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TD Ameritrade Customer Service

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A Complete Support Team For Financial Assistance: TD Ameritrade Customer Service.

Looking forward to experts’ advice and support for financial services? You may reach TD Ameritrade Customer Service without any hassle and get easy solutions. Once you get through, you may get answers to all queries. Open new accounts, manage your existing accounts and get technical support and many other facilities. Feel free to connect through any means possible for you.

Common reasons for calling Customer Service

TD Ameritrade is a huge financial service company. It operates in various cities and countries across the world. This is why it is common that its customer service receives multiple calls each day. It is common to have confusion and to clear doubts. It is also obvious that customers will call TD Ameritrade Customer Service Number to seek support as they are investing their money in it. Customer service appreciates your interest and tries its best to help you in every possible way. Although, customers call with some common queries-

  • To close an existing account.
  • To open non-business accounts with small investments.
  • Transferring shares.
  • Adding or removing Authorized persons to the account.
  • Technical issues on Logging in.

Services To avail from TD Ameritrade Customer Service 

Confidently, call TD Ameritrade Customer Service Number at your comfort time and avail its services. The customer service has different sectors, to deal with all kinds of problems any customer may ever face. Quality and swiftness is the key they follow to serve their customers. Therefore, you will have nothing to worry about, if you connect with the customer service team. Righteously, avail these services of the customer service-

Open New AccountsOpen new accounts with TD Ameritrade through the TD Ameritrade Customer Service Number. Get continuous support even before and after you open an account. You can solely depend on the team to get full support to complete the entire process.
Manage Existing AccountsMake changes to your existing accounts through a phone call. Customer service lets you add or remove any authorized person to the account, make investments, withdrawals, and more. You will have full assistance to conduct any activity with your account.
Technical SupportYou may also contact TD Ameritrade Customer Service Phone Number with technical problems. They are capable of troubleshooting all technical matters instantly. With the online accounts, applications, payments problems, and many more. Without hesitation just reach out and ask for help.
Professionals Advice and SupportGet professional advice on how to maintain your account. The team is capable of handling customers according to their needs. You will not only avail support but also targeted support according to your necessity. All queries will be solved comfortably by the customer service team.
InformationCollect authentic information directly from a trustworthy source. This source is reliable and will not require any verification.

Complaint through TD Ameritrade Customer Service 

Trust is a major factor where you invest money. And TD Ameritrade always has intentions to put up with your trust. Therefore, they always recommend to, contact TD Ameritrade Customer Service in any way possible in order to report your concerns. It will bring your issue to the notice. It also leads to receive help and support from the team to eradicate the concerns in a beneficial way. However, if you are facing confusion on how to contact, you may reach out through any of these ways-

  • Call TD Ameritrade Customer Service Phone Number

Without any delay or hesitation just dial the number to file your reports. You will connect with an agent who will record your complaint and help you with the matter. As soon as you report, you also initiate the process of finding a solution for the same. Therefore, instead of waiting for the right time, just dial to file a report and start the process towards a solution.

  • Report through an Email

Write an email addressing your concerns directly to the customer service. Mention your Account Number, Social Security Number, for identification and fast response. Address your matter in concern with details. Customers find it convenient to send emails as it gives them physical evidence. Money matters are always very risky, and to be a little cautious is never harmful. Therefore, feel free to contact TD Ameritrade Customer Service through Email.

  • Report through Website

Another very interesting way to find solutions is through the website. You may find information about all schemes and plans on these pages. But, suppose you fail to find answers, you may leave your queries through the help pages. The customer service will attend to them and revert accordingly.

  • Conduct a Chat

You may also choose to chat with the agents. TD Ameritrade allows its customers to conduct chats through Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you start a chat through normal text, you will have to send a request. This is also an easy way to file complaints with customer service.

Issues that Customer Service may not be competent to resolve 

The customer service is made to meet all the demands of its customers. They are capable of serving top-class service with utmost swiftness and accuracy. However, some matters still require more attention from the customer to be resolved. Therefore, you will have to make the needed efforts to have a comfortable service experience with TD Ameritrade.

The customer service will be able to guide you through all the processes carefully. You may call TD Ameritrade Customer Service Phone Number and avail them easily. However, to upload any document, you will have to make the effort to do it independently, or mail or fax your details. Customer service can do so much as to inform and guide you through the procedure step-by-step.

Therefore, you cannot always be dependent entirely on customer service. They may help you, but you will also have to help yourself. Only then, you will be happy with the experience. Investing money cannot be always an easy task. It does require some effort from both ends.

Reach TD Ameritrade Customer Service through

The easiest thing to do, if you ever need any help is to contact customer service. They will provide complete assistance on any matters that you may face. Not just for complaints, but you may also contact to get information or provide feedback. All customers are equally important for customer service and hence, they make full efforts to help all its customers who reach out. Therefore, you may-

  • Call TD Ameritrade Customer Service Phone Number

It is your full right to call customer service at any time. The customer service phone number lines are open 24 hours of the day. These lines are open only to serve the customers with their queries and concerns. You will connect with a real agent who will help you with your concerns.

Kindly note that there are separate phone numbers as per the need. TD Ameritrade maintains separate phone numbers so that it is easier for the customers to get through and the targeted support is provided. Therefore, re-check before you dial to get fast solutions. Make sure to dial the correct TD Ameritrade Customer Service Number.

  • Send an Email to TD Ameritrade

The company also offers mail services for its customers. Send an official mail with full information of the account holder and the reason for the mail. The customer service will revert within 55 hours with valid resolution or answers as per your mail. This is an easy yet effective way to connect.

  • Visit the Website

The website is an amalgamation of all the essential information about the company, information pages, FAQ pages, contact pages, and many more. Any customer who is struggling with any queries, may easily scroll through these pages and try to find a solution. In case you drop a query, expect to receive a response within 19 hours.

  • Message through Facebook, Twitter, and Text

Another way to connect is through Facebook, Twitter, or general text messages. You will get fast responses and easy solutions. You may find the link to any of these messaging facilities also on the official website. These lines are also open 24 hours a day. Therefore, you may connect without any issues.

What can you do after encountering an unsuccessful call with customer support?

Customer service is popularly known for its services. There are hardly any complaints against any such experience. However, if you ever encounter any such issues, worry not. The customer service will ensure that you may end up with a favorable solution. But before you proceed, you should prepare yourself for it. Write in points the reason for calling. Keep in hand all required documents- Account Number, Social Security Number, Taxpayer Identification Number, or any such essential documents. Then you may proceed-

  • Make a call back with TD Ameritrade Customer Service Number. You will connect with a different agent. Explain your problems and wait for a response. You may get favorable solutions on your next attempt.
    • Also, as some customers, you may also choose to send an email to the customer service. Most customers also find satisfying solutions through this.
    • In case, this does not work for you, try looking for solutions on the official website and through the help pages.
    • If nothing works out, you may also choose to chat through normal text, Facebook, or Twitter. One way or the other you will surely find a solution.
    • Finally, if you hit repetitive failure, you may visit the office and ask for help. This will benefit you in having direct contact, thus making it highly possible for the best outcomes.

The satisfaction of customers is always the sole priority of the company. And to achieve it, the TD Ameritrade Customer Service works vigorously each day. Therefore, just reach out and avail of services and enjoy your investments and profits.  


Phone Number (New Accounts)800-454-9272.
Phone Number( Existing Accounts)800-669-3900.
Working Hours (General Queries)24×7.
Working Hours for Technical SupportMonday- Friday 7:00 am-6:00 p.m. ET.
Best Time to Call10:45 am.
Is Real Human Support Available?Yes.
Is Call Back Available?Yes.
Phone Number Retirement Consultants800-213-4583.
TTY Services (Deaf or Partial Deaf Customers)888-723-8503.
Working HoursMonday – Friday 8:30 am- 5:30 pm ET.
Alternate ContactPhone, Email, Chat, Web.
Email ID[email protected]
ChatFacebook, Twitter, Text.
Web, Help Pagehttps://www.tdameritrade.com/contact.html
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