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Roku is an American publicly traded company that manufactures a variety of digital media players for video streaming

Contact Roku Customer Service – Get Hassle-Free Customer Support

Roku is a hardware digital media player manufactured to stream media content of various online portals. Roku is specially designed by the American company Roku, Inc. to make it easier for the viewers to watch their favorite TV shows, channels, and movies. You can set up a Roku device and easily access various online streaming portals at an affordable rate. Roku is offering services with the concept of low-cost video services. You can also seek more information and assistance through Roku Customer Service.

Customers can easily buy the Roku device, set it up, and access multiple comprehensive online video services at ease. It has collaboration with Netflix, Disney, Prime Video, and many other top 100 channels. Roku was released in 2008 as small-form setup boxes for the leading media expenditures. You can conveniently reach out to Roku customer service support if they have trouble using the device or any other issue. From here, you can know more about the customer support services and genuine contact details to contact Roku.

Common Problems for Which Customers Contact Roku Customer Service

Roku has launched various models in around nine generations. You can buy any of the available models online or offline at the store. Commonly, customers have queries and want to contact Roku to seek help from the experts. For such cases, Roku provides hassle-free customer care service to resolve their concerns without any hurdle. Here are some of the common issues of Roku that are usually faced by the customer and for which they call Roku Customer Service:

  • How can I create and add my Roku account?
  • How can I update my payment methods through my account?
  • Why am I not able to access the Roku channels?
  • How do I set up my Roku TV and stream bar?
  • What to do to activate my Roku streaming device?
  • How do I set up the wireless device, and how to manage its password?
  • Can I secure my Roku account details?
  • What to do if my Roku TV is not working correctly?
  • How do I use Roku TV to stream my favorite channels?
  • What to do to find free movies and shows?
  • Do I need to connect with my home internet or hotspot to access videos?

Products and Services Offered at the Roku Customer Service Helpdesk

Roku provides different stocks in different models for the customers. All the products are perfectly designed to stream online videos quickly. The products are low-cost and straightforward to set up. If you are looking for help related to any of the products, you can reach out to customer support for genuine help and assistance. Here are the products and services you can get at the Roku customer service helpdesk:

Products Services
Roku TV know how to buy Roku TV, learn how to set up and use, access channels and online videos, connect with Alexa, Hey Google or Siri, unable to activate the device, internet connecting issues, resolve other queries, get help in choosing a perfect plan
Roku Player Know how to buy, set – up, how to use, access & connect, how to create and add an account, troubleshoot issues, resolve billing and Payment issues, connect voice control with remote, upgrade your player, know how to enable HDMI, how to stream videos and your favorite channels
Roku Accessories Know how to buy accessories, how to order online, get discounts and coupons, know payment methods, track your order, cancel and request for a refund, compare the best devices

Why Customers Call Roku Customer Service?

It is evident customers try calling customer support first, then seeking help online or through different ways. Calling support has always been seen as more practical and accurate than the other mode. By calling on the customer support number, you can connect with an expert and resolve your concerns at ease. Here are the reasons through which you can understand why customers call Roku customer service:

If you want to create and add the Roku account, then you need to sign up on the official website or through the mobile app.

If you want to update your payment methods through your account, you can contact customer support to update it.

Customers, who cannot access the Roku channels or face any issue related to video streaming, can also report such matters at the helpdesk.

If you want to set up your Roku TV and stream bar, you can seek help from the help desk experts.

To activate my Roku streaming device, you need to visit the official website. You can also call on Roku customer service phone number to know how to start your Roku device.

Online at the website or on the mobile app, you know how to set up the wireless device. You can also manage your account password and username.

You can also secure your account details by contacting customer support.

In case your Roku TV is not working correctly or you can facing issues while connecting, then in such case, you can contact techs at the helpdesk. You can report the problems and get your issues resolved.

What Issues Can Be Resolved by Calling on Roku Customer Service Phone Number?

