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A faster and hassle-free way to contact Spotify Customer Service rep

With Spotify, it’s very easy to find the right music to make your every moment full of soulful tunes- on your phone, tablet, computer, and other devices. There are millions of tracks available that you can enjoy. Spotify is a service and a gateway to a music world that uses over 320 million users, including 144 million paying subscribers. When millions of users use a service, it’s quite natural for the company to receive lots of customer queries every day.

Although Spotify Customer Service does not offer phone-based support, there are other ways you can try to connect with a live agent. To solve all your confusion, RepInASec has gathered all the necessary information about Spotify Customer Service.

Why do People Call Spotify Customer Service?

Spotify is world-renowned Swedish media and audio streaming services provider, founded in October 2008. Based in Luxembourg, with global headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify is one of the most reliable and oldest services of its types. The company offers digital copyright restricted recorded podcasts and music, including over 60 million songs, from media companies and record labels. As a freemium service, free services come with basic features with limited control and with advertisements. In contrast, additional features like ad-free listening and offline listening are available for paid subscribers.

Spotify has a strong presence in most parts of the world, including the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and parts of Asia and Africa. Users can search for music based on the album, genre, and artist on various modern devices, including Windows, Linux computers, macOS, iOS, Android, and AI enabled smart speakers like Amazon Alexa. As of 2020, Spotify has over 320 million users, including 144 million paying subscribers.

Because of these reasons, Spotify gets various requests for customer service every day. However, the company does not offer phone-based support but provide other ways like online help.

These are some of the common reasons why people look for the representative’s assistance.

  • Questions or inquires about how the service works.
  • Need help in setting up, canceling, or changing accounts
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical support
  • Reporting identity theft or hacking
  • Services and Products related Questions
  • Reporting about violations of intellectual property
  • Getting help with payment and billing issues

Services and Products related Questions

Account and PaymentUsing SpotifyListen EverywhereOther Questions
Questions, issues, or inquiries related to: Account HelpPayment HelpSubscription OptionsPremium FamilyPremium DuoPremium StudentPrivacy & SecurityQuestions, issues, or inquiries related to: Video TutorialsGetting StartedPlaylistsFeaturesSystem & SettingsTroubleshootingSpeakersCarsTVsGamingSmart DisplaysSmart WatchesVoice AssistantsUsername and display nameCharged too muchThink your account’s been hacked?Can’t play SpotifyCan’t remember login detailsCan I get a refund?

Recent Reasons why people called Spotify Customer Service Number

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  • I cannot edit my profile. When I go to the edit page, all fields are gr………
  • I am being charged twice for my Spotify services. I want a refund for my deduction……..
  • My debit card is being charged twice for premium services…………..
  • I am being charged for Spotify, but I have never opened the account. What should I do to solve………….
  • I accidentally deleted my playlists; I followed all instructions of Spotify to get them back, but………….
  • I was checking my credit card statement and notice a deduction made by Spotify without concern……
  • How to redeem a gift card?
  • Whenever I logged into my account, the home screen comes up with a message saying that an error occurred……….
  • I am trying to pay the subscription bill with a gift card, but I have no idea how to submit the information.
  • Can I pay my bill using a gift card instead of my credit or debit card?
  • Spotify took my money from my account. I don’t even use your services. Only one time you downloaded the app and dele………
  • Why Spotify is playing the second of the songs, not the full version.
  • I want to cancel my subscription, could you please help me.
  • All of a sudden, my Spotify playlists stop playing on my computer. Even after various troubleshooting…………
  • I have recently changed my card details; I have received an email from Spotify about an unauthorized login………..

Ways to Contact Spotify Customer Service

Spotify does not have any phone number to contact its customer service, but there are other ways you can try. There is a total of 3 ways to get in touch with a live representative of Spotify Customer service, including online help, live chat, and email. People usually call the Spotify customer support department to get solutions for various issues, including Account Access, Cancel Account, Refund a Charge, Download or Streaming Trouble, Dispute a Charge, and other customer service issues.

If you are looking for a way to talk to a live agent on the phone or through instant live chat, you might be disappointed that the company does not have these services. But, there are different ways that you can try to get help.


Spotify provides customer service over email.


Spotify does not offer any phone-based support, maybe because of the huge customer base and multinational presence.


Unfortunately, Spotify has not instant live chat offer, but you can fill a request form for assistance. The form is available on the official website.

Tips to get the best outcome from your Spotify Conversation

There are various things that you can try to get better results from your communication with a representative of Spotify Customer Service.

Keep all relevant documentation in front of you before calling customer service. These documents include screenshots from your mobile app or computer, billing statements, order confirmations, or any previous correspondence regarding the issue.

Go to the help page of Spotify and follow instructions for submitting a request for support. It’s vital to pay close attention to the menu questions to handle your assistance request by the correct department.

Take notes of when you submit support requests so that you can follow up all instructions easily if you don’t receive a timely response.

Comparison of Spotify contact information

There is a total of 3 ways; you can try to contact customer support, including live chat and online help options. Below you can compare all methods and their waiting time to find the fastest way for you. You can connect with Spotify agents across these mediums: Web, Email, and Twitter.

Phone Number and Way of ContactReal-Time Wait on Hold
Customer Service- [email protected]Within 52 Hours
Online HelpWithin 92 Hours
Twitter69 Mins

What kind of issues can be solved through Spotify Customer Service Phone Number?

To be noted, Spotify does not offer phone-based support; you can try its online methods to connect with a live person. Since this an online and mobile service platform, people contact a customer support agent to get assistance for various issues, including setting up accounts, providing information on how to use the account and its features, providing technical support, assistance troubleshooting, researching billing and payment issues and helping with hacked accounts.

What kind of services can’t be solved through Spotify Customer Service?

Spotify is not responsible for providing assistance for the content available on the service. If you find podcasts, music, or other content to be offensive, understand that the company makes these types of decisions about the content available for users, and an agent will not be able to remove objectionable content for you.

If your issue is related to incompatibility between your device or commuter and Spotify app, a customer service representative may suggest a workaround but cannot provide a complete solution. The company is not responsible for incompatibilities issue; ultimately, you may need to talk with your device’s manufacturer or replace your PC or mobile device if you want to use Spotify’s services.

What to do if you are not happy with the communication with Spotify?

If you have this feeling that your communication with the Spotify customer service agent proved to unsuccessful, try these things to get a better solution or answer for your question:

First, check the notes you took during your conversation or review your response from a customer service agent. You may be able to find the point of misunderstanding or miscommunication that can be pointed in your next message to Spotify.

Second, Contact Spotify Customer Service again. This time explain your previous conversation points that you have identified and what type of solution you want for the issue. Explain your problem politely and asked that the representative reconsider your assistance request. Remember that every agent is different; some have more training levels and experience than others, so maybe the next person can provide you a better solution.

If a second assistance request does not resolve your problem, try another way in touch for help. Spotify does provide the option of contacting through social media accounts, and it’s also has a consumer forum where you can get a helpful answer by posting a question.

Another option you can try to get assistance is to send a letter through postal mail to the global office or regional office of Spotify in your nation. Remember, Spotify is an international company; you need to call the national headquarters where you reside. At the same time, this method slow compared to other options; it’s best to get a solution to severe issues that online customer support cannot solve.

Important Details of Spotify Customer Service

Email[email protected]
Phone NumberSpotify does not offer phone-based support
DepartmentCustomer Service
Working Hours of Call CentersN/A
Is Call back AvailableNo
Is real Human Support AvailableNo
Best Time to CallN/A
Navigate phone maze to a humanN/A
Alternative Methods to ContactWeb, Email, and Twitter
Twitter – https://twitter.com/spotifyindia?lang=en
Communication QualityN/A
Help QualityN/A
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