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Welcome to RepInASec! We operate RepInASec websites to provide you with the quick and genuine contact support numbers of the various companies. Every time a customer visit or use highlights of the services, they are consent to be limited by these Terms and conditions just as the consolidated Privacy Policy. The Terms of our website layout the privileges, commitments, and limitations concerning your utilization of the Service and it would be more ideal if the customers read them carefully. On the off chance, if you don’t agree to be limited by the Terms and conditions, then you should not be able to make utilization of the Service right away. 

Our Terms and conditions may change from time to time and every adjustment will be compelling when it is posted on the Service. You consent to be restricted to any progressions to the Terms through your proceeded with utilization of the Service. The Service comprises of stages intended to encourage regular client care encounters. Basically, we gather information on client assistance encounters overall enterprises, compose that information, and convey it to our clients and guests to our Service. Customers who are using our services must be of adequate lawful age to enter into restricting agreements and have full force and power to consent to these Terms.

Contributing Stuff

A customer can visit and run fundamental inquiries on our service without enlisting yourself. For various services, you don’t have to enroll your personal details to see data, content, visuals, or any posts made by us or by different clients or any third party. But to ask your inquiries, remarks, reactions, information, and different posts on our website you might need to get enrolled. For other things like associated trademarks and copyright works, you have to register with us. It would be ideal if you get more information about our Privacy Policy so that you can know more about how to enlist with us and how we secure your own data and other details. 

We give a valiant effort to tend the data what we get from others, However, we can’t guarantee that item or administration depictions or other stuff on our services are correct, complete, updated, reliable, or blunder free. On the off chance, if any customer is disappointed or left unsatisfied with our Service, you can email us at our official email address. Our utmost priority is to provide you the best service under all these Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy without any disappointment.

Your Personal Information

The customer who is agreeing to our services Terms of Use is liable for guaranteeing the personal information provided by them is correct and valid. Because the data provided by the customers at any time is cross-verified by us. Customers are also responsible for making a safe password and shielding it from unapproved access. You have to notify us in case your user identification proof, passwords, logins, or other distinguishing data have been lost, taken, or in any case undermined. You will be considered liable for any movement that happens under your user distinguishing proof.

You also acknowledge and agree that you are solely answerable for all harms or claims that may emerge from any admittance to or utilization of this Service by any individual to whom you have given your client distinguishing proof, secret word or other distinguishing data, or by any individual who has acquired such data from you, including, yet not restricted to, any admittance to or utilization of this Service that may happen after you have advised us that your client ID, password or other recognizing data has been lost, taken or in any case undermined.

Contributing Stuff

If and when you will contribute Stuff to our Service, you consent to the accompanying terms: 

  1. You won’t utilize the Service to mimic, misuse, harass, compromise, or threaten others.
  2. Your Stuff will be openly noticeable and visible throughout the service.

  • Your Stuff, including your public record data, for example, your showcase name, might be filed by third-party search engines, like, Google, which may not eliminate it promptly (or ever), regardless of whether it is taken out from the Service.
  • You will contribute precise data. We may eliminate (without notifying) whatever is wrong, hostile, disgusting, mistaken, offensive, or in any case unseemly. 
  • All substance posted on the Service must conform to every appropriate law (counting, without restriction, U.S. copyright law). You speak to and warrant that (I) you claim or in any case have all rights to utilize Your Stuff; (ii) You have the authorization to utilize the name and similarity of each recognizable distinct individual and to utilize such person’s distinguishing or individual data; (iii) you are approved to give the entirety of the rights depicted in these Terms; and (iv) the utilization of your Stuff as mulled over by these Terms won’t encroach or disregard any licensed innovation, security, exposure, contract or different privileges of any individual or element. On the off chance that you don’t reserve the privilege to submit Stuff for such use, it might expose you to risk.
  • You will be considered solely liable and subjected to Your Stuff and lead on the Service. We can’t be dependable or subject to any utilization of your Stuff by us as per these Terms. You speak to and warrant that you have all the rights, force, and authority important to allow the rights conceded thus to any Stuff that you submit. 
  •  Your Stuff might be adjusted or modified to meet the plans and technical necessities of the Service or for some other explanation. You are answerable for holding original copies of Your Stuff.

