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San Francisco, California, United States
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Xoom Customer Service- Find Fast & Easy Resolutions For All Transactions 

Xoom is an online platform that allows its customers to make online transactions across the world. And monetary transactions bring in lots of queries and hassles. To avoid all such chaos, Xoom Customer Service operates with the view to help customers. Hence, if you ever face any troubles while making a Xoom payment, easily connect and get easy solutions for it. They operate thoroughly and will surely help you find the best solutions only.

Commonly reported matters by customers

Without any further hesitation, customers call Xoom Customer Service Number reporting several matters. If you also face any problems, get through and find easy solutions for the same. Customer service has over time, handled many queries and questions. However, here are some of the common problems that customers frequently report-

  • Cancel transfers.
  • Re-send canceled transfers.
  • Updating account details.
  • Technical problems with an online account.
  • Help with editing transactions.

Services by Xoom Customer Service

Always available to provide service towards all its customers, you can easily get in touch with customer service. All you have to do is to make a call. Dial Xoom Customer Service Number and get the services you need. All the facilities and services are available for all its customers.

Make TransactionsMake international and domestic transfers within minutes. And in case of any problems reach to Xoom Customer Service Number immediately. The customer service will sort the matter for you as soon as possible. They will also guide you through the steps to complete a successful payment.
Status UpdatesGet accurate and updated information on the status of the transactions. You may have to reach Xoom Customer Service Phone Number for avail accurate status of the matter. For a failed or successful transaction, just provide the transaction ID or receipt number and get answers.
SupportFor matters apart from these, if you as a customer face any other inconvenience, immediate report them through Xoom Customer Service Number and get resolutions. Customer service will handle the matter and provide you with the best solutions to your situation. You may trust them to avail the best answers or resolutions only.
Technical AssistanceAs an online platform, it is completely ok to face technical problems. Millions of transactions take place each day through the Xoom portal. This is why it is common to have technical issues now and then. However, if you connect with Xoom Customer Service Number the matters will be troubleshot instantly. They are capable of handling all technical matters.
InformationCustomer service provides all accurate information. Customers may rely on this source to acquire information on any topics related to Xoom.

Report Matters through Xoom Customer Service

Customer service operates to make the lives of its customer easy. And with Xoom, you may also file complaints through customer service. It is convenient and easy for customers to address their problems directly with customer service. This will help them to get direct answers for all matters. It also is comfortable for customers to file complaints through these ways-

  • Call Xoom Customer Service Phone number

The most comfortable way to file complaints is through call. You will connect with a trained representative of the customer service. You may record your discrepancy and wait for help. The customer service representative will not only record your problem but also try to troubleshoot them. Therefore, without wasting any time, immediately call customer service and report the matter. Make sure to keep in hand any transaction details or account details for reference. It will speed up the process for you. Hence, it is the most preferred way to make complaints about customers.

  • Contact Xoom Customer Service through Website 

Customers looking for more options to avail of support can also send emails through the official website. You can select the main reason for the message and go ahead with filling the form. Accurately fill in all the details. After carefully going through the matter, customer service will revert to suitable solutions. It is an effective way to file complaints.

Issues that customer service will not be able to resolve over call

Customer service is accustomed to handling all matters. Xoom is operational through online platforms. Therefore, matters are directly handled by customer service through calls or emails. They are capable of handling, technical matters, payments issues, activation of accounts, and other such matters. Yet they cannot be said capable of all matters. Though customer service can handle most matters, yet some matters cannot be handled directly. Here are some such matters-

  • Matters involving payment to false accounts cannot resolve over a phone call. You will have to approach the authorized office for the matter. You may have to get in touch with the cyber team for such matters.
  • To update any details, it can easily be done through the website, yet, if you cannot do it, you may have to write a formal email requesting the same. After the approval, you will be able to complete the process. You may still contact Xoom Customer Service Number to get information about the process.
  • While making an international transaction, customers should know that the currency of each country differs. Therefore, while processing any amount, be careful before making it. After the amount has been transferred, customer service will not be responsible for such matters.

Hence, matters that are under control can easily be handled by customer service. And other matters require the correct way of approach.

Connect with Xoom Customer Service

The main motive of the operation of customer service is always to help the customers. And to help them, it is very much necessary, that the customer service makes itself available for help. Ensuring that all its customers can easily get in touch, it is available for contact in two ways. Both these ways are active and constantly work to achieve one goal, complete customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you ever need to reach out for any support, you may get through-

  • Call Xoom Customer Service Phone Number

Making online transactions can get tensed at times. No doubt it is the best and the easiest way to send and receive money universally. Yet, it also bears some stress. What if the transaction fails and money is deducted. If the money goes to the wrong address. Payment failure and other such matters. But with Xoom, you can easily get through customer service. They will help you resolve all your matters in the best possible way. So, without any delay, feel free to reach out. The lines are open throughout the day, so do not fear and directly may the call.

  • Send Emails through Website

Customers can easily find answers to most questions on the official site. However, if you raise a ticket or send emails requesting support, expect a response within 46 hours maximum. The customer service will look into the matter and respond at your designated email ID. The solutions will be helpful. The lines to send in requests are open 24 hours a day. Without any more stress, send in your requests soon and get answers. Contact Xoom Customer service for your convenience. Provide correct and accurate information on all the fields. It will help to track the matter sooner and help with answers.

What happens if customer service support was not satisfying?

Most customers end up happy and well-satisfied with their experiences with customer service. Still, if you ever face a situation that you are unhappy with customer service, you may find answers. Do not give up just yet. There is more to explore until you exhaust all your ways. Customer service is ready to support you in every possible way. That is why do not give up easily. It is always recommended to take notes while on call. It will help you, in matters when things get out of control. Sit down and take time to analyze the flaws in the previous attempt. Once you are prepared, you may proceed-

  • Call Xoom Customer Service Phone Number all over again. Speak about the matter in concern, but also mention the previously failed attempts. It will help the agents to provide different resolutions.
  • Always remember that each time you call, you will connect with different agents. Consistently make efforts and call, customer service for help. Ask for any senior advisor if necessary.
  • After failed attempts at calling, customers should take initiative in sending emails through the official website. It is a formal approach and also has a written approach. The customer service can understand your matters better. Implying better resolutions for the matter.
  • Finally, if nothing helps you to find better answers, you may send a postal letter. To escalate the matter, customers can also raise the matters in social media tagging Xoom. The customer service team will surely get back with solutions in your favor.

Not always can you find easy answers. Some answers may take time. Yet, the best way to go ahead is through Xoom Customer Service always. They will help and provide the best for its customers. 


Phone Number877-815-1531
Working Hours24×7.
Best Time to Call9:30am
Is Real Human Support Available?Yes.
Is Call-Back Available?No.
Alternate Methods to ContactPhone, Web.
WebThrough the official contact portal.
Postal Address425 Market Street, 12th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
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