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Staples operates a retail store for all kinds of equipment required for official use. Serving a large number of offices, also bring lots of questions and queries. Staples Customer Service works in eliminating all the problems faced by its customers. You may call or message to connect with customer service for support and help. Any problem regarding any delivery or product, feel free to contact and report it. Your calls for feedback and suggestions are also equally welcomed by the team. 

Common Problems that customers report

Since its establishment, it has been operating to satisfy its customers to the core. Personalized goods to great prices are offered by Staples. However, customers are calling for various reasons. You may call Staples Customer Service Number at any time. Some of the common reasons to call the customer service are-

  • To customize the product.
  • Delivery inquiries.
  • Re-order the same goods.
  • Problems related to the delivery of the item.
  • To change the delivery address.

Avail Services from Staples Customer Service

The customer service is very cautious in approaching all its customers. It makes sure to meet the needs of its customers. Though if you are still confused, to better about the services, call Staples Customer Service Number at the earliest-

 Technical SupportResolve all your technical issues by calling customer service. Customers call, with simple problems of not being able to access the site, which is common due to heavy rush or low internet accessibility. These problems will resolve on their own within few minutes. Any other technical issues that you may face while making an account with Staples, feel free to contact customer service for help.
Payment IssuesSome customers report that the amount has been deducted from their account, but the order is not confirmed. If the amount is deducted and the order is not placed, the amount will revert. You may have to wait for 2-3 working days minimum. But if you face issues with your online payments by Credit/ Debit Card, feel free to contact Staples Customer Service Number. They will provide you with the best solutions.
SupportAvail support from the customer service team. If you have make any changes in the existing order or have to report any damage or incorrect delivery you may contact customer service. They will immediately act upon it and rectify or make the required changes. The sooner you contact the easier it is to make the changes. Hence. Do connect at the earliest.
InformationYou may get hold of only accurate and authentic information from here. Any information on products, offers, sales, or discounts is available from here. Therefore, call Staples Customer Service Phone Number and get them.

How to report an issue with Staples Customer Service?

People always think looking for answers will find them the answer. Yes, they will, but you can save time by reporting them and letting the customer service do that work for you. Just raise your query and wait for the customer service to find you a suitable solution. You do not have to worry once you report them. And this is how you can do it-

  • Call Staples Customer Service Phone Number

Conveniently, call customer service from your office or home. The customer service will note your issues and produce you with a complaint number. You may refer to this number in case you want to contact again. This will help the customer service to find your query fast and help you find better solutions. 

  • Report through Live Chat 

You may also live chat with the agent of customer service. The agent will attend to your query and try to troubleshoot the matter. If not, he may provide you with a systematic procedure to proceed further. It is a very effective and easy way to file a report with customer service. 

  • Report through Twitter

Customers also choose to report their issues through social media platforms. You may report through Twitter. Staples is active in attending to the issues raised on Twitter by its customers. Therefore, you may try is to contact Staples Customer Service. 

Issues that Customer Service cannot resolve

Undoubtedly, it is always best to contact customer service for all issues. Customer service is capable of handling all problems such as customize orders, changes in order, delivery queries, and many more. However, still there are some limits to it. They may not be able to help you with few issues. You may have to find a more direct way to approach to find a favorable solution.

  • Time is taken for the delivery of items on the quantity or size of the product. And the customer service cannot hurry or slow the process. It can make a change with the delivery address or a number of the same items only.
  • For cash payments, you may consider visiting the stores. Online payments are only accepted through the online process.
  • For any item that is incompatible with the existing items in your place, the customer service may be able to provide a workaround or other options. But cannot directly help you with the matter. 

Therefore, the customer service expects some cooperation from your end as well. The customer service will do its best to meet you, but sometimes it requires two ends to walk together to achieve a goal.

Different ways to reach Staples Customer Service

If you still have a question on how to reach customer service. The answer to this would be that there are many platforms. You may call, message, or tweet about your queries. Customer service is proactively available on these platforms. You may contact at any time to avail of the services. This is how you can connect-

  • Call Staples Customer Service Phone Number

Comfortably call customer service during working hours and get instant response. Usually, customers get through easily with customer service. Just dial the number and connect with the agent of the customer service. The agents are well-trained to tackle any queries by the customers. Without a doubt, you will resolve your issues, if you get through. Kindly take note of the phone number from down below.

  • Contact through Live Chat

Most customers find it easy and convenient to live chat with a real person through this facility. You may chat as long as you are not satisfied with the response. The customer service agent will be with you on chat until you end the conversation with a solution. Also, make sure you get in touch during working hours, or you may be stranded without a response and be disappointed. 

  • Contact through Twitter

Twitter is a growing platform of social media. Customers are welcomed to connect through this to reach the customer service. You may simply tweet about your issues and post it tagging the official Twitter handle of staples. The customer service will respond to you within 3 hours of the tweet. You will be surprised, very satisfied with the response. 

  • Visit the Web Portal

Go through the website of staples. The site is easily accessible and well descriptive. You can find all that you may be asking for easily. The pages contain details on all the procedures. Visit these pages and find your answers.   

What can you do if the Customer Service support was unsatisfying?

Customer service makes special efforts to meet the needs of each customer. After all, they are humans too, and humans tend to make mistakes or face misunderstanding. Hence, as a result, you may face dissatisfaction. Customer service can still help you with better solutions. You should not worry and try to find better options for solutions. But before you proceed, take some time to think about the previous call, and make notes on the reasons behind the failure. It will only help you in the future. 

  • Call back with customer service all over again. Kindly note every time you call you will connect with different agents. And all agents are trained but possess different levels of understanding. Hence, there are high possibilities to get better solutions.
  • You can always call back unlimitedly. The customer service is bound to attend to each of your calls and help you with a solution. Ask for any senior advisor if necessary.
  • Contact Staples Customer Service through Live Chat. It is unbelievable a very effective way to communicate with customer service. Most customers find their solutions. A lot of customers prefer this method to find solutions.
  • Also, you may opt to find solutions through the website. Scroll through the pages, reading them and looking for relevant information.
  • If nothing works out, you may go public and tweet about your matters on Twitter. It will make more pressure on the customer service and help you with solutions.
  • Finally, write a postal letter to the Head office elaborately stating your issues and failed attempts to find a solution. In the end, you will surely find a solution. 

Hence, do not lose hope. Try to connect with Staples Customer Service and find all that you are looking for. Simple and easy way to find all answers. Indeed, the best way to get solutions for all issues. 

Contact Information

Phone Number800-333-3330.
Working HoursSunday- Saturday 8:00 am-11:00 pm EST.
Best time to Call3:45 pm.
Do you speak with an agent?Yes.
Is Call Back Available?No.
Alternate ContactPhone, Chat, Twitter.
Live Chat
Working HoursMonday-Friday 5:00 am-5:00 pm PST.
Twitter Handle@Staples
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