Your Stuff consistently has a place with you. You hold the copyright and some other rights you as of now hold in Your Stuff. However by transferring, posting, contributing, or in any case giving Your Stuff to us, you give us an around the world, non-restrictive, ceaseless, irreversible, sovereignty free, completely paid, sublicensable and adaptable permit to utilize, alter, imitate, appropriate, plan subordinate works of, show, perform, and in any case completely misuse Your Stuff regarding the Service and our (and our replacements’ and allots’) business, including without constraint for advancing and rearranging part or the entirety of the Services (and subsidiary works thereof) or the Service in any media designs, and through any media channels (counting, without impediment, outsider administrations). For transparency, the foregoing license grant doesn’t influence your other possession or permit rights in Your Stuff, including the option to allow extra licenses to the material in Your Stuff, except if in any case concurred recorded as a hard copy. We will urge any outsiders to whom we sublicense Your Stuff to ascribe you, notwithstanding us, however you recognize that this may not generally be conceivable relying upon the specific circumstance.

Removal of Your Stuff

If you want to unregister with us, you can unregister at any time by just emailing us at our official email address. After that, we will utilize economically reasonable endeavors to stop showing any of your public account information. Disabling your account anonymizes Your Stuff yet doesn’t naturally eliminate it. Since other RepInASec clients may have followed up on Your Stuff, you will most likely be unable to eliminate or alter your Stuff whenever you’ve contributed it to us, and we can’t ensure total suspension.

We maintain all authority to access your account or your stuff. We can recover any username made by our users in the interest of organizations or people that hold legal claim or trademark on that username. We additionally maintain all authority to recover any username that has been inactive for a half year or more, and your account might be disabled permanently because of the prolonged inactivity.

Guidelines, Rights, Remedies, and Fees

Permitted Use of the Service

Users may access and use this service for personal reasons, including but not limited to visiting the websites, whether as an unregistered or registered user. Users may not allow modifying any portion or all sections of the Service, expecting with our direct written consent.

The usage of our service is free. However, we happily accept donations or tips to enhance our Service. We use a third party processor for our payments, and cannot be responsible for their payment processing software of performance.

The user is responsible for any fees charged by the mobile carrier or internet service provider for using the Service, including, but not limited to data transmission fees.

You agree that you will not use the Services for any purpose other than posting or viewing customer service information or else conducting legitimate business on the Service; you may not or not allow any other party to use this Service or download, upload, submit, post, or else facilitate distribution or distribute content on or through the system of Service for any purpose:

  • That oversteps or violates the rights of any third party;
  • That is anyway harmful, unlawful or other inappropriate or objectionable as determined by us;
  • That transmits any unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements, schemes, solicitations, flooding, spam, or other bulk e-mail or unsolicited spam or unwanted commercial communications,
  • That transfers any harmful computer codes, programs, viruses, or files,
  • That harvests personally identifiable information or e-mail addresses from us,
  • That interferes with our services or network or the proper working of our Service or activities conducted on the Service,
  • That user automated or manual software or other processes to “spider”, “crawl”, index or in any cache or non-transitory manner store information gathered from any page of the Service,
  • That tries to gain illegal access to the Service including bypassing measured, in such situation we may use to restrict or prevent access to the Service (or other computer systems, accounts, or networks connected to our Service),
  • That implied affiliation or suggests an express with us (without our direct written permission) or that impersonates any entity or person including a representative or employee of us,
  • That limits or impairs our ability to operate the Service or the ability of any other person to access and use the Service.

We can for any reason or for no reason, at any time and without notice you, in our sole discretion, to deny your use of the Service.

Intellectual Property Rights

We retain and own all exclusive rights in the Service. Any portion or all parts of the Services may not be duplicated, copied, reproduced, visited, sold, resold, or else exploited for any commercial purpose without our written consent. But, this action may allow for the public domain. You are not allowed to, without our express written consent:

Frame or use framing technologies to enclose any logo, trademark, or other proprietary information (including text, page layout, images, or form)

Use any “hidden text” such as Meta tags, sing our trademarks or name without our written consent.

Directly or indirectly decipher, disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile or another attempt to underlying ideas, derive source code or algorithms of any section of the Service, or translate, modify or otherwise produce derivative works of any section of the Service.

Any modification of any portion or content, or use of the content for any other reason establishes an infringement of logo, trademark, or other exclusive rights of our Service or third parties, and any illegal use terminates your consent to use the Service.

All content this Service included text, graphics, button icons, logos, images, digital downloads, audio clips, software, and data compilations, is our property or our software/content supplier. Our content is protected by the United States and international copyright laws. Our all content on this site or any other source of the Service is our exclusive property and protected by the U.S. and international copyright laws. All software used on the Service is a property belong s to us and ou our software suppliers and protected by the United States and international copyright laws.

