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Uhaul Customer Service

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P.O. BOX 21502, Phoenix, AZ, 85036-1502, Maricopa
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Contact Uhaul Customer Service for Immediate Roadside Assistance | Call Now

Are you seeking for moving assistance such as rental trucks, trailers, storage, or roadside support? There are several businesses that provide the best services for moving and storage equipment. A single among them is U-Haul. You can obtain instant assistance with your moving and shifting by contacting Uhaul customer service. The business offers over 2000 sites. You only need to call the customer service hotline to get help.

U-Haul is one of the leading American moving equipment and storage rental company. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and offers one of the largest locations. For any help and assistance, like booking, canceling, or billing issues, you can conveniently reach U-haul customer service. From here, you can know more about customer service, how to contact, and what problems can be resolve at the helpdesk.

U-Haul Roadside Assistance

Please check in or look up your contract number to request urgent help if you are an existing U-Haul truck, trailer, or other equipment rental client and you have experienced a non-life-threatening accident, breakdown, or mechanical issue while driving. The Uhaul Customer Service team will make every effort to find a solution for you as soon as possible. Their primary duty is to assist in safely and securely transport you, your loved ones, and your belongings to your final location.

Uhaul Customer Service Phone Number

The general customer number of U-haul customer support is 1-800-468-4285. You can call anytime and any day whenever you need help or assistance. Moving and shifting can be hectic work. So, seeking help from U-haul innovative moving equipment, boxes containers, or other products. You can connect with a well-trained customer representative to resolve your concerns at ease. Hence, from here, you can get genuine and accurate customer contact details for help and support. 

Live Chat with Uhaul Customer Service

If you want to do a Live Chat with Uhaul customer service then click on the provided link. When you click on the link then you will be on the new page where you will need to provide your name to begin the conversation with a live representative of Uhaul Customer Service.

Common Issues for Which Customers Contact Uhaul Customer Service

Commonly customer faces issues while making a booking, handling equipment, renting trucks, canceling bookings, or reporting any incident or tracking. To help customers with such problems, you can conveniently reach the contact customer care service of U-haul. It is one of the famous companies, and it is evident it receives lots of calls daily. Here are some of the common problems that are usually faced by the customer and for which they call Uhaul customer service:

  • Can I book an in-town rental truck for more than 24 hours?
  • How can I purchase additional days on my one-way move?
  • How can I get my Uhaul equipment?
  • Can I modifications to my existing Uhaul reservations?
  • I have lost my receipt. Where can I get a copy of my receipt?
  • How do I find Uhaul serve in my area or not?
  • When and how should I pay for my U-Box containers?
  • Will I be charged if I cancel U-Haul?
  • Does U-Haul offer refunds?
  • Where do I find my U-Haul order number?

Reasons Why Customer Call Uhaul Customer Service

U-haul customer service receives thousands of calls and requests related to its services and products. By calling customer service, they can resolve their issues without any hitch. You can conveniently reach out to customer support and resolve your queries related to trucks, trailers, moving supplies, moving help, and more. Hence, here are some of the popular reasons why customers call on the Uhaul customer service phone number:

You can book an in-town rental truck by quickly connecting with customer service or requesting online.

If you want to know more about purchasing additional days on my one-way move, you can request it by calling customer service.

To know more about U-haul equipment and to rent equipment for shifting, you can contact customer care. 

If you want to modify your existing U-haul reservations, you can do it online through your account. In case if you need any help, then you can contact customer support. 

To get your lost receipt, you can get a copy from your ID or get it from customer support.

To find U-haul service in your area, you can check the availability online or know it by calling on customer service.

If you face payment or billing for your U-Box containers, you can contact customer support and resolve it.

What Issues Can Be Resolved by Calling on Uhaul Customer Service Phone Number?

Many issues can be quickly resolved by calling on customer care. It is evident, customer faces problems and prefers calling customer care for genuine and instant help. Whether you have any query or facing issues in moving or using equipment, you can anytime reach out to customer care and get your issues resolved. Therefore, here are some issues that can be conveniently determined by calling on Uhaul customer Service phone Number:

  • You can get help in making a Booking online
  • Request for cancel a booking 
  • Claim a refund after cancellation
  • Learn how to access an account and how to manage it
  • Know how to change a booking schedule
  • Resolve your payment or billing issues
  • Request to set up an auto payment
  • Ask queries related to the product and services
  • Track your order 
  • Reserve your storage by calling customer support
  • Report Seized or Abandoned U-Haul Equipment
  • Report any technical issue

There can be so many queries that can be quickly resolved by calling on the Uhaul customer care phone number. Hence, in case you can connect with customer support, then you can try to communicate with different methods to resolve your concern.

