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Dial AT&T Customer Service Phone Number For Helpful Customer Support

AT&T is a US-based telecommunication company. It is the second-largest mobile network provider and it is also associated with terms like satellite television, fixed-line telephone, mobile phone, broadband, digital television, home security, media, technology, and internet. If you are getting the services from one of the popular and largest telecom companies, that doesn’t mean you can’t face any issues in your product and the services offered to you. But you can fully rely on the customer care services to help you out with any issues or causes that are affecting your work. The 24/7 working AT&T Customer Service phone number is available for the customers to clear out their queries and concerns. The general number of customer care number is 800.331.0500. You can also visit the official website of AT&T for any queries or additional information.

Getting help from genuine customer care support to handle and navigate to fix or step-up devices is not an easy task. Sometimes, you might be put on hold for hours, not be satisfied with support services, transferring calls to another helpdesk, and many other inconveniences can be frustrating. To avoid this, you must have the right to help support information. From here, you can get all the related customer care support details to connect with the AT&T customer service without any hurdle.

Popular Problems To Call AT&T Customer Service

It is common that anyone can face various issues in setting up, activating the network, devices, or billing issues, etc. Whether is a small issue or a big, you can reach out to the customer service of AT&T to resolve your problems. The friendly and helpful experts at the helpdesk are available to help you out no matter what. The popular problems that are usually faced by the customers are:

  • How to set up and access voicemail?
  • How to do software updates?
  • fix my mobile hotspot issues?
  • Unable Get signal & cellular data info
  • How do I reset my device?
  • How to pay bills?
  • Unlock wireless device
  • How to activate the new phone or SIM?
  • Can I get AT&T home security?
  • How to install Digital Life home security?
  • What is Digital Life’s warranty?
  • Troubleshoot internet speed

Products and Their Services You Get At AT&T Customer Service

As the largest telecom company, AT&T provides various technology and media devices to the customers. Along with each product, you can get comprehensive customer services to resolve issues. So, if you are shopping with AT&T, you must know what services you are getting along with it. For more briefing lets us check the detailed products and services from here:

ProductIts Services
Wireless DevicesCommon issues of devices Set-up and activation Unlock device Activate new SIM Access Voicemail Reset Device Hotspot issues Replace device Device Protection signup Billing and Payment issues Unable to get unlimited plans
AT&T InternetUnable to manage Wi-Fi Slow internet connection No internet connection Email setup and repair Internet parental controls Check for outages Check internet speed Check order status Set up equipment Internet Security Suite
AT&T TVSetting up and Installing Help signing in to AT&T TV Error code search Picture Issue Buffering/streaming issues Remote control issues Sound/audio-video Sync Issues Home button not responding Regarding ATT TV App Unable to access Local channel TV Remote help
AT&T Home PhoneSet-up of digital and Landline phone Phone features setting Unwanted Call blocking Online billing Connecting issues Call History updates Setting up voice mail feature Unable call forwarding Troubleshooting issues
Smart Home SecuritySet-up and installation How does it work? Equipment issues Internet connection issues Digital life’s Warranty Unable to disable it?

Reasons Why You Should Call AT&T Customer Service

There are several ways to connect with customer services. But the best option to resolve your concerns is by directly contacting the customer service phone number. The call support is available 24/7 for the customers. It will provide you a wide time and opportunity to ask and resolve your queries without any hesitation. Some of the reasons for preferring calling support are:

  1. Fixing Billings and Payment issues
  2. Setting up Data Plan according to your choice
  3. Easy instructions to unlock your devices
  4. Activate your SIM and device
  5. Guidance to install and set-up TV
  6. Queries related to AT&T account
  7. Set-up Remote control issues
  8. Activate Parental Control on Wi-fi, and TV
  9. ATT TV App issues and sign in
  10. Know plans and Rewards of Digital Life
  11. Report a problem on AT&T landline and Home phone
  12. Troubleshoot Internet speed
  13. Manage Wi-Fi passwords

All these things can be resolve by just contacting AT&T customer support phone number. You don’t need to pay the support charges and don’t need to visit the store, you can easily resolve your concerns by just giving a call to the experts at the helpdesk. For some of the concerns you get the instant solutions and you can solve the problems by following the step-by-step instructions of the experts. The experts are friendly and informative and they are well trained to assist you with any problem.