Customers can resolve many issues and inquiries conveniently by calling on the customer support number. The customer representative at the helpdesk are helpful and dedicated to providing satisfying services. You can reach out to them and get your issues resolved. Hence before calling, you much check what issues you can determine by calling on Roku customer service number:

  • Resolve issues related to buying or activating the device
  • Know how to manage your account details
  • Upgrade your payment methods
  • Resolve your billing or payment issues
  • Report any technical issue
  • Request for cancellation of the account
  • Facing issues while log-in or accessing player
  • Request to upgrade your plan.
  • Claim your refund after cancellation
  • Unable to activate the device
  • Report connecting issues
  • Know how to stream videos

Customers can have hundreds of queries related to products, services and access the videos. You can conveniently call on the phone number and resolve your questions without any hitch. Customers can call on during the calling hours and directly connect with a well-trained customer representative.

What Issues Cannot Be Resolved by Calling on Roku Customer Service Phone Number?

There are some issues that cannot be handled by customer support on the call. Roku receives and resolved millions of customers’ problems every year. But you may find some issues that the customer representative of Roku cannot fix over the call.

If you have to buy any product, you need to visit the official website or the store. You cannot purchase any products and accessories over the call.

Roku TV, videos, and channels work on your home network and the internet. In case there is an issue with your internet, you need to call your internet service provider. Roku customer service cannot help you in resolving your internet issues.

Ways to Connect with Roku Customer Service Experts

1- Toll-free number

2- Email

3- Social Media Platforms

4- Live Chat

5- Online Support via official website

What To Do If You Are Not Satisfied With Roku Customer Service?

Roku is one of the famous digital media streaming company. It is offering services for more than 12 years. It is evident Roku receives thousands of calls and requests daily for help and support. Thus, in some cases, customers can satisfy services, whereas sometimes they don’t. In case you do not get assistance up to the mark, you can try the given below methods to resolve your concerns.

Try Calling Again – Sometimes, customers do not get satisfying services from a customer representative. We all know customer representatives are well -trained and experiences. Their training and experience can make a massive difference in providing the service. So, if you are not happy with any rep, you can try contacting another agent without any hesitation.

Live Chat – You also connect through the live chat option provided on the official website and mobile app. Through live chat, you can get instant replies and solutions to your queries.

Online help Support – On the official website, you can also get the self-service tool to conveniently resolve your queries. You can search for questions from the help tool and find answers to your queries efficiently.

Through Email – Another most efficient way to connect with the customer service department is through email. You can send your queries, complaints, request, or feedback through email. The team will respond to your questions within 24 hours to resolve your concerns. It is not a fast process, but you can determine your issues with the expert.

Through Social Media – If you are socially active, then you don’t need to worry. You can also connect through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can send a request through a direct message, and the team of Roku will reply to your concerns as soon as possible.

What channels do you get for free with Roku?

  • Nosey
  • PBS & PBS Kids
  • Crunchyroll
  • The CW
  • Vevo
  • Newsy
  • TED
  • Comet TV
  • CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live
  • Popcornflix
  • Cooking Guide TV
  • Stirr
  • NewsON
  • Fawesome
  • Xumo
  • Crackle
  • Tubi
  • Pluto TV
  • The Roku Channel

Important Contact Details of Roku Customer Service

Official Website
Phone Number +44 203 684 1123
Official Email ID
Department Customer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers Mon-Sat 8 am-8 pm PST
Is Call back Available Yes
Is real Human Support Available Yes
Best Time to Call 8:15 PM
Alternative Methods to Contact Phone, Web, Social Media, Email, Live Chat
Twitter –
Fb –
Communication Quality 51%
Help Quality 74%

Comparison of Roku Customer Service Contact Details

If you are looking for a convenient and quick way to reach out to customer support, you should check the comparison. Roku provides customer support through call, email, live chat, and online. You can choose the fastest service according to you to resolve your issues at best. Here is a detailed comparison of the ways to contact Roku customer service:

 Way of contact Wait Time
Calling Customer Service 10 Mins
Live Chat 3 Mins
Email Support Less than 24 hours
Online Help < 3 hours

Call Roku Customer Service – Conclusion

If you need instant and genuine help, you should give a call on the customer care number. You need to wait or hold long hours to connect with a customer rep. You can conveniently talk to the representative and resolve your issues at ease. The customer service of Roku gets mixed reviews. Some people get assistance up to the mark, whereas some give negative audits on customer service. You can choose alternative methods to resolve your concerns decisively.

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