The marks displaying on our Service, including but not limited to RepInASec and any respective emblems, logos, designs, and slogans, are our trademarks. In addition, other remaining marks used on this Service belong to their respective owners.

Notice and Take Down Procedures

If you think that any information or post on the Service interferes with your trademark or copyright rights, you have the option to request such content be removed by following the notice and takedown procedures of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You need to contact our copyright agent to start with the procedure and provide the following information:

  • A clear statement or other material that identifying the works
  • A statement from the authorized representative or copyright holder
  • Accurate information about the location of the supposedly infringing content so that we can identify and verify its existence
  • Your name, e-mail address, and telephone number
  • A statement of the accurate supplied information from you under penalty of perjury
  • A signature or the electronic equivalent from the authorized representative or copyright holder

You can reach our agent for notice of copyright issues as follows:

Address: [email protected]

General Information

Third-Party Websites Linking

The Service may provide links to services or products for the convenience of users. These third parties whose services or products you bought through a link on our Service may pay us some sales commissions. However, unless specifically stated otherwise, we do not approve, sponsor, endorse, or control, and we are not responsible for, any of the services, products, or content available at or through any third-party linked websites. By using our Service you agree with the term that we are not responsible or liable to any user for any claims and damages that might result from your use of such services, products, or content. You should carefully read the privacy statements and conditions of every website, to know more about rights and responsibilities.

For Our Protection

You approve to hold and indemnify RepInASec, its parent, affiliates, directors, subsidiaries, agents, officers, and other employees and partners, harmless from and against any and all damages, claims, obligations, costs or debt, losses, liabilities, including but not limited to reasonable fees of attorneys, made by any third party due to or arising out of your Account, Stuff, violation of the Terms, or use of the Service.


All the services provided are on “as is” and “as available” basis. We usually don’t make any kind warranties or representations, express or implied, fitness for any purpose, or implied warranties of merchantability as to

  1. Operation of serivce
  2. The accuracy, quality, validity, or completeness of Techsuppornumber or any content or user of the service or details or products that are included on the service.
  3. No matter the functions on the service will be uninterrupted or free, of any error including but restricted to, the warranties of the title. You express your agreement that the use of the service by you will be at your own risk.

The service can also include views, statements, facts, opinions, or recommendations of any third-party individuals or companies. We never tend to represent the reliability, accuracy, or timeliness of any view, statement or any detail or information that is posted, uploaded, or displayed through the service. You should acknowledge that if you are relying on any opinion, statement, or view, you are doing it on you own risk.

Your agreement is important that under any circumstances we will not be held responsible to you or to any other individual for that matter, for any incidental, special, punitive, consequential damages, if occur, are the result of the use of service or details mention on RepInASec. In any event, we are not liable to any of the damages, losses incurred by you by using the service, be it tort, contract or otherwise, exceed on Us Dollar. Many states doesn’t permits the restriction of liability, so the limitations that are mentioned above might not apply to you.

As we crave to protect the details you provide as per our privacy policy, we are not to be held liable for the security of your email addresses, identification details, registration communications, trade-secret details, disk space, or any kind of stuff or details stored on any of our product or equipment, connected with your use of service, or otherwise, transmitted over networks accessed by the service.


We would, in our sole disposition, termination or suspension of your access of all the part of service, for any reason. The limitations related to content that appears on the service, and the warranties, limitations, the representations, and indemnities of the liabilities set forth in the terms will likely prevail termination. If in any case, you are not satisfied with our services, your only solution is to suspend your services.

Jurisdiction & Severability

We manage to operate Services from our office spaces within USA. We don’t make any representations legally that the content or the material on our website are for use outside USA. Even if you choose to get the service from locations outside the United States of America, it will be on your own risk, and we will not be responsible for the same. You are advised not to use the service in exploitation of the United Sates export laws and rules.

These terms can be personal to you and are not transferable, assignable, or comparable by anyone without our prior consent. We hold the authority to assign, delegate or transfer any of our rights or restrictions without the consent.

These terms are constructed keeping in mind the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any action attempted to violate these regulations related to the service will be handled by State or Federal Courts of the same. Any cause or reason you might give for your attempt with respect to the service must be started within 1 year from the time the claim arises. In any event, if the rights or terms enforced, the existing party will be responsible to recover attorney’s fees and other costs.

If any of the clause among these terms is considered to be void or unenforceable due to any reason, that clause will be handled from these terms and the other clauses of these terms will still be in force.

How to Contact Us

If you want to talk to us regarding the terms of Use, please feel free to contact us at:

Email – [email protected]

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