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Lufthansa is the second-largest European airline in the when combined with its subsidiaries

Lufthansa is one of the world-renowned airlines that operate internationally within 220 destinations with about 700 aircraft and 259 fleet sizes. Its hubs are in Munich and Frankfurt. It has been serving for the last 68 years and has a very excellent service record from the passengers. It is one of the largest airlines operating in the world.

As the slogan says, “Say Yes to the World,” travel around and enjoy your life. And in case of any issues or trouble you face, Lufthansa Customer Service is at your reach, just a phone call away to help you. Say Yes and Call Lufthansa Customer Service Phone Number for any feedback, query, or information. Dial at 800-645-3880 and get all your answers.

Different Contact Channels Lufthansa Offers For Requests, Issues, and General Queries – An Overview

It is straightforward and easy to contact Lufthansa Customer Service. The services are very efficient and fast to respond to its customers. Feel free to contact and avail of the services or resolve any issue you face with Lufthansa. Here are the ways you can get the customer service-

Lufthansa’s Phone Number, Most Preferred Way To Reach Customer Service

The way and most preferred way to contact Lufthansa Customer service is by calling. You can effortlessly call Lufthansa Customer service and covey your problems, feedback, or any other message you wish to deliver to Lufthansa. It is the fastest means to connect with Lufthansa. So if you are facing any problems, do not panic. Just pick up your phone and dial 800-645-3880. This service is available from Monday to Thursday from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am EST.

Email Is The Way To Go For A Guaranteed Response

The emailing services are available round the clock, 24 hours 7 days. You can write whatever you wish to inform or give feedback or seek help at You will receive a response within 3 hours. All your doubts, queries, or feedback are most welcome by the team. So write and let them know your views.

Help Desk – Reliable and Effective

You can also contact Lufthansa Customer Service through the helpdesk. The response is comparatively slower but, you will indeed receive a strong response from the customer service team. You can ask all your questions or queries. Most of the frequently asked questions and steps to do are already showing, and if you do not find your answers, make sure you write your query and wait for a reply. The team takes about 71 hours to reply to each question late, but you will find an answer. Reach out through by-

Visiting Lufthansa’s Office Directly – The Last Resort

And if you cannot connect through any of these means and face any emergency issue, you can go to any nearby airport where Lufthansa serves and approach the ground staff of Lufthansa. They will help you get a favorable solution and achieve it.

Services Flyers Can Get When Contacting Lufthansa’s Customer Care Phone Number

The customer service will provide you with the best services. Any customer who had experience with Lufthansa Customer Service has always had a positive response or feedback. So, if you face any problems, kindly feel free to avail of the services-

Technical Help Support Information
At any point in time, if you face any technical problems, call Lufthansa Customer Service Phone Number and seek help. The customer service will guide you to get through with your concerns. Before or after your travel, if you require any support from Lufthansa, feel free to ask for it. Booking for services or medical facilities at the airport, just dial and ask for help. For all information you require about flights, travel time, costs, airports, or any other query, you can contact Lufthansa Customer Service Number.

Common Problems that Customers face:

Passengers or Customers from around the world travel with Lufthansa. And with various people come different kinds of issues. But some problems that the customers face or seek information about mostly are:

  • How to book a flight on Lufthansa?
  • How to change the Itinerary?
  • How can I get a refund, and how long will it take?
  • How to change a flight or traveler’s information?
  • Issues with Baggage Policy.
  • How can I get medical assistance from Lufthansa?

Filing A Complaint To Lufthansa, What To Know

Lufthansa is a reputed airline and believes thoroughly in satisfying its passengers throughout the journey, not just the air journey but from booking the tickets to the end of the travel. So they are happily ready to tackle any problems the customers face. Lufthansa has many platforms to serves its customers. So feel free to access any of the ways as per your comfort and file your complaint or seek help whichever way possible for you-

  • Lufthansa Customer Service Phone Number

The Lufthansa Customer Service Number is active to its customers to respond and help them with their issues. You can take your phone and call Lufthansa customer service number at 800-645-3880 and report your query. You will be connected directly with a customer service representative who will help you get through with your issues.

