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Is there a faster way to Contact Chegg Customer Service? Yes, here it is!

Contacting a customer service representative is not easy at all, thanks to the long wait on hold and annoying automated phone menus. Major companies like Chegg have a customer base of millions and receive lots of customer queries every single day. Therefore, Chegg uses various tricks like phone tress- those automated phone menus, to protect their customer support system from breaking due to lack of customer queries. But, these commercial obstacles make the whole process longer and annoying for consumers. However, you can skip this phone maze easily with the right guidance.

RepInASec is a specially designed platform that helps consumers like you to get the assistance of a live agent faster and easily. Here, we provide everything important to help you navigate your way and reach a live agent.

Why do people call Chegg Customer Service?

Ways To Contact Chegg Customer Service

Chegg is a leading American education technology organization based in Santa Clara city of California. The company provides physical and digital textbook rental, notes, online tutoring, and other helpful student services. Chegg was launched in 2005 and now serves more than 2.9 active subscribers. 

Being a leading organization of its service type, Chegg receives lots of customer services every single day. These are some of the most common customer queries solved by Chegg Customer Service:

How to Delete a Chegg Account?How to sell a text book back to the Chegg?
What to Do If I Return two Chegg Books Late?What to do if I return my chegg book late?
How to Change the Shipping Address on a Chegg Order?How to return a late book to Chegg?
How to Get a Refund from Chegg website?How to return the books to Chegg on the very last eligible day?
What to Do If a Missing Chegg Oder Never Arrived?How to return the wrong book I received from Chegg?
How to Cancel an Account with Chegg?What are policies of Chegg about returning the book on the last eligible day?
How to fix an issue of Overcharge on the Chegg Account?What to do if there a customer faces an issue with is Chegg shipping?
How to delete a Chegg account?How to unsubscribe from my mailing list?
How do I get an extension for my books?How to Delete a Chegg Account?

Recent Reasons why people called Chegg Customer Service Number 

  • It says that my account has been suspended for too many account uses, but I only have two………
  • Hello, I am facing an issue with my account; whenever I log in, it always says to verify, but……….
  • I canceled my Chegg subscription but charged for it for the last three months.
  • I paid for my Chegg subscription, but my account is not opening for some reason.
  • Hello, I want my account to delete completely and remove my payment information from your database.
  • Hello, could you help me in removing one of my payment cards as I don’t use it anymore
  • I started a three-day free trial, but my account is not opening, and the company has already charged me for the service.
  • My tutor account was unintentionally renewed; I want to cancel it. Could you help me with this?
  • My accounts are not opening. I have two Chegg accounts right now.
  • My Chegg was suspended, considering it was shared but was opened.
  • I applied for the post of Q&A expert at Chegg, but my application got rejected due to a minor issue……….
  • I changed my email on the account and tried to login back in with a new email, but……….
  • Hello, I just got an email says that my Chegg account is suspended due to multiple accounts sharing, but………
  • I want to remove my lesson today because I selected the wrong lesson by mistake………..

General Information on Chegg Customer Service

There are five total ways to get in touch with the customer support of Chegg. The three main sources to contact a live agent of customer support, include live chat and phone number.

Phone number- You can dial 855-581-9873 phone number to get the assistance of various problems to include Return an Order, Overcharge on Account, Verification Status, Missing Order, Cancel Account, and other customer service problems.

Email- The next best way to talk to the customer support team is to email help via [email protected] for Customer Service.

Live Chat- The fastest way to get assistance is Live Chat. Visit the official website to get help. Live chat is a great way to speedily get a human representative to talk about customer service issues and the wait times are usually shorter than the phone-based support. But sometimes chatting is inconvenient or not provides the desired solution. 

The fastest way to get Customer Support

Get a live chat with Chegg by following these simple instructions.

  • For better results, be sure to tell the agent what kind of issues you are trying to get a solution to.
  • Visit to connect with the live chat department. You can use this feature to get solutions including Return an Order, Overcharge on Account, Verification Status, Missing Order, Cancel Account, and other customer service problems. 
  • The live chat department is located in Florida, and chat available between Mon-Fri 9 am-8 pm EST (according to customers’ experience).
  • It is the best alternative option for consumers to get customer support. 

