How to use Uber credits while Booking my Uber Cab?

We don’t know anyone who does not use Uber. So much so that it has become a verb now.Gone are days when people would consult taxi services for a trip or would stand in a queue waiting for their order at a restaurant. Uber has shrunk all of those needs into an app. But what about the Uber credits received or earned? This blog will cover everything you need to know about credit and how Uber Customer Service Number can help you with that.

First of all, what is Uber Credit?

With various features and a plethora of advantages, Uber has its own form of monetary balance known as Uber Credits. The credits are added to your Uber account for future use.

Uber Credits can be earned through referrals, received as a gift. In some cases, Uber transfers these directly into your account as a bonus or as compensation.

Uber Credits also go by the term, Uber Cash so does not get confused as we will keep switching between these two terms.

Uber Credits can be used for rides and for ordering food via Uber Eats.

I would advise contacting Uber Customer Service Phone Number to understand terms and conditions.

 How can you use your Uber Cash/Credit for rides and food?

Using Uber Credits is a simple process and only takes seconds to complete.

Step by step process to use Uber Credits for rides

  • Open the app and order the ride as you would usually do.
  • When the car selection option will be displayed on the screen, (if you have Uber Credits), Uber Cash will appear next to your balance.
  • Choose Uber Cash as your preferred payment method and you are good to go.

Step by Step process to use Uber Credit for Uber Eats

Similar to the one mentioned above, just place your order as you normally do.

  • On the Review and Pay screen, you would see a current payment method.
  • Use the credits as your payment option. Go back to Review and Pay Screen to check. Click on “Place Order”. And your order is placed.
  • Although it’s an easy process, it doesn’t mean you cannot take extra help from a company representative by dialing Uber Customer Service Number.

Things you should know about Uber Credits

Uber Credits/Cash are usually applied automatically during check out.

The user can see a green tick next to the credits while placing an order. Toggle it to the left to turn it green (if it isn’t already green).

You can check your credit on your account. Just go to your profile and tap on “Wallet”.

These credits do not expire and can neither be transferred to another account.

You can earn Uber Credits by referring them to your friends. You will automatically receive Uber Cash when they will use your personal invite code.

 Dial Uber Customer Service Number to receive guidance.

It is a breeze to use and earn Uber Credits/Cash. However, sometimes you face an issue either with selecting a payment method or using a referral code. To combat such circumstances the company has created a great team of skilled and trained individuals to help you.

Reach out to them by calling on Uber Customer Service Number and get your issues resolved. You can even ask them about the different features and services of Uber Cash. The number is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hope you find this blog helpful. Let us know what you think about it by writing to us.