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Artificial intelligence is gradually taking over customer service to both augment and replace human agents. Things are becoming automated and difficult to reach a live agent. Companies are using new tactics to improve customer experience (in their opinion) and reducing the costs of human customer service. While the technology is successfully handling very simple customer requests, but the technology is not yet perfect to handle all human tasks. Some customer requests require the assistance of a human representative but reaching them it’s become quite frustrating due to numerous automated voice menus and long waiting on hold. Whether you are talking about a credit company or airline such as Frontier Airline, you need to wait to connect with their customer service executive. 

Frontier Airlines Customer Service and waiting– Frontier airline is one of the biggest commercial airlines in the United States that carries millions of travelers every year. With a huge presence in the aviation industry, it isn’t unexpected that Frontier Customer Service receives lots of requests and inquiries from the customer. So, if you want to connect with a live representative, you need to be patience and ready to wait on hold for several minutes, when required.

Is there a simple way to reach a live agent? With the best tips, accurate knowledge, and tolls of RepInASec , you can reach call centers faster. Here, you will find all details of Frontier Airlines Customer Service including the best number to call, alternative methods of contact, common issues solved by phone-based support, which issues require a different approach, comparison of contact information, and more. 

Why Do Consumers Contact Frontier Airlines Customer Service?

Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier that operates flights to over 100 destinations throughout the United States and 30 international destinations. Based in Denver, Colorado, Frontier is the 8th largest commercial carrier in the United States. With a customer base of over 20 million, ist quite common for the airline to receives lots of consumer’s queries every single day.

These following are the common reasons that consumers call Frontier Airlines Customer Service:

  • Questions about flights schedules
  • Purchasing flight tickets
  • Changing a reservation
  • Canceling a flight booking
  • Request for discount travel rates for group reservations
  • Questions about flight delays
  • Information about anticipated arrival times
  • Inquiries about Frontier Miles – frequent flyer program of the airline
  • To know about the status of the refund

Common Consumers Questions Solved by Frequent Flyer Customer Service

Frontier Airlines offer scheduled flight services to over 100 destinations throughout the United States and 30 international destinations. So, when thousands of travelers fly at the same time every day, it’s common for the airline receives lots of queries every day. 

These are common questions asked by the consumers:

What is the charge for bags?How to use an e-ticket or flight credit?How long I have to wait to receive a booking confirmation?Can I use my ticket for later use?
Do I need to pay to for carry-on bag?What is the process of booking Group Travel?What is Flight Flexibility?Can I change the name of passengers on the ticket?
Do I need to buy a seat assignment?Does the airline offer gift cards?How to get a receipt of my purchase, if possible?How much frontier charge to cancel a reservation?
Does Frontier offer discounts or discounts?What method of payment does Frontier Airlines accept?How to get and print my boarding pass?What if I need to change my plans?
Which service is included in the fare?What is process of check-in for group reservation?How to get the confirmation code again?Can I bring a stroller onboard?
How to use a Voucher or ETC?Can the website use to check-in if I need to check bags?How to check if the route I want to fly runs seasonally?Does frontier charge for bring a stroller?
Which service is not included in the fare?What times does u need to remember to ensure I make my flight on time?What features WORKS fare include?Does the airline allow car seat onboard?
Where to find the history of refunds, credit card charges, and payments?How to cancel a reservation?What features the PERKS fare include?Do Frontier Airlines allow pets on the aircraft?
Are wheelchairs available at the airport?Does Frontier Airlines allow unaccompanied minors?Can I bring oxygen on the aircraft?May I bring medical devices or medicine on the aircraft?
May I bring an emotional support animal or a service animal with me on the aircraft?Do I need to buy a seat assignment?What are the weight and size limits for baggage?Can I bring a musical instrument with me?

Things you should to know before Calling Frontier Airlines Customer Service Number

These tips can help you to get help from phone-based customer support of Frontier Airlines more professionally and quickly:

  • Gather all relevant documentation in front of you before you contact Frontier Customer Service. These documents may include billing statements, confirmation numbers, boarding passes, and flight confirmations. If you are a member of Frontier Miles keep the membership number handy.
  • Check the number that you are calling the right department. Like many other carriers, Frontier Airlines has a different customer service phone number for different departments. Visit the website of Frontier for a full list of departments and numbers.
  • Phone-based support is not available for inquiries about lost luggage and items. Use the online form available on the website to submit a lost item or luggage request.
  • Don’t forget to take notes during your call or record the call. These notes can be very useful for further assistance.

Recent reasons people contact Frontier Airlines Customer Service

  • Do I need to carry a real id to fly on a Frontier flight from NYC to LA?
  • Do you accept the rapid covid-19 test?
  • I need to cancel a flight due to the Covid pandemic.
  • My account is locked, how I go about getting my account unlocked.
  • Having issue checking a baggage
  • Facing issues with the frequent flyer points.
  • Things are stolen from my bag

What kind of issues can be solved through Frontier Airlines Customer Service Phone Number?

Consumers can call Frontier Airlines Customer Service to get efficient solutions for various typical issues. These situations include change or cancel flights, book a flight, track flight delays, flight arrival times, and information about airline policies. In some particular situations where a traveler has special requests, such as booking for a special diet, seat selection, or assistance for a passenger with special needs, customer service can often help.

What kind of issues can’t be solved through Frontier Customer Service Phone Number?

If you have any issues related to the airport, contact the airport authority, not Frontier airlines. For instance, if you have any questions about the security of the airport, or have lost an item at the airport, you will need to directly contact the airport authority or help desk to get a solution.

Comparison of Frontier Airlines Contact Information

Below are top methods to contact Frontier Customer Service, including live chat and top phone numbers options. Below you can compare all the methods of Frontier Airlines by looking at which ones are the fastest. You can connect with Frontier Airlines Customer Service through the following mediums: Web, Phone, and Twitter.

New Reservations- 844-202-5434< 1 min
Customer Service- 801-401-900038 mins
Group Travel Customer Service- 888-601-429621 mins
Corporate Offices- 800-265-550585 mins
International Customer Service- 303-371-700012 Mins
Online HelpWithin 38 hours
Twitter23 Mins

What to do if you are not happy with the call with Frontier Airlines?

If you are not happy with the solution provided by the representative of Frontier Airlines Customer Support, don’t give up. You can try other options to get solutions.

First, go through the notes that you took during the first call. You may be able to find the area of miscommunication that affects your conversation with the agent. This information can help you to keep on track when you contact Frontier customer service again.

Next, call Frontier back. Keep in mind that different customer service representatives have different levels of experience and training. So, there are higher chances that the next person might be better prepared to provide you a better solution.

Online Form– If your issue is not resolved by phone; consider getting in touch with the customer service of Frontier using a different approach. You may need to fill out an online form on the website.

Social Media- You can use the social media accounts of Frontier Airlines to connect with a representative.

Third-party booking source- If you have booked flight tickets through a travel agent or third-party website, contact them to solve your problem. This method doesn’t always work, but if you have selected a big travel agency that uses Frontier on regular basis, the airline may be more responsive to them.

Important Details of Frontier Airlines Customer Service

Phone Number844-202-5434 (Note- the airline has different number for different departments)
DepartmentNew Reservation
Working Hours of Call CentersMon-Fri 7am-7:30pm EST
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Best Time to Call10:35 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Web, Twitter
Website –
Twitter –
Navigate phone maze to a live person supportPress 1
Communication Quality79%
Help Quality88%
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