Best Chegg Customer Service Number to dial

Chegg has one phone number that you can dial to get customer support. The best and only you can dial is 855-581-9873 to get solutions for various problems to include Return an Order, Overcharge on Account, Verification Status, Missing Order, Cancel Account, and other customer service problems. According to customers, the call center is located in Florida and is open Mon-Fri 10 am-8 pm EST.

This information is based on real customers’ experiences and related information, which can be changed from time to time. We always try to provide you with updated and accurate information, so we make the required changes from time to time.

Comparison of Chegg contact information

Chegg offers a total of 5 ways to connect with customer service, including live chat and the best phone number. Below, we have mentioned all methods and their real-time waiting time. So, you compare all methods and find the best and fastest way for you to contact customer support. The data mentioned in the table is based on the customer’s experiences, recommendations, and related information, which can be changed with time. You can contact Chegg Customer service across various mediums such as Phone, Email, chat, web, and Twitter. 

Phone Number and Way of ContactReal-Time Wait on Hold
Customer Service- 855-581-98732 Mins
Email for customer service- [email protected]Within 16 Hours
Live Chat- Mins
Twitter15 Mins
Online HelpWithin 2 Hours

What issues can be solved through Chegg Customer Service Phone Number?

Chegg Customer Service representatives can handle most of the customer service questions or inquiries, including Return an Order, Overcharge on Account, Verification Status, Missing Order, Cancel Account, and other customer service problems.

What Issues cannot be solved through Chegg Customer Service Phone Number?

There are few things that a Chegg customer service provider can’t help you with issues related to incompatibility between your device and Chegg. A representative may suggest you a workaround, but it’s not possible for him or her to provide a complete solution. Chegg is not responsible for any device incompatibility issue; to get a solution, you need to contact the manufactures of your device or use another device that is compatible with Chegg service.

What to do if you are not happy with your Chegg Customer Service Call?

Sometimes, the conversation with a customer service representative failed to provide a workable solution due to many reasons such as miscommunication or misunderstanding. However, there are several other things that you can try to get a better solution for your issue.

Before trying any solution, make notes of your conversation that you remember and review them for any points of miscommunication or misunderstanding. These simple points can help you stay focus on the issue and avoid previous conversation mistakes.

Try the following steps to get a better solution from Chegg Customer Service:

Contact Chegg Customer Service again. Try to explain to the representative that this is your second call and describe how the first call did not meet your needs. Explain the resolution you want for your issue and politely ask that the representative consider the whole situation. Point to remember that all representatives are different, some have better experience and training skills, so there are some chances that the next person you connect with providing you a better solution or answer your question better.

Try Alternative Methods- If the second phone call does not help you like the first call, try other methods to get in touch with the company. Chegg offers various methods such as online help and lives chat that you can get by visiting the company’s official website. The live chat is available 24/7, but according to customers, it’s better to contact Chegg Customer Service between Mon-Fri 9 am-8 pm EST to avoid waiting. The benefit of the live chat feature is that you will get the transcript of your conversation that you can use to escalate your case when required.

Another option is to send your quires through email. However, it’s a slow method comparison to others, but it’s perfect if you want more professional assistance. The benefit of Email is that you will get the transcript of your conversation that you can use to escalate your case when required.

Chegg is also available on social media platforms like Twitter, which you can use to get quick assistance. It’s a public platform, so the company will try its best to provide you the best solution.

Important Details of Chegg Customer Service

Email[email protected]
Phone Number855-581-9873
DepartmentCustomer Service Department
Working Hours of Call CentersMon-Fri 10 am-8 pm EST
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Best Time to Call10:20 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Email, Web, Live Chat, and Twitter
Twitter –
Navigate phone maze to a humanJust wait on the line for the next student advocate
Communication Quality85%
Help Quality69%
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