  • Report by Email

Most people also prefer to write an email to keep a record of things. It is an excellent way of approach to get answers with proof. So you can also write to Lufthansa customer service and wait for a response. This process might take about 2-3 hours to receive a reply from the team. However, you can write anytime if it is not an emergency scenario and get the most beneficial solutions.

  • Approach through the Help Desk

You can also try and get answers through the help desk. Lufthansa is very active in responding to its customers aptly. You can also scroll down the web portal and read through to get answers for common problems, but if your matter is somewhat different than, write about it to the Help desk portal. Wait for some time to get a response from customer service.

  • Airport

If you face any emergency at the airport or seek help, you can connect with the ground staff and seek help. The Lufthansa ground staff will help you get a favorable solution in your best interest. Without any hassle out panic, approach any member and ask for help; you will surely get assistance.

Flight-Related Issues That May Not Be Solved via Lufthansa’s Phone Number

Customer services wish to solve all the problems that a customer faces. However, there are few things the customer service cannot help with. It is beyond the limitations of the customer service agents, and you have to seek help from specific other authorities for the same-

  • For any last minutes changes by airlines, the customer service is not responsible. You will have to approach the airlines for any assistance.
  • If there is a case of loss of any item in the security check, you will have to contact the airport or the security department of the specific airport for help. Another option is to get lost and found department of the airport.
  • Any delays or gate change information will only be available at the terminal, and customer service cannot help you in this matter.
  • The customer service is incapable of adjusting any baggage policies or accommodating any meals on the ticket. You have to purchase them to avail the services.

Best Course Of Action When Experiencing An Unsuccessful Phone Call With Lufthansa’s Customer Service

After an unsatisfying call with customer service, the first thing to do is to seek more help and find a better solution for yourself. If you feel the customer service agent did not understand your problems or the answer was not appropriate enough, do not panic. You still have options to find a favorable solution. Do not give up unless you find a solution to your concerns-

  • All problems have a suitable solution; maybe you didn’t get it yet. So prepare yourself to seek help until you get what you need. Make a list of details about your issue and your ID, and all other beneficial information. Also, write down the point that was lacking in the first call with the customer service.
  • Call back to the customer service again, speak to another representative, and explain your issue clearly and better. The list you made will help you get better responses and solutions. The second call is more productive or successful in getting you a perfect solution.
  • However, if this still does not satisfy you, you can also approach for help through email. Write an email explaining all your issues and your expectations. The email Id is readily available on the official Lufthansa website.
  • And if this trick does not work out, you can go ahead and approach through the web portal. Seek help from the helpdesk. It might take some more time, but the results will be fruitful.
  • And if you still feel unsatisfied, you can also visit the head office or write a postal mail referring to your issue and essential details. You will surely get help to resolve any problem.

Until you are fully satisfied, kindly seek help. The customer service department will help you get what you desire or a feasible solution to your problems.

Lufthansa’s Contact Details, Best Time To Call, Operating Hours, and More Key Info

Phone Number 800-645-3880
Working Hours Monday to Thursday from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am EST.
Best time to Call 4:30 pm.
Is real human support available? Yes
Is Call Back Available? Yes.
Alternate Contact Phone, Web, Email.
Email ID
Help Desk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to cancel a Lufthansa flight?

A. The cost for changing a Lufthansa flight varies from $250 to $1000 depending on the fare type you have purchased and the destination you are traveling to.

Q. How late can you cancel a flight?

A. According to the information provided on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines, passengers can cancel their booking up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure and get a full refund.

Q. What is Lufthansa’s lost baggage customer service number?

A. Lost baggage issues are strongly recommended to be reported directly at the airport. However, if you have already left the airport, contact Lufthansa’s Customer Service by dialing its official phone number:  800-645-3880

Q. What is Lufthansa’s phone number in Germany?

A. To contact Lufthansa’s office in Germany, dial the following Hotline: +49 69 86 799 799.

Q. How do I make a claim against Lufthansa?

A. Baggage claims can be made at the Lost & Found Office at the Airport itself. Delay compensation and other claims can be made through both online and offline channels of Lufthansa (Phone Number, Email, Feedback Form, directly at the Airport).

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