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Contact a live person of Metro PCS Customer Service through Easiest Way

Connecting with a live person of a Customer Support System is a long process with lots of obstacles. Phone calls drop while you’re going through an endless maze of menu options, none of which seem helpful. Even, when you finally reached a point where you think that actual helpful assistance is a push-button away, you’re left on hold for several minutes. These waiting can be last for several minutes especially when you’re trying to connect with big businesses like Metro PCS (owned by T-Mobile) with over 15+ million users.

What to expect while calling Metro PCS Customer Service? Metro PCS (now known as Metro by T-Mobile after re-branding in 2018) is a leading American prepaid wireless service brand. Owned by T-Mobile since 2013, Metro PCS offer prepaid services, including a selection of 31 smart phones and four data plans. Being a leading prepaid service provider with more than 18 million users, it’s normal for users looking for live person support to wait for several minutes, even for an hour. Although the organization offers other methods to connect with Metro PCS Customer Service such as Virtual Assistance, FAQs, links, or social media, still phone-based support is the most part.

How to Contact Metro PCS Customer Service directly? Visit RepInASec, a website that’s been helping people find the quickest and easiest way to connect a real agent at customer support. Here you can find all the important at one place such as best numbers to call, work hour of call center, the best time to contact, alternate methods to connect, common issues solved by phone-based support, and more.

Popular problems on why people call on Metro PCS Customer Service Phone Number?

Metro PCS also has known as Metro by T-Mobile, is a prepaid phone service. As one of the oldest and largest prepaid mobile phone brands, it’s no wonder that Metro PCS receives hundreds of requests for customer service each and every day.

These are the top reasons why people call Metro PCS Customer Service:

  • Ordering a new service
  • Checking the status of an order
  • Making changes or canceling the existing service
  • Facing issues with paid services include Call Details, Call Forwarding, CallerTunes, Canada Unlimited, International Text Messaging, Lookout Mobile Security Premium, Mexico Unlimited, Premium Handset Protection, Select Shared Calling Service, World Calling, and Voicemail to Text
  • Canceling all phone service
  • Purchasing new devices
  • Questions about billing issues
  • Technical support and Troubleshooting
  • Returning, replacing or upgrading a device

Helpful Tips to reach Metro PCS Customer Service

There are few things to know that can help you to reach a live person while dialing Metro PCS Customer Service Number:

Before dialing makes sure the number is correct. If you are calling from a Metro PCS phone, dial the following keys:

  • Dial *611 for customer service
  • Dial *99 to pay the bill

If you have bought premium support for your phone, contact Assurant- the support provider, for service.

Make sure you have the necessary documentation in hand before contact Call Metro PCS Customer Service. These documents may include contracts, billing statements, and communications between you and Metro PCS about your problem.

If you need technical support for your device, try calling from a different computer or phone so that you can follow the troubleshooting steps provided by the customer service representative.

Either take notes on a paper or record the phone call for further communications purposes.

Common Services and Product related issue solved by Metro PCS Customer Service Number

Metro PCS is a leading prepaid mobile service provider that serves millions of customers with their services and products. Generally, products and services of Metro PCS receive a good response from consumers. However, it’s also very common for customers, at some point, to experience some issues which make them seek assistance from a live representative.

Here are some of the most common product or services related issues solved by Metro PCS Customer Service Phone Number:

No Data or frequently network crashes Unable to Connect to Hotspot Want to reactivate a service Online Account management Questions about AutoPay Facing Issue with a Signal Booster
Facing issue while connecting to the Internet Can’t Receive or Send SMS While Roaming in Mexico Lost or Stolen Phone Need assistance for changing the password and account information Pay Multiple Months in Advance Unable to register for Signal Booster
Facing Slow Data Can’t Receive or Make Calls While Roaming in Mexico Want to Cancel a Service Questions about service plan Decline Payment Facing issues with SIM network
Can’t Receive or Send MMS Facing Issues With Smartphone Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Etc. Questions about BYOD-Bring your own device Want to change current plan Making Payments one a Metro by T-Mobile Family Plan Help with Number Partiality
Can’t Receive or Send SMS Receiving No Service Facing issues while updating E911 Address Upgrading the phone Unable to keep an account active Unable to Activate a New Phone
Can’t Receive or Make Calls Quality of WI-FI calling Questions about Carrier and Software Updates Unable to track Shipping from Metro PCS Tracking the order Need assistance for issues related to MetroWeb and MetroZone
What is Return policy Return a purchase Question about Warranty policy Questions about Purchases and Activation Web Access Issue from APN Address Need assistance for issues related to data maximizer, hotspot, music unlimited and Wi-Fi calling
Inquiries about plans for different phones Family Plans Issues Facing trouble with high-speed data plans Want to add more high-speed data Unable to change the plan Want to add services in active plan

Why do consumers Contact Metro PCS Customer Service?

