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5900 Capital Gateway Drive Camp Springs, MD, U.S.
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Contact USCIS Customer Service to Resolve Your Queries Related to US Citizenship & Immigration

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a U.S. agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It processes immigrant visa petitions, asylum applications, refugee applications, and applications for adjustment of status (green cards). People are advised to be aware of fraud and scams in order to get help from USCIS. So, if you are facing any issues or have any query related to any of the laws and rules, you can conveniently reach out to USCIS customer service.

USCIS is a government organization, and it administers the nation’s lawful immigration system. It also safeguards the country’s integrity and secures its homeland by protecting Americans. USCIS is a federal agency that serves the entire nation. It receives a lot of requests and calls daily for help and support. If you want any help and assistance, then you can contact USCIS customer service. From here, you can get the genuine and accurate details of the customer service of USCIS

Common Problems for Which Contact USCIS Customer Service

By contacting customer support, you can get help with technical issues faced by you, resolve your queries related to the services, submit feedback on policies, forms, and regulations, and many other things. The customer services of USCIS is available round the clock and every day. You can conveniently reach out to them without worrying about anything. Here are the most common issues that are usually faced by the customers and for which they reach out to customer support:

How can I fill the form for the green card holder law? 

I have filled a form now how can I apply for a USCIS account?

What I have to do to apply for citizenship?

How do I check my file application status?

Where can I schedule an appointment?

How can I apply for Green Card? What is the process and what documents are queried?

Why my Green Card application is still pending?

What to do if I have forgotten my USCIS account password?

Where can I check all my form details and status?

Products and Their Services Offered At USCIS Customer Service Helpdesk

USCIS is a government agency, and it has various essential responsibilities and duties of the former INS, various immigration matters, Green card matters, applications for work visas, asylum, and citizenship. Related to these services, customers may face issues and have queries related to the products. Here are the products and their services you can get by reaching out to USCIS customer service for help and support:

ProductsIts Services
USCIS FormsKnow how to fill forms, what forms are available, how to send them to the office, check your application status, know about the eligibility criteria to apply for the policies, explore your option in the forms, know what are the fees and how to pay it, check form updates.
Green CardKnow about its eligibility, know how to apply for it, request to get a Green card form, you can also understand the process and procedure, check your application status, create a USCIS login to manage Green card application, replace or renew your green card.
Citizenshipknow how to apply for US Citizenship, how to get citizenship, know more about it, what proofs are required for getting citizenship, replace your Naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship, know more about refugee immigration.
Laws & policies Understand all the policies and Laws, know how to apply them, get help related to immigration law, know about your rights if you a refugee, know how to fill applications, how to check application status.

Reasons Why Customers Call USCIS Customer Service

There are several convenient ways to contact the customer service of USCIS. Here are some reasons you should know why customers reach out to USCIC customer services.

If you want to fill the form for the green card holder law, then you can apply for it through the official website or know how to fill it through expert guidance.

The customers who have filled their form and wanted to open a USCIS account can know how to register online.

Those who want to apply for citizenship can know how to apply for US citizenship and what proofs are required.

To track your file application status, you can track it through the official website or you can reach out to customer support to know your status.

If you want to schedule an appointment at the office, then you can schedule it by calling the customer support of USCIS.

People, who want to apply for Green Card, can know more about the process and procedure for applying for a green card.

In case if you haven’t received any update on your Green Card application or your application is still pending, then you can report it through calling support.

In case if you have forgotten your USCIS account password, then you can retrieve it by connecting with a customer representative.

To check or know more about your all form details and status, you 

can reach out to customer support to know or you can check through your USCIS account.

Comparison Of USCIS Customer Service Contact Details

The customer should reach out to genuine customer care. In the name of USCIS, many fraud and scams happen to people. To avoid such fraud and scams, customers are advised to contact USCIS customer care through their accurate customer care contact details. Here is the comparison of contact details of USCIS customer service so that you can reach out to customer support quickly and directly:

Phone NumberWait
Calling Customer Service (800-375-5283)3 mins
Live Chat2 mins
Email Support< 38 hours
Online Help< 2 hours
International Customer Service12 mins

What Issues Can Be Resolved By Calling on USCIS Customer Service Phone Number?

USCIS provides 24 hours and seven days available customer care support for everyone. They can reach out to the customer support of USCIS to resolve your concerns and issues. Hence, there are some issues which can be conveniently resolved by calling on the USCIS customer service phone number:

  • Learn more about laws and policies.
  • You can resolve your technical issues with your USCIS Online account, FIRST, and my E-Verify.
  • You can ask queries related to form filling.
  • You can also ask in inquiries related to adoptions, Canadian applicants, and Military Members.
  • Report any fraud, scam, Employee Misconduct, and Website Errors.
  • Resolve issues related to the application status.
  • Know how to apply for the law and policies.

What Issues Can Not Be Resolved By Calling On USCIS Customer Service Number?

If there are any issues in the proofs or the documents, you have to resolve this on your own. The customer representative of USCIS can not help you if you do not have proper documents. There can be more issues which can not be resolved over the phone call. For such issues, you can schedule an appointment at the USCIS office.

What To Do If Not Happy By Calling on USCIS Customer Service Number?

USCIS is a government agency, and its duty is to offer guaranteed and genuine services. Sometimes the customer may not get benefits up to the mark, and they still left with unsatisfied services. So, in case if you are not happy with customer care service, then you can try the given below methods to reach out to customer support and to resolve your issues:

  • Try Calling Back – The customers can try calling again in case they are not happy with any customer care representative. Customers can also report employee Misconduct in case if they have attempted any misconduct. 
  • Live Chat – The customers can also connect with virtual assistance from the official website. You can ask your queries and get an instant reply to your concerns. It is also the best way to resolve your queries without connecting with a customer representative. 
  • Email – Customers also have another option to reach out to customer support. You can send your queries, request, or report issues. You will get a response from the agents to help and assist you. 
  • USCIS Office – Customers can schedule their appointments for the USCIS office to resolve any issues. It is not simple to get an appointment but you can try to get an appointment and reach out to the office to resolve your concerns.

Call USCIS Customer Service – Conclusion!

You can seek help from well-trained customer representatives to resolve your concerns. To apply for citizenship and get a green card, customers can call on the USCIS customer service phone number to get help from the experts. Customers can also report the technical issues faced by them. Hence, the online customer care service of USCIS is available round the clock and any day. You can choose any convenient way to connect with the customer representative to make your application process correctly.

Important Contact Details of USCIS Customer Service

Phone Number800-375-5283
DepartmentCustomer Service Department
Working Hours of Call CentersMon – Fri 8 am – 6 pm EST
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Navigate phone mazePress 1 for English, then 1, then 2, then 2. Press # each time it prompts you to enter a number.
Best Time to Call8:15 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Online help, Live Chat, Email Support
Communication Quality75 %
Help Quality66 %


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