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Looking for a faster way to connect with a live person of Ring Customer Service? RepInASec offers tips, shortcuts, and detailed information about the customer support of major companies like Ring to help consumers like you to get the assistance of a live person easily. Here, you will come across everything important related to Ring Customer Service, from the best number to call to common queries to different methods to contact support.

Why do people call Ring Customer Service?

Ring LLC is a smart home and home company organization owned by Amazon. The ring produces smart home security services and products that work with outside motion-detecting cameras as well as a ring video doorbell. The company operates an app called Neighbors for online social sharing of recorded video among users. The ring also shares its data from its app and video footage from the camera with law enforcement agencies whenever request. As a growing company with a constantly increasing demand for its products, Ring receives many customer queries calls every single day.

Common Customer Queries

Product ordering and questionsIs Ring Stick up Cam Battery weather-proof?
Checking status updates on ordersWhat Wi-Fi networks are compatible for Ring Stick Up Cam Battery?
Assistance with InstallationWhat internet speed is recommended for the Ring devices?
Troubleshooting and Technical supportDo the ring devices use data all the time or just when they are activated?
Subscription cancelations and changesDo ring devices store footage for later review?
Billing inquiries and questionsWhere should I install Ring Stick Up Cam?
What are the specs of the Ring devices?How to change the batter for my ring devices?
Can I use ring device for inside purposes?Where to order the battery for my ring devices?
What is the refund policy of Ring Company?Do Ring devices and batteries have a warranty?
What to do If someone steals my Ring device?How to find a battery for my ring devices?

Services related Customer Queries

Ring LLC is famous home security and smart home manufactures owned by Amazon. Founded in 2012, Ring creates various home security products and services that work with motion-detecting cameras such as Ring Video Doorbell. The products and services of Ring are used by millions of users worldwide, so it’s quite common for the customer to have queries.

Commonly, people contact Ring Customer service to get assistance, information, or solution for queries related to these products of Ring:

Ring Video DoorbellRing Peephole CamRing Stick Up Cam Battery
Ring Video Doorbell 2Ring Video Doorbell ProRing Floodlight Cam
Ring Video Doorbell 3Ring Video Doorbell EliteRing Spotlight Cam
Ring Video Doorbell 3 PlusRing Stick up Cam WiredRing Chime
Ring Chime ProNeighbor AppVideo Service and Protection Plans

Recent Reasons why people called Ring Customer Service Number

  • I just signed up with a premium plan effective for few days but facing an issue after …………….
  • My rind does not work properly for a couple of days. I paid for the service on time. I…………..
  • The lights keep flashing on the floodlight camera even when there is no motion is detected on and off…………
  • I want to delete the ring account. Has not used the service for almost a year.
  • The doorbell is not working properly. It is getting power issue. I had an electrician to check it out…………………
  • The doorbell is not syncing with my account. When I scan it to complete set up it states…………..
  • I am changing my home and need to cancel my ring service…………..
  • After setting a new wi-fi router, my ring is not connecting and the video not streaming…….
  • How do I ask who is at the door?

Tips to get the best results from Ring Customer Service

To get a quick and efficient solution from Ring Customer service, you can try the following simple tips:

Ring offers round the clock Phone-based support. You can call Ring Customer service anytime for assistance. Live Chat service is available from 5 AM to 9 PM Pacific Time.

Gather all relevant documents before calling customer support to avoid any hassle during the call. Documentation may include order confirmation, tracking numbers, screenshots, the model number of the product, or billing statements.

If your issue is related to a product, make sure to stay near the device so that you can easily follow the troubleshooting steps along with the agent when you connect.

Keep a pen and paper near you to take notes during the call. These notes can be very helpful during the next step of communication or escalate your case when required.

The best Ring Customer Service Number to Dial

In total, Ring customer service offers multiple phone number, for instance, the company has separate numbers for different nations. People dial 800-656-1918, the only number of Rings for the customer within the United States, to get the solution to common customer problems to include Refund a Charge, Return an Order, Installation Help, Device Support, Account Access, and other customer service issues.

Tips to Navigate phone maze to connect with a human

If you need help, live chat is the fastest option for each customer support. Just visit the official website, scroll down at the bottom, and click on contact us. Select Live Chat Support.

Phone Number- North America (United States)

Within the United States-1-888-898-4591

Below are steps to connect with a live agent of Ring Customer Service on the phone:

  • Dial 1-888-898-4591
  • Press 1 for English (Non-English Support is also available)
  • Stay on the line, select numbers if required
  • The phone system will connect you to a free customer service representative from Ring

Voice Main Menu of Ring Customer Service

  • Press 1- if need assistance to decide which product or service will suit you best
  • Press 2- If you need information about Ring video recording service or protection plans
  • Press 3- If you want help troubleshooting a Ring device or installing your device for the first time
  • Press 4- To get information about the order status of your Ring products
  • Press 5- for billing information
  • Press 9- To repeat the menu again

Alternate Ways to get solutions

Besides phone-based support, there are other methods offers by Ring Customer Service for consumers to resolve their issues.

Ring Support Community

You can find answers to all the most common questions asked by consumers or ask a question or write the answer in Ring Support Community. You can also submit feature requests to improve the performance of Ring services and products. Community Support is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Ring support email

Ring doesn’t have any email customer support. You can contact their customer service through other methods.

Ring Live Chat Support

If you need quick assistance or can’t find answers through community forum or by searching on the knowledge base, get help through the live chat option.

Below are steps to connect Ring customer support through chat:

  • Type Ring support page in your browser or click on “Contact US” located at the bottom of the official website.
  • Click on the Live Chat icon
  • Now type you question
  • Click on “No show me more”
  • Click on “CONTACT SUPPORT”
  • Click on “CHAT NOW”
  • Click on “LAUNCH CHAT”

Ring Help Page

You can find more details about Ring customer service on its support page.

What types of issues can Ring Customer Service Phone Number Resolve?

You can contact a customer service representative to get solutions for various common issues. These issues include:

  • Answer product questions
  • Provide troubleshooting
  • Technical support services
  • Make changes in services and plans
  • Handle billing issues

What types of issues can’t Ring Customer Service Phone Number Resolve?

As is most happen with similar devices, there is a chance that your product is incompatible with your mobile device, PC, laptop, or other electronics that you want to sync with them.  If you are facing a similar type of issue, your agent may only provide you a workaround but not a complete solution for such incompatibilities issues. You may use different devices, electronics with the ring system, or may need to return the product.

What to do if you are not happy with your call?

If your conversation with the representative didn’t go well as you expected or the solution you got is not what you wanted, you can try other options.

First, go through your notes from the original call and identify the point of any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Understanding the situation and reasons for miscommunication or misunderstanding can help you to keep on track during your next call to customer service.

Contact Ring Customer Service again. During your second call politely explain your situation and describe how your first call went wrong. The new person that you connect with may have more experience or training that might be able to better understand you and resolve your issue.

If phone-based support unable to provide you a solution, try other methods to contact Ring Customer service agent. You can use the live chat feature which is available from 5 AM to 9 PM Pacific time. The advantage of a live chat is that you will get a transcript of your communication that can be helpful to escalate your case if required.

You can also try the Ring community support forum where you will connect with specialists and experienced users who might be able to suggest a solution or solve your question.

Important Details of Ring Customer Service

Phone Number800-656-1918
DepartmentClaims Department
Working Hours of Call Centers24 hours, 7 days
Is Call back AvailableNo
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Best Time to Call10:30 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Web, Live Chat
Navigate phone maze to a humanDirect to human
Communication Quality91 %
Help Quality75 %
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