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USCIS Customer Service Number

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Monday to Friday
5900 Capital Gateway Drive Camp Springs, MD, U.S.
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Immigration Assistance by Courteous Staff – Call USCIS Customer Service Number

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Service) dispense immigration services to the customers. It deals only with lawful immigration to the United States from other locations. You can enjoy various components of USCIS, including Citizenship, family immigration, allows working in the US, E-Verify for working in the US, adoption, civic integration, genealogy, and much more. You can contact me anytime on USCIS Customer Service Number 800-375-5283, for any help relating to immigration.

The USCIS assistants are present at all times to guide you and help you with all your concerns. You can call on their toll-free number for any assistance. They will assist you and resolve your issue right away to proceed further with your work without wasting time. There are also other methods by which you can approach its customer service, but the quickest and the fastest way out is to call USCIS Customer Service Number.

It will handle your call via the self-service applicant tool if you meet the waiting time while calling USCIS. It will schedule your phone call or an appointment directly in their office. You can also try on another phone number if there is urgency and the application tool is not able to resolve it. Another USCIS Customer Service Phone Number is 800-767-1833. You can also call on this number for any assistance if you experience more waiting time on the first one.

Consistent and Timely Process For all Your Queries on USCIS Customer Service Number

USCIS staff members will guide you and assist you up to your satisfaction level without demanding additional charges. They work on three main pillars:

  • Readily Availability
  • Accuracy
  • Fair Decision

Contact USCIS Customer Service Phone Number ombudsman will help to resolve all your problems and clear your case as soon as possible if you have a problem in processing. The ombudsman will scrutinize the details of your case and other information, including

  • Facts of the case
  • Relevant data system
  • Laws applicability
  • Other policies and procedures

It will then assist you with the best possible solution for your case. You can rely on it blindly to work for your case and relax till the end of the procedure. Also, apart from the consistency, the USCIS ombudsman makes sure that it can complete and process your case as soon as possible to save your time and help you to proceed timely with your immigration.

USCIS Customer Service Hours

You can Contact USCIS Customer Service via various modes including, online as well as offline modes. If you are managing your service on USCIS Customer Service Number, then you can call between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Apart from that, if you wish to resolve your query at weekends, you may prefer the online mode for any assistance. The online help is available 24X7 for your assistance and service. You can also apply for In-Person service. You can check various documents online at any time, like:

  • Case Status
  • Processing Time for your case
  • Assistance with Mistaken Document
  • Changing your credentials
  • Filling online forms, and much more.

You can directly send the mail to the mailbox, and the USCIS assistant will instantly be there for your service without any delay. It will reply to you back on your mail and assist you accordingly. Emailing takes more time than handling your queries on USCIS Customer Service Number so the preferable option will be to call USCIS Customer service Phone Number. You will surely meet the positive results when you call at the particular time and dates of availability of its representative.

Preparation To Call USCIS Customer Service

You have to prepare some documents and accessories to get them on time response before calling USCIS. Here is the list below:

  • Arrange a pen and a paper to note down the essential details.
  • You can also arrange a computer or a memo for taking the notes.
  • Arrange space to note down the date and time of the call.  Also, write the name of the staff member who is attending your call.
  • Arrange all your documents which link to your query.
  • Arrange your registration number and your login credentials.

The arrangement of data priory will help you to avoid any hassle while you are on the call. Also, it will help the USCIS representative handling the call to provide you with better support and guidance. It also ensures that your phone call with USCIS Customer Service Phone Number is productive and full of support from both ends.

Live Assistance on USCIS Customer Service Number

The most reliable and fastest way to contact USCIS is by calling on their toll-free number. Here you can get instant and live assistance from their employee. It will surely handle your case or any query at the spot without wasting even a second. If the representative is not the right candidate to resolve your issue at the spot, then it will straightforwardly direct your request to the Immigration Services Officer. You can make a call on toll-free USCIS Customer Service Phone Number anytime for your service. For the live assistance on call, make sure that you are ready with all the documents that you require for the help.

You can also opt for In-Person service if you face an issue whose service is not possible on call. A representative will be there for you who will collect your documents and guide you accordingly.

USCIS Online Customer Service Via Tools

You can prefer online USCIS tools if you face any difficulty while accessing your request at USCIS Customer Service Number.  It also implies if you acquire more waiting time than normal waiting time. These tools will help you straightforwardly without contacting anyone. Follow the steps below to reach the USCIS online tools:

  1. Open your system. Make sure that you have an active internet connection.
  2. Now, open the official website of USCIS as https://www.uscis.gov/.
  3. Now, click on the Sign-In option.
  4. You can now choose to log in if you have an existing account, or “Create an Account” if you do not have an account on USCIS.
  5. Enter your credentials and perform the login.
  6. Now on the top right corner of the home page, click on “Tools”.
  7. It will direct you to a new page listing all the tools for your help.

You can use the tool corresponding to your problem and resolve your issue professionally and efficiently if you face difficulty to Contact USCIS Customer Service Number. The various tools present here are as follows:

  1. Explore My Option: In this tool, you have to submit your details, and the system will provide you with the best options for immigration according to your information.
  2. Online Tools and Resources: It provides you with assistance without directly following up on call or email.
  3. Case Status Online: This tool helps to track the status of your case, and gain knowledge about your application, request and petition relating to immigration.
  4. Change of Address: This tool allows you to make necessary changes to your address for the latest updations and necessary documentation relating to your immigration without actually calling at USCIS Customer Service Number.
  5. Multilingual Resource Tool: This tool allows you to access the necessary information on a variety of topics. You can access this information in any language of your choice. You can choose any content, and get the knowledge relating to it. It also has a search bar to type your area of concern and get information on it.
  6. Reports and Studies: This tool details the reports and analyzes data on a variety of facets including, annual statistics reports, program reports, backlog eliminations, evaluation reports, citizenship reports, and many more. You can directly access these reports here.
  7. Monitoring Tool: This tool helps you to monitor your records and files. It also enables you to check the status of your processing.

USCIS Customer Service Number Talk To A Person

You can talk to the USCIS representative on USCIS Customer Service Phone Number regarding the following issues or enquiries:

  • Resolving technical issues
  • Filing location enquiries
  • Questioning on Adoptions
  • Inquire Issues based on the type of request
  • Submitting USCIS Feedback
  • Knowledge about any policy or regulation
  • Contacting Public Engagement Division
  • Visiting Field office of USCIS
  • Making a FOIA request
  • Make a Genealogy request
  • Visiting Reference library
  • Any Website errors
  • Any fraud and misconduct of services
  • Enquire about Media and many more.

The USCIS representative will always be there for you to handle your enquiry over a phone call on its toll-free USCIS Customer Service Number. There is an average of 20 min of waiting time on this call. After that, you can proceed quickly with your query by discussing it with the representative and getting the on spot solution corresponding to it.

Live help over the phone call is available for full support and reliability. Customers can use the TTY number for hearing impairment and discuss the issue to get the right solution.

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