If Not Satisfied by Calling On Uhaul Customer Service Number

It is evident, customer support of U-haul receives a lot of calls and requests. It is not possible to resolve all the queries but customer representatives strive to help you. Hence, if you are not satisfied by calling on U-haul Customer Service Phone Number, then they can try alternative methods to contact customer support. 

Try Calling Back – Sometimes, customers do not satisfy services from a representative. In such a case, they can try calling them again to connect with another rep. The agents at the helpdesk are helpful and well trained to help you. You can connect with them and get your issues resolved without a hitch.

Try Calling the Particular Department – U-haul provides different numbers for different customer service departments. So, if you need help with reservation, shipping, order tracking, or report any issues, you need to contact the provided number. This method can help you connect with the particular department so that you can get dedicated help.

Email Support – Another convenient way to send requests, inquiries, or reports is by connecting through email support. You can different email addresses for various departments. You can send your suggestions or issues to the particular email department. Hence, you will get a response as soon as possible from the experts.

Social Media – You can also join Uhaul through web-based support. Through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can send your queries and request from the direct message and get your issues resolved. The agent at the helpdesk will reply to your questions as soon as they receive them. It can be a long process, but you will get a response.

Products and Services You Get at Uhaul Customer Service Help Desk

Uhaul Customer Service

While moving and shifting packing, you might need the help of displacing equipment, labor, trucks, or container boxes. U-haul provides various other products to make moving and shifting for customers at ease. You can also get convenient customer services related to these products at the customer support helpdesk. So, if you are looking for genuine help and support, you can contact customer services and get product and services, as shown below:

ProductsTheir Services
U-Haul Self-Storage – Get your storage, know how to get one on rent, resolve rent-paying issues, check availability of storage, set-up autopayment, manage your online account, resolve any query related to storage
U-Haul Truck Rental –Get a one-way or round-trip truck on rent, choose different types of trucks, book a service online, get in-town rentals trucks, report any issues, track your vehicle, know more about services, and request more days service.
U-Box containers –Get U-box containers, know how it works, check availability in your region, learn more about U-box services, track its delivery, cancel or reschedule your existing reservation, ask any inquiries related to your U-box, report any damage caused
U-haul Boxes and Packing Supplies –Order Boxes and other packing stuff, track your order delivery, ask for the receipt, resolve any payment issues, cancel and claim a refund, know more about ordering supplies, report any damaged stuff, or resolve any query related to boxes or other stuff
U-haul Moving Labour –Hire labor to move your house stuff, schedule your moving day, Report any issues while packing, unpacking, shifting, or home cleaning, report any other problems related to the Labour, ask any queries related to laborers or resolve your payment or billing issues

Comparison of Uhaul Customer Service Contact Details

Here is the top recommendation for how to contact customer support of Uhaul. Every year around, millions of customers get customer support for help and assistance. So, if you are looking for help and assistance, you can contact them through various convenient ways. Here is the comparison for getting customer care service so that you can contact them quickly and effectively:

 Way of contactWait Time
Calling Customer Service3 Mins
Reservations 1-800-468-42853 Mins
http://www.uhaul.com/Contact/ Customer Service< 80 hrs
Complaints or reports24 hours
Online Help< 20 hours

Important Contact Details of Uhaul Customer Service

Official Email ID[email protected]
Phone Number+1-800-468-4285
Department You are CallingCustomer Care Service
Working Hours of Call Centers24 hours, 7 days
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Navigate phone mazePress 3
Best Time to Call10:15 AM
Current Wait8 Mins
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, email, online, Twitter
Twitter – https://twitter.com/uhaul_cares?lang=en
Communication Quality87 %
Help Quality75 %

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is there a penalty for Cancelling U-Haul?

Reservations for U-Box do not incur cancellation costs from U-Haul. You can also make changes to your U-Box® reservations via your uhaul.com account.

2- Does U-Haul offer refunds?

When you got the service of Uhaul and are about to return all the equipment to the Uhaul Customer Service then they will give you a bill of the total charge. If somehow more amount got deducted than the actual amount then they will pay you back instantly through the bank.

3- What happens if U-Haul gets a flat tire?

If you are on the way and your U-Haul gets a flat tire then even you don’t need to worry. Uhaul has its Helpline number that you can dial for getting instant support. The Uhaul Customer Service has a team of experts who are ready to help you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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