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The American Automobile Association (AAA) is a federation of motor clubs in North America. AAA offers membership, insurance, travel insurance, automotive services, financial services, & credit card. Customers can join AAA membership and avail of many benefits to their better lifestyle. To get all these benefits you can register for them online or with the help of customer support. You can conveniently contact AAA customer service to resolve your concerns.

With AAA, you can get various services free identity theft protection, trip planning services, various insurance, and member discounts on vehicle repairs, and many other things. To join these services, you can reach out to AAA customer service. Sometimes customers face issues and need genuine help & support to resolve their concerns. The best way to resolve such issues is to directly contact the customer representative. From here, you can get customer support details and know more about its services.

Common Issues For Which Customer Contact AAA Customer Service

It is common that customers might be facing issues while enrolling as a member, canceling, inquires related to insurance, or other things. To resolve these issues, AAA provides hassle-free customer care service so that customers can reach out to them to resolve their concerns. Here are some of the common issues, that are usually faced by the users and for which they reach out to customer care service:

How can I create and register for AAA membership?

Why am I facing issues while creating an account?

How do I submit an insurance claim?

Who can apply for an AAA credit card?

What to do If my credit card is lost/ stolen?

How can I cancel my scheduled payment in an emergency?

What to do if I want to upgrade my plans?

How many types of insurance do you offer?

What if I want to cancel my membership? How can I cancel it?

How can I sign up for automatic payment?

Product & Services Offered At AAA Customer Service

AAA held over 60 million members for not-for-profit national member associations and service organizations. It offers various clubs for members benefits and various other insurance & financial services. It is impossible to know and get all these services at the same time. So, to avoid any inconvenience, AAA provides different customer service for each department. By this, customers can contact a particular number to get help and support according to the need. Let’s know about the products and their services you can get at the AAA customer service helpdesk:

ProductIts Service
AAA MembershipGet help to get a membership, know how to register online, upgrade for a family membership, know the benefits of membership, know more about clubs, request for cancelation of membership if you want to.
AAA Insurance Get register yourself for insurance, know about insurance policy, know more about types of insurance, create your online account, resolve any payment issues, upgrade or change your insurance policy, set-up or cancel your payment enrollment, know or report any missing payment, or report any other issues related to insurance, know about insurance discounts.
AAA TravelKnow more about AAA travel, get registered for AAA vacations, Find hotel, flights, cars, packages, & vacation deals, get a membership for your travel support, get instant travel experts for help, a Travel guide for help, know how to use convenient booking options & register for travel insurance for future help.
AAA Credit CardRegister for a credit card, get statement credits, know how to get rewards & discounts, how to track credit card status, report any lost/stolen item, how to use credit cards, know more about credits & rewards.
AAA Automotive ServicesGet free membership services for automotive service, repair services, battery repair, auto checker, AAA car buying services, Driving education, get car rentals, get auto insurance.

Reason Why Customer Contact AAA Customer Service

Reaching to customer support is the best option to get help and support from the expert. You can call them and get your issues resolved with an expert’s guidance. Customers can call on the given phone number and report their issues without wasting the time. AAA provides different options to connect with customer support. You can connect accordingly and get your concerns resolved.

If you want to create or register for AAA membership, then you can know how to register yourself and request to register for membership.

In case if you are facing issues while creating an account, then you can also reach out to customer support for help.

If customers are facing issues while submitting an insurance claim, then you can resolve your issues by connecting with customer support.

Customers, who want to apply for an AAA credit card then, they can know how to register themselves with the help of expert guidance.

In case if you have lost/stolen your credit card, then you have to report it on the registered number to block your lost card.

In case of an emergency, if you have to cancel your scheduled payment, then you can request it from customer support.

If you are searching for any type of insurance, then you can also connect to the experts to know whatever insurance you want and know how to claim it.

In case if you want to cancel your membership, then you can conveniently request it to the customer care operator, to resolve the issue.

If you want to sign up for automatic payment then you can request it to customer care support.

If any customer wants to upgrade their insurance plans, then they can request it by calling on the customer support number.

What Issues Can Be Resolved By Calling on AAA Customer Service Phone Number?

There are many issues that can be easily resolved by calling on the customer service of AAA. If you are looking for genuine help and support, then calling support is the best option to resolve your issues. The customer representative at the helpdesk is helpful and informative. You can reach out to them and get your issues without worrying about anything. Here are some issues that can be easily resolved by calling on the customer support number:

Get help to get a membership, know how to register online, upgrade for a family membership, know the benefits of membership, know more about clubs, request for cancelation of membership if you want to.

  • Get register yourself for AAA insurance
  • You can ask queries related to insurance, or any other service
  • Know how to create an online account or know how to register for membership
  • You can also resolve your payment issues.
  • Request to upgrade or change your insurance policy
  • Know how to set-up or cancel for automatic payment
  • Learn about AAA travel vacations and benefits
  • Get a membership for your travel support
  • You can request to apply for a credit card
  • Know how to register yourself online through an AAA account.
  • Report if you have lost/stolen your credit card.
  • Know how to use credit rewards and get discounts.
  • Know more about automotive membership services 
  • Get auto insurance and learn about other AAA automotive services.
  • Resolve any payment or billing issues.

What Issues Can Not Be Resolved By Calling on AAA Customer Service Number?

There are some issues that are not possible to resolve over the phone call. Like, if any customer is facing issues while traveling in the hotel or with car rentals, or flights, then you have to reach out to customer support. As AAA works with third-party service providers. They can be hauling operations, service stations, and travel vendors. Issues related to them cannot be resolved and addressed at the customer care helpdesk. Customers might get limited customer service but not the exact customer support they are looking for.

So, if you are facing issues with them, you need to reach out to them to resolve your issues. AAA will try to resolve your issues with the best possible help.

Comparison of AAA Customer Service Contact Details

The top recommendation of customer service is either by calling or through the live chat. From here you can check more what is the best way to connect with AAA Customer service:

 Way of ontactWait Time
Calling Customer Service10 Mins
Online HelpLess than 2 Hours
Email –  Less than 3 Hours
Twitter – @AAAAuto2 Mins
Corporates officeLess than 3 hours
Facebook2 Mins

What To Do If Not Satisfied By Calling On AAA Customer Service Phone Number? 

AAA has millions of users and it is obvious that it receives thousands of calling daily for help and support. In case if any customer is not satisfied with customer service, then you can try alternative methods to reach out to customer support for genuine help and assistance. 

  • Try Calling Back  – In case if you are not happy with any of the customer care operators, then you can try connecting with another customer operator. With this, you can connect another operator to resolve your issues and other concerns.
  • Email Support – The customers can also make use of email support to get their issues resolved. The customer representative will respond to your queries as soon as possible to help you. 
  • Postal Mail – If you have any complaints, feedback, or facing any issue, then you can also send postal mail to the AAA office address. You will get the agent’s response soon to help you with any kind of problem.
  • Social Media – AAA is also active on social media platforms. You can also send your queries on the official social media platforms that are Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. The customer representative at the helpdesk will resolve your issues with the best solutions.
  • Visit Nearest Office – Customers can also find the AAA office near your location. You can reach out to the office and connect with a customer representative face to face to resolve your concerns.

Important Contact Details of AAA Customer Service

Phone Number1-866-903-4222
DepartmentCustomer Service Department
Working Hours of Call CentersMon-Fri 8am-7pm and Sat-Sun 8am-5pm PST
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Navigate phone mazePress 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages. For Roadside Assistance.
Best Time to Call8:35 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, email, online, Instagram, twitter, and Facebook
FB –
Instagram –
Communication Quality84 %
Help Quality53 %
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