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Huntington Bancshares Incorporated is an American bank holding company with its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Huntington Bank Customer Service-Contact to get Immediate Help & Solutions

Experts and some intellectual minds come together to serve the customers through Huntington Bank Customer Service. You may refer for all kinds of financial help. Once you get through with customer service, your problems will resolve within minutes. Contact to get hassle-free and targeted support from the team. Lean towards customer service for any loan, mortgage, banking facilities, or any such matter. The customer service will be glad to help you provide the support you need. A fast and accurate response is what you can expect from the customer service department. And the team does its best to keep up the name. So, if you are looking for any help, you know where to find it now.

Issues that customers commonly face

Serving millions of customers with their bank accounts and queries, customer service is doing an excellent job. It has successfully resolved all matters on its way. However, customers call regularly to report their concerns with the customer service daily. Some issues are relatively common to deal with daily.

  • Card Issues.
  • Loan and Mortgage Inquiry.
  • Problems with existing Accounts with Huntington Bank.
  • Investment and Credit related queries.
  • Report Theft of card.

Huntington Bank Customer Service provides these services

It is a department consisting of highly qualified agents. They are competent to handle all matters on their way. Therefore, if you are looking for any support, feel free to call Huntington Bank Customer Service Number and seek help. As well as you may also experience their services-

Loan / Mortgage / Credit Information If you want a loan or wish to mortgage, you can easily get all the information you need and get help to acquire it. The customer service will surely help you get a loan based on your credit. And also, inform you of an estimate on the mortgage over a call without any hassle. You may also seek help for Credit or Investment with Huntington Bank. The customer service may be in the right place to guide you with all the essential information.
Personal or Private Banking Need help maintaining your account or require guidance with your banking, you know where to reach out. Yes, call Huntington Bank Customer Service Number and avail of the services.
Business All kinds of support with your Business account will be available. The customer service will guide you with all essential steps to take or how to maintain the account. Business accounts are slightly tricky, so may take the help you can get.
Commercial Are you looking forward to guidance for your commercial account? The customer service will surely help you with the best information and guidance.
Technical Help Customers contact Huntington Bank Customer Service Phone Number seeking technical help with their online bank accounts. You may refer for any other technical matter with the customer service support.
Information Get updated and authentic information from customer service for all your queries. The customer service will surely help you get the best out of it regarding any sector.

Report your Concerns with Huntington Bank Customer Service

To support you with all your concerns and to overcome them, customer service is always available. All you have to do is reach out and seek help. The customer service will provide you with the best. Also, it is always best to report any matters directly with customer service for fast response. And here’s how you can get through with customer service-

  • Huntington Bank Customer Service Phone Number

Any day if you face any obstacle or problems, feel free to call the phone number and ask for help. The customer service will surely provide you with the best solutions as per your issues. Speak with the agent on the others side of the call and explain your issues, and get instant solutions. If not, they will guide you through the process and help you with the matter.

  • Citizens Bank Customer Service Website

Unexplainably, another very easy to find solutions is through the website. It the amalgamation of pages in detail about all that you want to know about. Read through the Information pages, FAQ page, and help centre. Suppose you fail to get information useful to you, leave your query, and wait for a response from the team.

  • Report through Social Media

Currently, Twitter and Facebook are two platforms where Huntington Bank Customer Service provides its services. So, if you have any issues and require help, you can reach out through these pages and get resolutions.

Customer Service may not be able to resolve these issues

Though customer service has intentions of helping its customers to the fullest, there are some limitations where the customer service is incapable to help you. You may still try to contact Huntington Bank Customer Service Phone Number to get better information on these issues but cannot get direct help.

  • Formalities with documents and signatures are to be fulfilled by visiting the bank in person only. No customer service department can help you with such matters. They can only guide you with the best information possible.
  • Also, to apply for a new card, you will have to visit the bank and complete the process.
  • You may have to visit the bank or meet with an agent to complete the processing of the loan, mortgage, investment, or credit. The customer service is not in control of such activities.

That is why customer service may not always be able to help you. Sometimes, it requires more effort on your path. However, Huntington Bank Customer Service can provide you with all the information you need, regarding how to move forward.

How to reach Huntington Bank Customer Service?

Customer service is easily available on various platforms. As customers, there is nothing to worry about on reaching the customer service. Just remember to reach out and communicate all that you want. Each message and call from the customers is appreciated. Therefore, you may try to reach out through any of these-

  • Call Huntington Bank Customer Service Phone Number

Be in your comfort and dial the phone number. You will connect with an agent who will help you get through all matters. Lines are open for specific timings, take note of them. Also, kindly note that each matter has a different phone number. So be sure before calling. Make sure to call the right number to get the best solutions and fast response. Nevertheless, you should know that all the departments are qualified to handle all matters in their domain. So you may call freely to customer service.

  • Contact Huntington Bank Customer Service through the Official Website

A Popular way to get in touch is through the official site. Customers may simply log in to the site and visit all the pages. These pages are very informative. Most customers resolve their matters just by visiting these pages. Scroll through the FAQ section and help pages. In case, you do not find answers, drop your query through the help desk with your valid ID. The customer service will get back to you within a stipulated period. So, do contact customer service for help.

  • Contact through Social Media

Customers may also, find solutions through their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. You may ask questions or express your views by tagging the official ID. The customer service department will get back to you within some time. Just make you bit of effort and reach out.

  • Contact by visiting the Branch

Huntington Bank has many branches all over the Country. You may visit any of the branches if you need any help. The staff will surely help you get solutions on all matters. Sometimes, for emergency matters, it is best to visit the branch as well. Call Huntington Bank Customer Service Number and book an appointment before coming in to get instant support on arrival.

If the support from the Customer Service doesn’t satisfy you

Each individual is different from the other. Though all agents are trained, they may have various levels of understanding. That is why maybe you have experienced an unsuccessful call with customer service. However, if you ever face any such matter, do not fret. Prepare yourself to move forward and look for help. Take notes about your previous call before making any move. This will benefit you to get better support. Further, you may proceed with-

  • Make a call back with the customer service agent. Note that each time you call, you will connect with a different agent, which gives a higher possibility of getting better answers.
  • Again, there is also an opportunity to call repeatedly until you find your resolutions.
  • Connect through the Website if necessary and get the best out of it.
  • In case nothing works out yet, reach out through social media. To protect the reputation, customer service will surely act fast upon it and get help for you.
  • Visit the bank or write a postal letter to the head office. Do what is necessary to get resolutions. You will indeed be successful.

Usually, the customer service gets through with the matters easily, but at times, it takes relatively longer. So, do not lose hope and just try more. Contact Huntington Bank Customer Service and get all your problems resolved effortlessly with few minutes. Therefore, no waiting in case of any emergency and get through it.

Contact Information

General Customer Service Phone Number 800-480-2265
Working Hours All days from 7:00 am-7:00 pm EST.
Best time to Call 9:30 am.
Business Banking (800) 480-2001
Credit Card Service (800) 340-4165
Banking Technical Support (877) 932-2265
Personal Investment (800) 322-4600
Loan Related Matters (800) 445-8460
Direct Human Support? Yes
Is Call Back Available? No.
Alternate Contact Phone, Web, Twitter, Facebook.
Official Website

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  1. Thanks a lot for the service!

    I had an issue with my Huntington Bank account which was solved immediately after communicating the same to the customer service.

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Available Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET

1 review

  1. Thanks a lot for the service!

    I had an issue with my Huntington Bank account which was solved immediately after communicating the same to the customer service.

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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *