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Monday to Friday
Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States
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Connect directly and get all the Answers from Sears Customer Service

Sears is a huge marketing platform for all that anyone can ask for and provides the best services and quality in each way. So does Sears Customer Service, ready to help its customers with any technical support, information, credit knowledge, or any other problems, all problems and one solution. So pick up your phone and dial the most active phone number- 800-479-5899 and avail the best services.  

Reasons why customers call Sears Customer Service-

Daily people face many reasons to call  customer service; some face issues, call to get information, and get help. You might also have a reason to call, but worry not, whatever be the reason, you will get targeted help and answers for all your queries. Many years of operation has helped the customer service to come up with a list of reasons/problems the customers face daily to help them get fast help-

  • How to place an order with sear?
  • Replacement or Cancellation of items.
  • How to order with a sears credit card?
  • To schedule a professional technical expert for help.
  • A request for bills and warranty.

Services the Customer Service will provide you

Sears Customer Service will undoubtedly provide you with the best services and expert advice. So you can feel free to contact Sears Customer Service at any time whenever you clash with any issue or concerns. The customer service will readily assist you and help you get a favourable solution to all your problems. Dial 800-479-5899 and get targeted help from experts.

 Technical HelpSupportInformation
Any technical expertise or troubleshooting of issues, the customer service is always by your side to provide you with the best facilities possible. The technical team will come and help you get through your problems, and to do so, call Sears Customer Service and book an appointment.At any given point you have any problems with any sears products, the customer service will provide you full support until you resolve your issue.Any information you need about products, delivery, credit cards, warranty periods, feel free to ask the customer service. All the information you require will be available for you.

Report your Issues-

If you feel the need to report any issue, give your feedback or help you acquire it easily from the customer service. The process to do so is very easy-going and straightforward. So without any hesitation, go ahead and Contact Sears Customer Service and report your issues as you wish-

  • Report through Sears Customer Service Number –

Most customers find it very convenient and easy to call Sears Customer Service Phone Number-800-479-5899 and report their issues. So you can also directly contact the customer service on the given number and speak with the agent about your matter. Indeed, you will receive a fast response and excellent service, along with instant support of solutions for your problems. Feel free to reach out through the phone number and get the best help.

  • Complain by Email- 

Another very convenient way to report an issue is by writing an email. Sears is very active in helping its customers through the mailing process. You will surely get help through the emails you send to customer service. So write and wait for a response.

  • Report through Help Page-

Go to the official web portal of Sears and go to the help desk. You can try to find solutions from the FAQ section; if not, you can also drop a message explaining your problems and seeking answers. The customer service will get back to you with suitable solutions.

  • Reach by Social Media-

Sears is very responsive towards its customers also through social media. Feel free to reach out through social media platforms and ask for help. You will receive a great response and fast resolutions. Sears is available on two social media platforms to report your issues and get help. So reach out to any convenient social media page and report your problems.

  • Visit the nearest Store-

Another straightforward way is by visiting a store near you. Simply walk in into any nearby swear stores and get the most attention and experts’ advice on any problems you face. 

Usually, people prefer to call customer service, but you can choose any method you feel comfortable to report your concerns. But make sure you reach out to get help and get the best services. 

Issues the Customer Service can’t resolve-

Sears Customer Service Number is always ready to help you get through all your problems. However, few issues cannot resolve over a phone call with a customer service representatives.

Sears is a widespread market arena now and deals with many third-party dealers, contractors, suppliers, so the customer service cannot get help for you. In some situations, you will have to approach the dealers or suppliers for help directly, so be careful and keep in mind while dealing with Sears products. Here are some cases when the customer service will be incapable of helping you-

  • If you purchase any product from a third party from Sears, be sure that the customer service will not always have the full ability to resolve your issue. The customer service will have only limited ability to provide you.
  • If you purchase any item on sale, you cannot replace or get a refund of it, and the customer service is also not in the state to help you.
  • For any technical help, repair, or installation, the customer service can arrange a technician to do the job but cannot help you do it over a phone call. 
  • Also, if you purchase any item and that turns out incompatible with other products of your home, the customer service is not responsible. They can suggest options to get around, but the decision is entirely yours. 

Though Customer Service tries its best to serve you with all facilities, it is just out of capability to get you the solutions you seek in some scenarios.

How to Contact Sears Customer Service?

Sears Customer service is available on multiple platforms for the best interest of its customers. With the utmost respect and immediate response, you will receive the best services from all the methods you try to help. So you can quickly contact Sears Customer Service on any of these platforms as per your comforts-

  • Call Sears Customer Service Phone Number-

You can reach out through the customer service number at 800-479-5899. This line is active from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST. As soon as you call Sears Customer Service Number, you will directly reach a customer service representative who will listen to your query and guide you accordingly as per your query or need. So feel free to contact me at any time during working hours.

  • Email-

Most customers also prefer to write an email to the official mail Id of Sears. This service is active 24 hours for the customers, and you can expect a response within 10 hours. The official mail Id is [email protected]

  • Official Web Portal-

You can also seek information or collect data from the help pages available in the official web portal. This link is available 24 hours for the customers. You can easily log in to the help desk at http://www.sears.com/shc/s/nb_10153_12605_NB_CSHome and wait for a response. It will take about 99 hours to respond to you back with solutions.

  • Official Twitter ID-

If you are active on Twitter, you can also contact Sears through Twitter. The official Twitter handle is @searscares. You can expect to get a response back within no longer than 6 hours from the time you tweet your concerns.

  • Official Facebook ID-

You can also connect through the official Facebook page of Sears. Once you post your query, you can expect a response within 15 hours. The Facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/sears and is active 24 hours, seven days. Post your questions and get solutions online without any hassle.

  • Stores-

Most people do not prefer online services; if you are one of them, do not fret. Visit any nearby stores and get what you need. Purchasing, exchange, experts’ advice or any other reasons, you can avail them quickly at the stores. So without any worry, visit and get all that you need.

What can you do if the customer service support does not satisfy you?

It is entirely natural that you have high demands as a customer, and the customer service could not satisfy them on your first call. But do not feel upset and do not lose hope. There is still much more to do before giving up. And before you go any ahead, make sure to take some time and analyze your previous call. Please note all the drawbacks and mistakes from the first call to don’t repeat them and make a productive outcome at the end. Once you are all ready to go ahead to find what you need, you can start-

  • Make a call back to the customer service. All the agents are highly qualified to deal with all problems, but we should also consider that every human has a different understanding of every matter. So in your call back, make sure you explain your concerns clearly and inform the agents about your expectations. It will surely be much more productive.
  • You can always call back again and again until you find a favourable solution. But if you want an alternative, you can also write an email at the mailing ID of Sears. They also turn out very helpful for many customers.
  • If it still doesn’t satisfy you, you can always visit the official web portal of sears and visit the FAQ page. It will help if you have a common query, and if not, you can drop your request for a solution to your problem.
  • If this still does not satisfy you, make sure to connect through social media platforms. As per your convenience, you can reach out in the Twitter account and Facebook account as well.
  • And if still, you do not receive a favourable solution, you can also approach the stores or write a postal letter to the head office. You will surely get the help you need. So, without any hassle, reach out to customer service.

Some methods might way some more time than others, but the Sears Customer service team won’t let your troubles go unsolved. By the end, you will surely get a possible solution or list of answers to choose the most favourable one for you.

Contact Information

Phone Number800-479-5899
Working HoursMonday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST.
Best time to Call8:15 am.
Is real human support available?Yes.
Is Call Back Available?Yes.
Alternate ContactPhone, Email, Web, Facebook, Twitter.
Email ID[email protected]
Help Deskhttp://www.sears.com/shc/s/nb_10153_12605_NB_CSHome
Twitter Handle@searscares
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