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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Contact PNC Customer Service to Resolve Your Issues| Call Now & Skip the Hold 

PNC is an American bank holding company and financial services corporation. It operates in 21 states and the District of Columbia in the US and it is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PNC provides banking, mortgage, student loans, home loans, and various financial services such as asset, wealth management, planning of estate, loans, and information processing. Customers can connect with easy to access PNC customer service for any assistance and help.

PNC operates over 2,459 branches and around 9,051 ATMs across the US. It is the seventh-largest bank by assets, the fifth-largest bank by the number of branches, and the 6th largest bank by deposits. It is easy to connect with customer support if you want to resolve any issue or any query. From here, you can get genuine and accurate contact details of PNC customer services so that you can easily and directly contact the experts at the helpdesk and get your issues resolved without waiting for long hours.

Common Problems on Which Customers Call PNC Customer Service 

It is common that customers may confront different issues while banking, financing, making installments, loans usually clients. So. to resolve these issues, clients need to contact customer support. PNC renders various services and products. So it is not surprising that customer support receives thousands of calls every day for help. The client delegates of PNC are accessible easily to help and engage the client with their interests. Here are some of the common issues that are generally looked at by the clients and for which they connected for PNC customer service:

How Can I locate my full account and routing number?

I have forgotten my password and my user ID, how can I retrieve it?  

How would I change the address and other details?

How do I set a PIN to enroll in Online Banking? 

I am facing issues while making transfer fund, how can I resolve it?

How can I get my bank statement online?

I have a request for a Debit/Credit card, how can I activate my debit and/or credit card?

I want to report that my card is lost/stolen, how can I get a new one?

How can I apply for a mortgage and where can I find my payoff information?

How Can I enroll myself in online banking?

Product and Services Offered by PNC Customer Service

PNC is counted as one of the top banking and financial companies in the US. It offers products like banking, internet banking, investment, finance, loans, credit/debit card, and various others. Customers can avail of these products for their personal banking and business. Let’s check the products and the services you can get concerning it from PNC customer service without much of a stretch:

Banking – How to open a new account, know how to access your account, get routing and account number, request to enroll for debit/ATM card, know how to withdraw cash, banking statement, how to change details, set-up alerts.

Online & Mobile banking – know how to enroll Online mobile banking, how to access Online banking, manage online banking account, set-up auto-pay, manage password and ID, how to transfer funds, how to get an online statement, get PNC mobile banking.

Debit/Credit Card Enroll for Debit/Credit card, get your debit/credit activate, set-up PIN for your credit, know how to renew card after expiry, report a lost/stolen debit or credit card, retrieve PIN of your card, earn PNC points, 

Home Loan – how to apply for a home, know more about loan policy, how to pay the bill off, sign up for the Automated Payments Program. Ask queries related to the home loan, get general help

Other and Student loans – How to get a loan, payoff information, statement official, documents required, know more about loan account, set up online, ways to make a loan payment, check the loan status

Reasons Why Customers Call PNC Customer Service

Customers call the customer support of PNC in order to resolve the issues. You can get up to 84% quality of satisfying services from the customer representative. Calling customer support is the best option to resolve the issues and queries without paying money and wasting time. Here are some of the reasons that you should call PNC customer service to get your concerns resolved within a few minutes:

You can find your full account details and routing number of your account.

If you have forgotten your password and my user ID, then you can retrieve it with expert guidance.

If you want to change your address then you can contact customer support and know how to change it.

Customers who have to enroll in online banking can know how they can set PIN and password.

You can also report issues if you are facing while making fund transfers.

You can also know how to get your bank statement online

After opening the bank account you can request a Debit/Credit card activation at the customer support helpdesk.

In case if you have lost or stolen your credit or debit card, then contact PNC customer service to block and apply for a new one.

What Issues Can Be Resolved by Calling PNC Customer Service Phone Number?