“I’ve noticed that I’m not getting internet connection and also the phone is so much slower then it used to be I don’t know if it’s because I think it’s T moble, Metro but I’ve been having a lot of problems with calls being dropped phone not working”

“More often than not, my Ring Camera doesn’t pick up enough of the images. If seems to start recording late and then stop early. And at this very moment, I am getting an error message stating that the program is taking longer than expected. I am working on it now. Also, I would like to know the requi…”

Hello, I want to confirm that my bill payment is due or not, I paid my last phone bill late…………

I want to disconnect a line, I no longer need this number………..

My phone is not working I want to speak to someone………….

I want to activate an old phone……………

‘I’m trying to add service line, but even after lots of attempt in facing compatibility issue……

I want to file a report about a fraud, someone changes my plan without concern and the bill is higher than usual…..

Someone is messing with my account, I remember that I didn’t make any changes this or previous month but my service planed is changed, I don’t know how…….

I want to add a line in my current plan

I don’t know how but my device protection is canceled even the amount is already deducted……….

Someone active a service name ‘device protection’ or something on my account without my concern……….

I would like a request for an extension for my phone bill due to Covid 19 situation……………………

Hello there, I’m facing an issue with my messages and phone calls going to the wrong person………

What Issues can be solved through Metro PCS Customer Service Phone Number?

People Contact Metro PCS Customer Service to get solutions for their issues related to various categories. The representative of Metro PCS customer service can professionally and efficiently solve different types of problems, including:

  • Account setup
  • Changes and cancelations
  • Technical support
  • Billing inquires
  • Requests for information about the features
  • Information about the perks you will receive with your plan

What Issues can’t be solved through Metro PCS Customer Service Number?

The agents of Metro PCS Customer Support are able to resolve most issues, but for some problems, you might need a different approach. If you are facing problems using a third-party financial product like a debit card or e-wallets service, with your product or service of Metro PCS, the representative of customer service may not be able to provide you a solution for your issue.

Another common problem that can’t be solved through phone-based support is an incompatibility between Metro PCS service and your device. A customer service representative may be able to provide information about a workaround but ultimately you need to contact the other party because a third-party incompatibility is not the responsibility of Metro PCS to resolve, as per their terms and conditions.

What to do if I’m unhappy with the solution provided by customer support?

If you are not happy with the solution or communication happened between you and the representative of customer service or want a better solution. You can try other options as well.

Follow these simple steps to get better solutions for your issue:

  • First, check the notes you took during the first call or listen to the call recording. You may find some areas of misunderstanding or miscommunication. This information can also help you out during your second call.
  • Call Metro PCS Customer Service again- It can be possible that the next agent you speak with during the second call may have better training or experience than the first agent. He or she may be able to understand your problem properly and provide you a better solution.
  • If the second call doesn’t work for you, try other methods to get in touch with customer support. One option is to use an online support ticket or sends a message directly through the social media platform.
  • Visit a Metro PCS store near you. A store manager or clerk may provide you a better solution for your issue.

Important Details of Metro PCS Customer Service

Phone Number 1-888-863-8768 Please note- Metro PCS has different Phone Number for Different Issues, so check the number before dialing
Department Customer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers Mon-Sat 9am-7pm EST
Is Call back Available Yes
Is real Human Support Available Yes
Best Time to Call 9:05 AM
Alternative Methods to Contact Phone, Web, Facebook, Twitter
Website –
Fb –
Twitter –
Connect with Customer Support Directly, if you are using Metro PCS mobile Dial *611 for customer service Dial *99 to pay bill
Communication Quality 69%
Help Quality 57%

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