is the most convenient and reliable way to connect with customer support in order to resolve your concerns. So, if you are looking for help and support, you can easily call Fitbit customer service to get help at ease. To understand more, let’s see the reason why you should contact the customer service of Fitbit:

If you want to buy a Fitbit device, then you purchase it from the official website or through various other online shopping sites. To know about how to buy it then you can reach out to customer support.

In case, if you are not able to sync your Fitbit Device with a Smartphone or any other device, then you can know it with the expert’s guidance.

If you want to track your data on the Fitbit server, then you can check it through your device or you can know how to check it by contacting customer support.

The customers who want to know more about the Fitbit app and other services, then you can know from the official website or the helpdesk.

In case you are facing Fitbit sync issues, then you can also troubleshoot it on your own. You can also take an expert’s help to resolve the issues.

In this case, if any of your devices got broken, then you can request to fix it in accordance with your warranty.

If you are not able to restart or enable your Fitbit device, then you can know how to do it by calling on Fitbit customer service number.

While buying, customers are advised to know about their Fitbit device warranty policy. In case you don’t know then, you can know it by calling customer support.

Issues That Can Be Resolved By Calling on Fitbit Customer Service Phone Number

As stated, there are various issues and queries that can be conveniently resolved by calling on the customer support phone number. The customer representatives of Fitbit are well-trained and experience to provide you with satisfying customer service. So, if you are confronting issues and wanted to seek professional help, then you can resolve given below issues by calling on Fitbit customer service number:

  • You can know how to buy a Fitbit product online
  • Know how to start your Fitbit Versa 2 or any other device
  • Learn more about the features of your Fitbit device.
  • Report any technical or other issues in your ordered Fitbit device.
  • Know more about your wristband on your Fitbit device
  • You can also know how to use Fitbit Pay
  • Know how to track all the fitness features in the band.
  • Get a Fitbit premium subscription.

What Issues Can’t be Resolved by Calling on Fitbit Customer Service Phone?

There are several issues that cannot be resolved through Fitbit phone-based customer support. For such issues, customers have to opt for different ways to solve them. There are many issues like online shopping, payments issues, and technical issues, that can be resolve by calling support.

Like if you want to buy a product of Fitbit, then you can not order it through phone-based customer support. Either the customer has to visit the online shopping site or reach out to the store to buy it. It is not possible to buy a Fitbit product by calling.

In case of technical issues or your device is not working, then customers have to reach the repairing store to fix and repair it. We all know, that the customer representative can not fix your device over the phone.

In case you are not able to pay for the device due to a technical error in the bank, then you have to contact your bank to resolve the technical issues, or else you can try alternative payment methods to buy a Fitbit product.

If You are Not Satisfied By Calling on Fitbit Customer Service Phone Number?

Fitbit is one of the leading brands which serves not only in America but also worldwide. It receives thousands of requests and calls daily to seek help and assistance from customer support. In case, if you didn’t get satisfying customer service and want to resolve your issues with better customer support, then you can try alternative methods. Here are the methods, which you can try to resolve your issues:

Try Calling Again – Sometimes customers get satisfying services, whereas some didn’t get services up to the expectations. So, in case you are not happy with any customer representative services, then you can reach out to another customer representative to get your issues resolved. The operators are well -trained and experienced to handle your situations, you can once again try calling them to connect with another representative.

Live Chat – Another way to resolve your issues without any hurdle is the live chat feature. You can access the virtual assistance feature through the official website and the mobile app. The customers can ask their queries or report their issues and get instant responses to your concerns.

Twitter – In the generation of social media, Fitbit is also active on it. So, if you have any query, review, or feedback, you can simply send it through the direct message option on Twitter. The user name of Fitbit Twitter is @FITBITSUPPORT. The experts at the helpdesk will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Store – You can also visit the nearest Fitbit retailers to resolve your technical or other issues. The professionals at the helpdesk will resolve your issues and will provide you hand to hand services.

Contact Fitbit Customer Service – Conclusion!

Fitbit is the first company to introduce innovative, automatic, and wireless syncing devices for health and fitness. It is one of the leading electronic companies in America and in the world as well. The customers having any issues can conveniently contact Fitbit customer service without any hesitation. There are a variety of ways to connect with experts to resolve your issues. From here, you can get accurate customer service details. So, you can directly contact the human instead of waiting on long holds. RepInASec provides exact and correct contact details to help customers with their concerns.

Important Details To Contact Fitbit Customer Service

Phone Number (877) 623-4997
Department Customer Care Service
Working Hours of Call Centers Mon – Fri : 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. PT
Is Call back Available No
Is real Human Support Available Yes
Best Time to Call 9:05 AM
Alternative Methods to Contact Phone, Live Chat, Twitter
Website –
Twitter –
Navigate phone maze to a live person support Press 0
Communication Quality 54%
Help Quality 67%

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