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9700 NW 112th Ave, Medley, FL 33178, United States
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Get Advice & Resolutions For Your Concerns-Total Wireless Customer Service

Avail easy and hassle-free solutions for all your problems only through Total Wireless Customer Service. They provide complete support from connections to cancellation, from purchase to repair of products and services. Customers can experience top-class services with just one phone call or message. Therefore, do not hesitate if you ever face any obstacle; simply get in touch with customer service as soon as possible for the best resolutions. 

Some problems that customers commonly face

The customer service has been operating cautiously to provide full support to its customers. They have been tackling problems of various sorts for their customers. Customers call Total Wireless Customer Service Number to report their problems and to seek help from experts. Whenever you face any issues, feel free to reach out to customer service. Some of the common issues that customer service receives regularly are-

  • Complaints about incompatibility with the network connections.
  • Warranty Claims on products.
  • New connection.
  • Network issues.
  • Technical problems. 

Services by Total Wireless Customer Service 

Comfortably avail all the services available for customers. These services are neutral for all customers. Customer service tries its best to provide all that customers seek. You will never have any problems once you contact Total Wireless Customer Service Number. They will make sure to provide you with the best resolutions to your issues. Avail of these services easily.

Technical HelpSupportInformation
Contact customer service for all technical problems. Have problems signing in to your account, connection issues reach out for help. The customer service department has some experts who can deal with such matters. If possible they will troubleshoot the matter or guide you on how to handle the matter.Get full support from billing issues to the new connection. Customer service is capable to help its customers in all these situations. There is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is reach out and get the help you need. Call Total Wireless Customer Service Number at the earliest for best resolutions.Avail updated and true information on all topics. This source is trustworthy and reliable. All information you receive will be authentic and do not require any confirmation.

How to register an issue with Total Wireless Customer Service?

Make a complaint effortlessly with customer service. The sooner you report them, the sooner you get resolutions. So, do not wait any longer. As soon as you realize any problems, just report them to the customer service. It will give you the most convenient resolutions. And if you are wondering how to report your issues, the answers to them would be- 

  • Call Total Wireless Customer Service Phone Number

Usually, most customers choose to call customer service for help. Customers have an opinion that it not only allows them to report their matters but also helps them avail immediate solutions. Therefore, you may also call and get an instant response and fast solutions for all your problems. Just try to get through. Do not give up without trying. 

  • Make a complaint through Live Chat 

Some customers also choose to chat with the agents in real-time. Express your problems in detail. Mention all the essential information, which will help the agent to serve you better. It also provided an immediate and fast response. You will have no issues if you can connect through this method. 

Issues that Customer Service cannot solve

Customer service is competent to tackle many issues that customers may face, they can handle all problems that are solvable online easily over a phone call. But some matters require much more attention or a different way of approach. In such cases, the customer service will not be able to help you directly. You may still try to call Total Wireless Customer Service Phone Number to get assistance or clear information regarding the matter in concern. Some matters that are beyond control for customer service are-

  • For connection issues due to damage in the router, a technician will have to visit and fix the issue. 
  • If you have exceeded the warranty date, then you will not be allowed with your claim. They may help you with processing repair of the product but cannot help in any way otherwise.
  • For late deliveries of products, the delivery company would be responsible. Total Wireless Customer Service has no say in it. Once the item is dispatched from the distributor, the customer service is not responsible for it.
  • For any item that is incompatible with the network of Total Wireless Network, the customer service will not be able to help you with the matter. They may suggest workarounds, but the final decision is always yours. 

Therefore, you cannot always depend on customer service or blame it for all matters. Certain matters require a certain way of approach. You will have to follow them to find solutions for your troubles. It may take longer, but not indefinite. You will surely find solutions. 

How to Interact with Total Wireless Customer Service?

The customer service has a very operational and strict method of communication. These communication means are very effective and helpful. You may connect through any of these ways possible for you and avail of the services. You will not regret your attempt. They are all very smooth and convenient to get through. Contact Total Wireless Customer Service through-

  • Total Wireless Customer Service Phone Number

These lines are open only during working hours. Make sure to take a note of it from down below. If you ever try to connect through the phone number, know that you will directly connect with an agent. This agent will address your matter and may ask you a few questions regarding your connection for you to get better support. Once, they understand your matter they will instantly help you with the best possible solutions for your given condition. These solutions are particularly based on the customer and the urgency or severity. So, make sure that you explain your matter clear. You may also connect to give feedback or report any other issues. 

  • Reach through Live Chat

Contact Total Wireless Customer Service through the live chat portal available on the website. This will lead you to connect with an agent in real-time. This agent will attend to your matter in real-time and help you with solutions. It is a very popular method among customers to report their issues. You don’t even have to file a report. You can easily sit in your comfort and start a conversation. By the end of the chat, you will surely get an affordable solution. 

Are you not satisfied with the customer service support?

The customer service has always been very attentive towards each of its customer’s needs. They have made sure that customers get what they want until and unless it is possible for them. But due to unexplainable situations, customers also report unsatisfying responses. Although customers rarely end up on this side of the call, it’s not completely impossible. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about if you ever face any issues. You can still try to find better solutions.

  • Certainly, the first thing to do in this stage would be to calm down and take some for the customer service to act upon it. Sometimes it may require some more time for the matter to resolve.
  • Meanwhile, you may make notes about your previous call. It is always recommended to have a pen and paper before you call Total Wireless Customer Service Number. It makes great reference points for upcoming attempts in the search for solutions.
  • Then, you may call back customer service like most other customers. This time you will connect with a different agent who will understand and handle your matter differently. Therefore, it gives you high possibilities for solutions. 
  • Keep repeating the same method, unless you succeed. If necessary ask to speak with a high authority. 
  • In case you feel this was not satisfying enough for you, you may start a live chat with the agent. Customers have always had a happy response about their experiences. You should be able to find a solution as well.
  • Repeating the method of ending and re-starting the matter also helps in this scenario. Remember that each time you call you connect with a different agent. 
  • Finally, if you feel nothing is working for you, freely write a postal letter to the main office expressing your grief and seeking help. They will surely provide you with the best solutions possible. 

Giving up will not get you solutions. Therefore, you should try continuously unless you are satisfied with the solution. Reach Total Wireless Customer Service at the earliest to find the best solutions always. 

Contact Information

Phone Number.866-663-3633.
Working Hours.8:00 am-11:45pm EST. All Days.
Best Time to Call.10:45am.
Is real human support available?Yes.
Is Call Back Available?No.
Alternate ContactPhone,Chat, Postal Letter.
Live Chathttps://www.totalwireless.com/contactus
Working Hours8:00 am-11:45 pm EST. All Days.
Postal AddressTotal Wireless AER Department 9700 NW 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178
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