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Synchrony Bank Customer Service- 800-250-5411- call for answers to your problems

Synchrony Bank is an outcome of Synchrony Financial. This company is about financing other companies or retail shops, commercial or private commodities, such as homes, shops, automobiles, health, and many more. It is a comprehensive spread business in all industries. You may approach Synchrony Bank for any financial help you require, be it personal or business; it will always help you.

Synchrony Bank Customer Service is always ready to serve its customers and ensure its company’s total clarity and authenticity. And issues you face with transactions or cards of this bank. Kindly contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service Phone Number to resolve it.

Work hand in hand and find a perfect deal or scheme for you to achieve what you desire with Synchrony Bank Customer Service. Ready to serve you to find a solution with your best interest and profits.

What problems do customers face?

Customers of Synchrony Bank face problems of all sorts of problems and seek solutions. Some of the most common problems or questions that most of the customers face or ask for information are-

  • Identity Theft.
  • Fraud in the credit report.
  • To verify any message or mail received from the customer service.
  • Denied credit.
  • Request or credit report.
  • Failure of payment with the credit card.
  • Unfreezing of account or card.
  • Enquire about a minor user as a customer.
  • Information about the credit report or any unidentified transaction.

Services that Customer Service Provided.

For any assistance, Call Synchrony Bank Customer Service Number. The customer service department will surely help you with the best possible solutions to your problems.

  • Technical help

Suppose you do not understand any technical terms or face any technical issue with your transaction or card. The customer service team will help you find a favorable solution and guide you through the entire process until you understand entirely or complete the process for what you are seeking help for.

  • Financial Support

Any financial help you require from the bank, kindly call Synchrony Bank Customer Service Phone Number. The customer service agent will guide you through how to attain the money you need. And or any further help or confusion in the transaction. You can call customer service and seek information by providing your customer ID.

  • Common errors by customers

Some of the common errors that customers end up doing which would cost them heavily are-

  • Not filing for a credit report on time and complain later that they were unaware.
  • Not filing for fraud on time.
  • Not informing breach of any kind.

File your Complaint

Synchrony Bank Customer Service is ready to serve you and help you with your problems. All you need to do is register or file your complaint. And how can you do it? You can do it in multiple ways, and each and every method is equally effective. You can contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service to file your complaints by-

  • Synchrony Bank Customer Service Phone Number-

You may call Synchrony Bank Customer Service Phone Number to file your complaints. When you reach customer service, an agent will pick up your call and register your complaint; if possible, a suitable solution that solves your issues.

  • Synchrony Bank Customer Service email-

You may file your complaint also by email. Write a detailed mail and sent it to the official email id of the customer service. Mailing facilities are available 24×7.

  • Synchrony Bank Customer Service Web Portal-

You may fill up a form from the web portal regarding your query and wait for a customer service department response. Log in to the official website, fill-up the form with your customer ID, and fill in the required blanks. Once you complete it, you will receive a confirmation.

Issues that Customer Service Cannot solve-

Customer Service is eager to provide the best help possible to its customers. So there is absolutely nothing that the customer service cannot solve. However, if you face any such issue that you think is not possible to be solved, still do not make the decision and reach out for help. Synchrony Bank Customer Service will make sure to find an excellent remedy to your problem in any situation. So have some faith and contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service Number.

If the customer service cannot find a solution, proper assistance will follow you throughout until you are delighted.

How can you contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service?

Synchrony Bank Customer Service is ready to serve its customers in their best interest. There are many ways by which you can contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service –

  • Call Synchrony Bank Customer Service-

You can quickly call Synchrony Bank Customer Service- 800-250-5411. It is the most accessible means to reach customer service for any assistance. It is the best way to contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service. You may reach out anytime between Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to12:00 am ET, and on weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm ET.

  • Email-

You may also write an email stating your problems or issues in detail and wait for a response from the customer service department. You can send your email at any time at your convenience. You will receive a response within 24 hours from the time mail has been sent. Many customers use this method to communicate who are not comfortable speaking on a call.

  • Via Online-

You can connect through the online website or web portal to raise your queries or problems. You will receive a response mail or message on your registered phone number or email ID against your customer ID.

What can you do if not satisfied with the help from Customer Service?

Years of experience to solve millions of customers’ issues or issues have made Synchrony Bank Customer Service well equipped to serve its customers to satisfy their needs. However, if you are still not satisfied with the support you received from customer service, you may further seek more help. And how can you do that? Here’s how you can proceed –

  • Sit down with a cool head and go through the process you have completed earlier to file your complaint. Look upon the outcomes in detail and analyze them. If you are not satisfied, then kindly write down in a paper about it in more information, mentioning your complaint id and your account details.
  • Call back at Synchrony Bank Customer Service, talk to the agent, explain your problem, and mention that you have already spoken earlier. It will help in getting to your query sooner. Your complaint will be noted, leading the agent to the complaint directly and finding a more favorable solution for you. It will help to find any mistakes or wrong-doings from the customer service path if any.
  • And if you are still not satisfied with your second call, then kindly write a detailed email to the customer service department. Make sure to mention your complaint ID so that it is easier to track your complaint and act on a different solution that would be better for your interest.
  • Further, if you still have issues or are not satisfied with the solutions, you can also contact Synchrony Bank Customer service by the web portal and seek different solutions.

Any of these above ways will lead you to a suitable solution for your problems or issues. And if there are any more issues that you think are not yet solved, then you can write an email to the head office of Synchrony Bank.


  • How do I withdraw money from Synchrony Bank?

You can withdraw money from Synchrony bank, just usually the way you always withdraw cash. From ATMs, Wire Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer, or by requesting by cheque.

  • Are there any fees for wire transfer?

You will have to pay a minimal amount of $25 if you send a wire transfer unless you are at Diamond Status. Then as well, you can make three free transfers per statement. And there are no fees if you are on the receiving end of the wire transfer.

  • How to open an account with Synchrony Bank?

You may fill out the paper form, get your bank account or call customer service, and ask for a form to be sent to your home to fill up and send it back. You can also go to the online website and open an account virtually. It will be of equal importance. All required documentation can be complete at the comforts of your home, and you can open your account online.


Phone Number1-855-872-4311/ 800-250-5411.
Working HoursMon-Fri – 7:30 am-12:00 am ET.Sat-Sun – 10:00 am-7:00 pm ET.
Best time to Call7:30 am.
Do you speak with an agent?Yes
Is Call Back Available?No.
Does Synchrony bank Customer Service call you for recovery?Yes
Alternate ContactPhone, Web, Email.
E-mail IDcardholder@mail.synchronyfinancial.comcustomer.service@mail.synchronybank.comstatement@mail.synchronybank.com
Official Websitemysynchrony.com
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