Issues That Can Be Resolved By Calling On AT&T Customer Service Number

Once, you will reach out to the experts of customer support at the helpdesk, you resolve your various issues related to AT&T products conveniently. As we know AT&T offers various telecom products and its services for the customers to make their work easy. If they have any queries, then they can rely on the customer service to settle it without taking any fees and by saving your time. Here are the issues that can be resolved by the customer service operators to help you out:

1. Wireless Devices Issues – The customer care can resolve your issues related to the AT&T wireless devices (mobile phones). You can get the answers to these following issues by contacting operators:

  • How to set-up and activate the device?
  • If you are unable to unlock the device?
  • Learn how to activate the new SIM?
  • Change your prepaid plans
  • Get access to Voicemail with the help of support.
  • Facing issues in resetting your Device?
  • Sign-up the device protection
  • Know how to Replace your device
  • Resolve your Billing and Payment issues

2. AT&T Wi-Fi connectivity – if you are facing any given issues related to the wi-fi connectivity, then it can be resolve by the operators and they will reach out to fix it. The issues can be:

  • Facing issues in managing Wi-Fi settings
  • Slow internet connection problems
  • If you have lost internet connection
  • How to email setup and repair it?
  • Set-up internet parental controls
  • Troubleshoot internet speed
  • How to set up equipment and fix equipment
  • Get Internet Security Suite for Wi-fi

3. TV issues – Your AT&T TV issues can be resolved by the techs by contacting the customer care operators. The operators at the helpdesk will provide step-by-step guidance to resolve your concerns.

  • Set up and Installation by professional techs.
  • How to sign in to an AT&T TV account?
  • Unable to resolve Error code search
  • Fixing Picture and Buffering issues
  • How to resolve Remote control issues?
  • Having issues in Sound/audio-video Sync
  • How to fix the Home button if not responding?
  • How to use ATT TV App?
  • Want to remove unnecessary Local channel

4. Home Phone and Landline Issues – The operators at the AT&T customer service helpdesk can also provide solutions to your concerns over the home phone and landline issues. Some of the issues can be:

  • Appointment to Set-up of digital and Landline phone
  • Know more about Phone features setting
  • How to block and protect from Unwanted Call
  • How to get billing online?
  • Other billing issues
  • If you are facing connecting issues
  • How to get full call history?
  • Unable to set up voice mail feature
  • how to disable call forwarding?

What Issues Can’t Be Resolved by Calling AT&T Customer Service Number?

There are many issues that cannot be resolved over the call. Some of the issues like payment issues, technical issues, and device issues are impossible to handle over the call. To resolve such issues either you have to visit the nearest store or you can visit the official website to get instant help. Let’s check in detail what issues can not be resolve over the call:

  1. Technical Issues – If there is any technical error in any of the AT&T devices, then customers visit the store in order to fix the damage. The technical issues can not be resolved over the call.
  2. Mobile & Device shopping – Customers can buy mobile phones and other accessories over the call. For shopping for data devices, mobile phones, plans, and other accessories, customers have to visit the official website or the nearest AT&T store.
  3. Billing and Payment Issues – If you facing billing and payment issues due to the bank and not able to make payments, then you have to contact your bank for the related issue. In such a case, the online banking issues can not be resolved by customer support of AT&T, you have to reach out to the bank for support.

What To Do If You Are Not Satisfied With AT&T Customer Service? 

The customer care operators always strive to provide you with the best solutions to your problems. But in case, you are not happy with the services of operators or you want to report feedback regarding customer service provider then you can try the given below ways:

  • Try calling back: If you are not happy with any operator then, you can try calling the other operator. A customer operator’s experience and knowledge can make a huge difference in terms of providing customer satisfaction. Try to make another call on the customer care phone number and explain your issue to them. Maybe they will understand your concerns better and resolve it without wasting your time.
  • 24/7 Live chat: AT&T also offers live chat options for the customers, which is available 24/7 through its website and app. In the live chat, you will be connected to the experts through the chats, and you express your grievances through writing it. They will provide you the best possible solutions to resolve your concerns.
  • Connect Through Social Media: AT&T has several social media accounts. You can search its official user id and connect with the specialist in the direct message and they will help you sort out your matter.
  • Visit Nearest AT&T Store: If you don’t want to contact AT&T customer service to fix your devices or repair your product, you can also reach out to the nearest retail store of AT&T. In that, you can have a face-to-face consultation with a store associate and they will resolve your issue quickly and instantly. In the store, you can also get hands-on technical support for accessories or devices.


So, if you want to resolve your issues and willing to call the customer services then call them now. You can get answers to your queries and can also resolve many issues over the phone. The most popular issues that can be resolved are related to technical support, billing issues, selecting different prepaid plans, and setting up and installation of devices. These issues are very common and can be encounter by anyone. You don’t need to worry about, the customer care operators are experienced and well trained to provide you the best solution and help to the users.

In case, you don’t feel comfortable contacting AT&T customer service, then you have several different options to connect with customer support. You can either reach out online or you can visit the nearest store of AT&T. Don’t wait, just get issues resolved by reaching the best customer support.

Phone Number800-331-0500
DepartmentCustomer Service
Working Hours of Call CentersMon-Fri 8 am-6 pm EST
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support AvailableYes
Best Time to Call8:15 am
Alternative Methods to ContactEmail Id, Text, Web, In-person, and Social Media Webste – https://www.att.com/
Fb – https://www.facebook.com/ATT/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ATT/
Phone number for AT&T mobile device611
Phone number for Internet & TV services800.288.2020
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