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Groupon is a leading global e-commerce marketplace in America. It connects subscribers with the local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, and services. Groupon provides goods and services to over 15 countries. Groupon has millions of users from which various customers reach out to the customer support for additional help and support. Groupon Customer service is available to all the customers in a variety of ways.

Groupon serves in more than 500 cities worldwide and it nearly has 48.1 million active customers. Every day Groupon offers deals of the day. Currently, there are more than 425,000 active deals are globally available in various countries. The customer service of Groupon lacks a little bit as it does not provide direct calling services. Customers have to send a message or live chat request to contact the customer representatives. If you are looking for the best help and support, then you can connect through online help support and mobile app. From here, you know more about how to contact Groupon Customer service and other support details.

Common Problems for Which Customers Call Groupon Customer Service

Groupon offers various local shopping, goods, hotel and travel bookings, and coupons for different services. It is common that customers can face problems while shopping, refund, deals, promo codes, or any other issue. As such, you can resolve your issues by contacting customer care service. The customer representatives at the helpdesk are helpful and informative to help the customers with their concerns. Here are the common problems which are faced by customers and for which they reach out to Groupon Customer Service:

  • How can I get my refund after I cancel my order?
  • Can I update or extend Eligible Groupon coupons?
  • How can I return an order?
  • What is Groupon Goods Warranty?
  • How can I purchase a Groupon coupon?
  • Why am I facing an error while messaging?
  • How can I troubleshoot the Promo Code error?
  • Where can I find my deal details?
  • How can I manage my Groupon account?
  • Can I re-use an expired Groupon account?
  • Why am I not able to order anything online?
  • Can I track my shipping order online?
  • What is the Groupon deal of the day?
  • How do I track Groupon goods shipment?

Products and Services You Can Get at Groupon Customer Service

Groupon provides various services and products for customers in different countries. You can also avail of certain customer services related to the products offered by Groupon customer service. Let’s know more about the products and their services you can get at the helpdesk:

Local & Goods (Automotive, Beauty & Spas, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Home Services, Auto & Home Improvement, Meal Prep & Wine Delivery, Baby & Kids, Electronics, Entertainment, For the Home, Online Learning, Personal, Personalized Items, & Retail) – Know how to order, Cancel or manage your order, claim a refund, how to buy any product or services, know about the refund policy, report any payment issue or technical issue.

Hotel & Travel Bookings – Know how to book flights & Hotels, get getaway deals and offers, Getaway Groupon tour, booking calendar troubleshooting, manage your bookings, or cancellation, refund policy, or any other issue.

Coupons & Deal of the Day – Get Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Costco, Udemy, Ancestry DNA, AT&T Wireless, CIT Bank, and many other coupons. Know how to avail of them, know how to use, extend your coupon dates.

Groupon Account – Know-how manage Account, know how to find a Groupon in the account, update or add your payment methods, know how to manage your email subscriptions, change your account details.

Reasons Why Customers Call On Groupon Customer Service Phone Number

If you are looking for customer support and help, then customers should reach out to customer support. You can resolve your various issues and other concerns by calling customer support. Here are the reasons to understand more why customer reach out to Groupon customer service:

In case you have canceled your order and you have to claim your refund, then you can reach out to customer support.

Customers can also update or extend Eligible Groupon coupons validity in case they have expired.

If you are a first time Groupon user, then you can know how can I buy, return or cancel your order.

If you want Groupon Goods Warranty, then you can know how to avail of it.

Customers can easily buy Groupon Promo codes and coupons. If your facing issues, then you can reach out to customer support.

Sometimes you face errors while messaging or while running the official site or mobile app. You can report your issues and troubleshoot them.

If you want to avail of any deal, then you can easily know and check details of it.

You can know how to manage your Groupon account, how to can manage your orders, passwords, and email subscriptions.

If you have to order any product, then you can also track your shipping order online through your account.

What Issues Can Be Resolved by Calling on Groupon Customer Service Phone Number?

There are many issues that can be confronted by customers while shopping, managing accounts, deals, coupons, and various other things. It is not possible to connect through the calling services. Hence, you can request to call customer support for help and support. So, here are the issues that can be resolved by calling on the Groupon customer service number:

  • You can know how to order, return, or manage your order locals & Goods from Groupon.
  • Know how to claim a refund.
  • Report any payment issue or technical issue.
  • Learn how to book flights & Hotels and avail of getaway deals and offers.
  • Know how to avail of Deal of the day.
  • You can ask queries or resolve your Groupon Account.
  • Know how to use a Mobile app or report any technical issue.

Know What Do People Feel About Groupon Customer Service?

If you want to connect with a customer representative then you have to request the call through other ways of connecting. Groupon customer service does not provide a phone number for the customers to directly connect with the experts. This is the major drawback of its customer service. The users face issues and want to resolve their issues by directly contacting customer support, but they couldn’t. That’s why customers are unhappy with this option and they have to wait to get a call back from the services.

Sometimes customers also face the issue when a third party denies the deals and offers and proves to be uncooperative. In such a case, Groupon can’t also help you because the third party has the right to accept and denies help. This creates a lot of conflicts between customers and third-party businesses.

Sometimes people also complain about the unresponsive and less helpful nature of the customer representative. The users complain that the customers rely on scripts and do not actively listen to the customers and strives to provide the actual solutions. They just pretend to listen and do not help at all especially in the case of Third-party conflict.

What to Do If You Are Not Happy & Satisfied With Groupon Customer Service?

Groupon receives thousands of requests daily for help and support. Sometimes customers get a call back whereas sometimes they don’t receive help and support up to the mark. Hence, in such cases, customers can connect with customer support through alternative methods to resolve their issues.

Request Calling Again – In case you haven’t received any call or not satisfied with the previous call then, you can once again request for calling back again. You might get a call again and you can connect with another representative to resolve your issue.

Live Chat – Customers can try connecting with customer support through the live chat option. You can get a live chat option in the mobile app. You ask your queries and also request for calling through the live chat option.

Mobile App – Through the mobile app, customers can troubleshoot their various issues and concerns. They also get answers to various queries without wasting money and time.

Email – Through email support, customers can send queries and try to contact the customer representatives. You might get a response a bit late but you will get a reply from the experts to resolve your queries.

Through Social Media – Groupon also provides help and support through various web-based platforms. You can send queries and request assistance through Facebook and Twitter. The experts at the helpdesk will reply to you as soon as possible to resolve your queries.

Call Groupon Customer Service – Conclusion!

Mostly customers contact customer support to claim a refund, request for activation or cancellation, track shipping and delivery, and for the payments and charges issues. Groupon has more than 35 million registered users. It will not be surprising that the customer service of Groupon receives thousands of requests for assistance. Thus, you are buying products or want to become a merchant with Groupon, then you can contact customer care for help.

If you do not want to wait for the call, then you can also try alternative methods to get help and support. Groupon provides varieties of methods to connect with customer support.

Important Details of Groupon Customer Service

Phone Number (Toll-Free) 877-788-7858
Department Customer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CST
Is Call back Available No
Is real Human Support Available? No
Best Time to Call 9:15 AM
Alternative Methods to Contact Phone, Live Chat, Email and Social Media
Twitter –
Fb –
Navigate phone maze to a human Press 6 then 6
Communication Quality N/A
Help Quality N/A

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