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No more waiting on hold, directly Contact Shopify Customer Service

If you are looking for a faster way to connect with a Shopify Customer Service representative, so you probably already know how difficult it can be to do so.  Shopify is associated with various sectors like internet software and services and information technology and serves millions of users in around 175 countries. So, it’s quite common for consumers to experiences long wait on hold. But, with the right information, you can navigate your way through phone-support mazes such as waiting and automated phone menus.

RepInASec collects real customers’ experience, reviews, and related information to create the best tips and tools for consumers to reach call centers live agents faster. We also tried to provide not only phone-based support information but the whole customer service system’s details so that consumers can get solutions for issues effectively. We understand that providing information about alternative ways helps you to get better solutions.

Why do people call Shopify Customer Service?

Shopify is a leading Canadian global e-commerce organization based out in Ottawa, Ontario. It’s famous as an e-commerce platform for retail point-of-sale systems and online stores. The company offers online retailers a range of services, including marketing, shipping, payments, and “customer engagement tools.”

According to their official reports, Shopify serves over 1,000,000 businesses in over 175 countries. It’s quite normal for a company as big as Shopify to get hundreds of customer queries every single day.

Some of the most common customer queries solve by Shopify Customer Service includes:

Change ‘Featured Collections’ Grid Layout for Mobile HomepageEmail Help PleaseError Message shipping method not availableOur website cannot be logged in
Shopify DesignWrong bank account infoEmail body not showing in Notification emailFeedback On My Store
Shopify AppsWrong tracking link for shippingNested Menu ProblemAdd Shipment method to checkout page
Minimal Theme – Change Search Bar to Search Icon, Change Create Account/Log In to IconsPayments, Shipping & FulfillmentBold SubscriptionsShopify APIs & SDKs
How to add pages content to product tabsButton not clickable on featured product pageRecurring payments/instalment appsFiltering by tag groups, non-alphabetical order
The Facebook ads are now getting impressionsFacebook not workingPayments, Shipping & FulfillmentProducts not wowing on website
Showing a collection list filtered by customer tagsUnable to load the website in iframeCreate Automatic Discount for Specific Customer(s)Multiple automatic discounts
Why the 50% shows to 0%?COVID-19 DiscussionsShopify APIs & SDKsGoogle Search Console Error
Shopify event APIOnline Store SpeedBuy X Get Y can’t functionalThe “Start XX free-trial” doesn’t show up
Cart Rest APIIntegration of third party system into ShopifyImage Flip Boxes Response IssueAre you happy with the speed performance of your store?
Compare Price Not Showing But Products Have Different Variants and Different prices.Custom upload on images do not show up in orderMysterious All collection pagePayment Issue

Reasons Why People Called Shopify Customer Service Number Recently?

  • Hello, I had ordered a product from Shopify last week, but I’m facing trouble with my purchase.
  • Please give my ** that I did not allow anyone to take without my permission.
  • I ordered a pad from Magic Drawing US, but I charged twice for the same product.
  • Could you please tell me where my stuff is? I ordered some products from the website 8 days ago.
  • I am facing difficulty adjust shipping prices. It’s confusing for me to understand how shipping actually works and…….
  • Could you help me? I want to figure out international shipping rates and how to fix prices. Customers are ordering from our web…………
  • I have a registered international trademark on my name, but after several attempts, I’m unable to use………
  • I have already uploaded all the required documents like my ID and power bills. Now it says…………..
  • My Facebook shop disconnected from the website. I need to reconnect it and but do not know how to do it.
  • Is there an app or vendor available who can make lots of custom masks?
  • One of my customers was charged twice for the same product, but I didn’t receive the money yet……
  • Hello, I don’t know why but my customers are not using credit card mode anymore for some unknown reason…………
  • Hey, I want to complain about being charged for unauthorized purchases.
  • My account is locked after I made some changes to my account. Could you please help me?
  • Please help me with my billing and shipping issue.

General Information on Shopify Customer Service

There are a total of 3 ways that you can use to contact Shopify Customer Service, including phone-based support, live chat, and online databases or online help.

Phone: You can use 888-746-7439 to call Shopify Customer Service. It’s the only number that comes with toll-free service. You can dial this number to get assistance for various common issues such as Overcharge on Account, Account Access, Missing Payment, Account Setup, Cancel Account, and more.

Live Chat: The live chat is available on the official website. To use this feature, you need to visit the login support page and login with your account to continue further.

Online Help: The Company offers a wide database that has various important blogs, articles, and FAQs, which you can use to get your answer more quickly. This is a better and faster source if your issue is easy or related to some very common topic such as information about the account access. However, if your issue is complicated and requires a representative’s attention, feel free to contact them through other modes mentioned above.

Best Shopify Customer Service Number to Call

In total, there is only one phone number to contact customer support of Shopify. So, it’s the only, but the best number to dial is 888-746-7439. People reach this number to get solutions for common customer queries like Overcharge on Account, Account Access, Missing Payment, Account Setup, Cancel Account, and other customer service issues. Rather than using phone-based support, you can also contact them via live chat or get solutions through FAQs or blogs available on the official website. Since this is the company’s only phone number, you may have to wait a little longer on hold.

The number and waiting time may change from time to time, as this information is based on recent customer support experiences. Here at RepInASec, we try to update the information and add new points from time to time. If you have any experience that can help you better help consumers, please feel free to share.

Comparison of Shopify contact information

There is a total of 3 ways to contact Shopify’s customer service, including lie chat options and phone-based customer support. Below, in the table, we have mentioned all ways to contact Shopify Customer Service along with their waiting time. You can then compare and contrast yourself and select which method is more convenient and faster for you. Shopify is available across the following mediums: Phone, Web, and chat.

Phone Number and Way of ContactReal-Time Wait on Hold
Customer Service- 888-746-743924 Mins
Online Customer Support-
Within 2 Hours
Live Chat and Online Help2 Mins

What issues can be solved through Shopify Customer Service Phone Number?

People call Shopify Customer Service to get a solution for a range of customer queries, including:

  • Start a new service
  • Changing or canceling a service
  • Want information about different plans and services
  • Answer questions about charges and billing
  • Want to Sign up for different services and plans
  • Want to request for Investigate billing disputes
  • Need assistance to purchase new devices
  • Purchasing new devices
  • Questions about charges and bills
  • Technical support and Troubleshooting

What issues can’t be solved through Shopify Customer Service Phone Number?

Most issues that consumers have with Shopify with issues directly related to the service of the company. But if your issue is related to a third party issues such as:

  • Third-party billing and payment issues
  • Shipment issues
  • Accessory purchases
  • Hands-on technical issues

What to do if you are not satisfied call with Shopify Customer Service?

Sometimes, customer support calls don’t go well due to multiple reasons, such as badly trained representatives and poor communication. Here are some options that you can try to get effective solutions.

First, make notes of actual conversation and look for points of miscommunication or misunderstanding. This information can help you to stay on point and deliver your message more appropriately. Don’t forget to make notes about your issues or questions as well.


Call Shopify Customer Service again: Please keep in mind that some agents have better training or more years of experience than others, so there are chances that the next agent may provide you a better solution.

Try alternative methods to contact Shopify Customer Service. There are 2 other ways than phone-based support that you can try to connect with a representative. These ways include live chat and online support or online database.

Important Details of Shopify Customer Service

Phone Number888-746-7439
DepartmentCustomer Service Department
Working Hours of Call Centers24 hours a day, 7 days in a week
Is Call back AvailableNo
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Best Time to Call9:05 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Web, and Live Chat
Navigate phone maze to a humanPress 1
Communication Quality88%
Help Quality92%
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