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UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company. It began more than a century ago as a tiny messenger service. Today, UPS is a global corporation that reflects international commerce, the history of modern transportation, financial services, and also logistics. Today, UPS is people-led, customer-first, and innovation-driven and it is powered by more than 490000 employees connecting with more than 220 nations and also territories around the world.

As one of the largest companies, UPS receives many calls each and every day from customers with concerns and questions about the delivery of letters and also packages.

UPS Customer Service Phone Number

More than a single way are available that can be utilized by the customer to get in touch with the representatives of UPS Customer Service. In those ways, you can use the UPS Customer Service Phone Number to get instant support.

Popular Problems On Why Anyone Calls On UPS Customer Service Number

  • How to track UPS packages?
  • How to make UPS know about the missing delivery?
  • How to change a UPS shipping address?
  • What to when UPS package says “Delivered” but you don’t have it?

It gets difficult for some people to reach out to the experts to resolve the problems. So, if you are among those people then we recommend you to reach out the experts via UPS Customer Service Phone Number. The team available will resolve all your problems and also queries with utmost dedication and sincerity.

Products And Services That UPS Customer Service Provide!

Now improve the touch points that will contribute your whole experience. UPS technology and tools empower the customer to focus on details that make huge difference to customers seamless e-commerce, simple returns and visibility during shipping along with different ways to streamline the cost and billing allocations. Contact UPS Customer Service and also the team available there will help you by providing you with efficiency and flexibility to enhance your experience and to give you overall satisfaction. 

Contact UPS Customer Service To Avail Services like:

  • UPS Returns
  • Access point network
  • Delivery intercept
  • UPS My Choice

A smooth customer service is what everyone wants to experience. There is no doubt that you have great products but for that also you need a nimble and also an efficient process for getting them onto board, shipped or retuned. The solutions given UPS Customer Service are created with a dee0 understanding of customer requirements and needs, coupled with consumer and retailer’s goods suppliers’ unique goals and challenges in mind. From customizing your logistics plans to integrating e-commerce technologies into the systems, the team at UPS Customer Service Phone Number will help you in finding or designing ways to create a unified experience for the customers.

What Are The Reasons To Contact UPS Customer Service?

Following are the reasons that why customers like to call UPS Customer Service Phone Number.

  • Questions regarding mailing and also shipping policies and costs.
  • Help with tracking letter and packages
  • For purchasing services
  • Filing a claim for damaged or lost packages or items
  • Complaining about a service or a driver at UPS office or agent
  • Questions regarding international customs and shipping
  • For making a delivery change

For any further help you can easily Contact UPS Customer Service anytime. The team is 24*7 round the clock available at the helpdesk.

Best Practices for Calling UPS Customer Service

We have mentioned some of the best tips that you can see for a successful call to UPS Customer Service:

  • Before calling UPS, make sure that you are dialing the correct number. There are different numbers available for international and also domestic shipping as well as for packages that are over 150 pounds and also for freight pallets. It is also important to call the designated UPS number for the country that you are calling from.
  • Make sure that you have relevant documents including any invoices, tracking numbers, receipts or communications between you and UPS. If it’s possible then have the addresses and names for both the receiver and the shipper available.
  • Always remember to have a paper and pen handy so that you can take down any confirmation numbers provided by the UPS Customer Service agent or notes.

What All Issues Can Be Resolved By Calling UPS Customer Service?

The team at UPS Customer Service can handle any kind of issues over the phone which includes launching investigations into packages that have gone missing and tracking packages. The customer service agent will assist you with processing and also filing claims for damaged and lost items. The agents available at UPS Customer Service Phone Number and also on official UPS email address will answer all the questions related to shipping and will also let you know if an item requires special handling or whether it is an item that UPS can legally ship. So, if you need to change delivery instructions, the UPS Customer Service agents will assist you in redirecting the item to different address. The issues resolved by calling UPS Customer Service Phone are:

  • How to track UPS package?
  • How to make UPS know about the missing deliveries?
  • How to change UPS shipping address?
  • How to change a UPS shipping address?
  • What to when UPS package says “Delivered” but you don’t have it?
  • How to setup a package intercept?
  • How to find the package?
  • How to check status of UPS pickup?

If any of the above listed issue occurs then call UPS Customer Service in an instant. The agent will help you by providing the solutions and also by giving proper assistance.

What Can’t Be Resolved With A Call At UPS Customer Service Phone Number?

There are some tasks that cannot be easily resolved over the phone. Physical shipment of goods require to print out a shipping label at home and also then dropping the package off at the collection box of UPS or by visiting a UPS agent.

There may be some situations in which one has to physically bring the damaged item or box for assessment if you are making an insurance claim. The agent available at UPS Customer Service Phone Number will direct you to a location where you can easily meet with a UPS employee to complete the inspection.

What To Do If You Have An Unsatisfied Call With UPS Customer Service?

If you are feeling that your questions are not answered or that your problem was not resolved after speaking to the agent of UPS Customer Service, then don’t panic as there are many options that are still available for you:

  • Review the notes that you have taken during the initial call to UPS Customer Service. If you have not taken notes while talking to the agent, then remember your call with them and also write it down. This information can be very beneficial to escalate the case.
  • Call UPS back once you feel comfortable. The next agent you connect with might be able to understand your concerns in a much better way and may provide you will support and assistance.
  • If by chance, your second call also fails then you can send the email to UPS via its website or by getting in touch through one of its social media accounts. These options will provide you with a transcript of all your communications which can be used if you want to take your problem ahead to the management of UPS.
  • One can also visit a UPS Customer Service center and can speak to someone about the concerns. Make sure to not confuse UPS Customer Centers with stores or shipping outlets.


If you are looking up UPS Customer Service, then you already know who they are, how big they are and also what their support operations look like. UPS goes by United Parcel Service and are considered to be a part of the following industries and sectors: courier. It is associated with terms like freight forwarding services, courier express services, public company, logistics services, b2c, private, b2b, enterprise by their industry and customers analysts.

There are total of 12 total ways to get in touch with the team. One of the best way to connect with team according to the customers is by calling UPS Customer Service Phone Number for their tracking department and also for their online shipping. Beside calling, one can get connected via Live chat for customer service.

The customer service agent tries to provide resources for best framing the problem in a certain way that it can be communicated. UPS is effectively helping the customers since ages. They make sure that each and every problem is resolved. So, if you are UPS Customer and you are facing some issues that you can Contact UPS Customer Service to resolve your problems.

Important Details of UPS Customer Service

Customer Care Number800 432 1000
Tracking Number800-457-4022
Billing Number800-811-1648
Accounts Number800-477-7080
International Service800-782-7892
DepartmentCustomer Service
Working Hours of Call CentersMon to Fri 7am-10pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm EST
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support AvailableYes
Best Time to Call7:15 am
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Chat, Web, Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How do I talk to a customer service person at UPS?

To contact UPS Customer Service, dial 1-888-742-5877 or go to our Customer Help and also Support Center.

2- Who do I call if my UPS package doesn’t arrive?

Please contact customer service at 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®). Customer assistance can be reached by email at

3- Does UPS not have live chat?

If you need prompt assistance while contacting UPS, start with our Virtual Assistant. If you still require assistance, we’ll either switch you to live chat or put you in direct contact with a phone agent.


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