There are different issues that can be handle and settled by approaching the phone number of PNC. By calling customer support, you can undoubtedly get to calling uphold and find solutions to questions decisively. Calling service is the most ideal choice to determine issues and questions without wasting time and cash. Here are some issues that can be settled effectively and helpfully by calling the PNC customer phone number:

  • Know how to open an account
  • How to enroll in online and mobile banking
  • Request for Home or any other Loan
  • Activate your Credit or Debit Card 
  • Learn more about home loans
  • How to apply for a home loan
  • Set up Autopay for the bill for loan payoff
  • Get an online statement for your
  • Resolve issues related to Cash withdrawal
  • Manage Online and mobile account
  • Retrieve your Password & ID
  • Set-up Email and SMS Alerts
  • Report Lost/stolen Credit/Debit card

The representatives at the helpdesk are well trained and experienced, they will endeavor the ideal assistance and help to resolve your issues without any inconvenience. You can undoubtedly get data and supportive help from the specialists by reaching US customer service. Customers can resolve and ask any inquiries identified with banking, loans, vehicle loans, student loans, finance, credit/debit, or any other issues.

What Issues Can’t Be Resolved By Calling on PNC Customer Service? 

There are few issues that can not be settled by calling customer support of the US. For such cases, either customer needs to visit the official site, mobile application, or the Bank to determine the concerns. So to resolve the concerns, customers have to try an alternative method instead of calling customer support. Let’s check some of the issues that are difficult to resolve on the call and it tends to be just settled through different methods.

  • Customers who want to open a savings account or apply for a loan or want to request an address change has to visit the nearest bank branch along with the required documents. You can not open or apply for a loan without the important signature and document procedure of the bank employees. 
  • If any customer wants to deposit cash in their account, then they have to reach the ATM or nearest branch. You have to deposit the cash or cheque easily in saving the account by visiting the nearest branch.

What If You Have Any Complaint or Any Feedback for PNC Customer Service?

We all know PNC is one of the famous banking and financial corporation. So it will not be surprising that customer support of PNC receives thousands of calls daily for help and assistance. Sometimes it isn’t important, that all the customers can 100% satisfying customer services or help to resolve their concerns. Sometimes they get fully satisfied services whereas sometimes not. In such a case, on the off chance, if any customer is not happy with any customer service provides, then they can try an alternative method to resolve the issues:

Call Customer service again – Customers who are not happy with any representative services can try calling another representative of PNC. It is not necessary that you will get unsatisfied services from all the operators. The training and knowledge of customer representatives are different and can make a huge difference in assisting. Hence, try calling on the PNC customer service phone number again to get your issues to resolve.

Online Help Support – Customers can also avail of online help support provided on the official website of PNC. There they can find the answers to their queries and also resolve various issues from their online banking account. This service is easy to access. You can simply go through the common queries and get instant answers for help.

Through Email – If you have any grievance against any of the service providers, then you can give feedback or complain through email support. The experts at the help desk will reach out to you once they will get your queries. Instead of calling on the PNC customer service phone number, you can also email the queries related to various concerns and feedback.

Through Social Media – Customer can also connect through various social media platforms. PNC provides customer support through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Through the direct message, customers can send their queries where the experts will reach out to you to resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Visit Nearest Branch – Customers can also visit the nearest bank branch for the best assistance or help. There are around 2,459 branches and over 9,051 ATMs throughout the 21 states of the US. At the helpdesk, you can get the undivided attention of the customer operator or manager to resolve your issues. The utmost priority of the representative and service provider is to resolve your concerns without any hassle and inconvenience.

Call PNC Customer Service – Conclusion!

Many customer numbers can be long hour waiting, frustrating, and baffling. So, to avoid such baffling, customers can also visit the official website of the PNC to find genuine and accurate contact details of customer support. The customers who wish to contact PNC customer service can approach in various ways. All the contacting ways are effective and useful in their own way. But the best customer support you can get is through calling support of PNC. There are various helpline numbers for different concerns. You can directly connect with the operator and get your issues resolved within a few minutes. For more information related to any of the PNC customer services, you can visit the official website of PNC.

Important Contact Details of PNC Customer Service

Phone Number1-800-352-2255
DepartmentVarious Customer Service
Working Hours of Call CentersMon-Fri 7 am- 10 pm EST Sat – Sun 8 am – 5 pm
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support AvailableYes
Best Time to Call8:05 am
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Web, In-person, and Social Media
Official WebsiteWebsite- https://www.pnc.com/
fb – https://www.facebook.com/pncbank/
twitter – https://twitter.com/PNCBank/
Communication Quality84 %
Help Quality57 %
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