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Microsoft is an an American multinational technology corporation producing computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services

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Microsoft is an American multinational technology company. It was founded on April 4, 1975, and it is providing its amazing technologies and services for more than 45 years. Microsoft headquarters is in Redmond, Washington, and provides its services across the globe. Mircosoft renders various services including developing, manufacturing, giving licenses, and selling various computer software, hardware, electronics products, personal computers, and other devices and its related services. It also provides Microsoft customer service support for the customers in order to resolve their issues and concerns.

Microsoft is one of the largest United States corporations and belongs to the top 5 largest technology companies. It is ranked 21 in the Fortune 500 rankings 2020 for being the largest corporation in the US by its revenue. Along with its technology services, Microsoft also focuses on providing customer support and services. If any customer has any query or facing any issues they can easily contact Microsoft customer services. From here you can know more about the genuine contact details and services of customer support of Microsoft.

Common Problems For Which Customers Contact Microsoft Customer Service

Microsoft provides various software and hardware products however it is well known for its software product. It is common that customers can face issues while using the products. So, to help the users with their concerns, Microsoft provides easy to access customer support. It will not be surprising that customer support of Microsoft gets thousands of calls daily. Here are some of the popular queries that are usually asked by the customers by contacting Microsoft customer services:

  • How can I install Microsoft 365?
  • Why I am not able to activate Windows 10?
  • Why my laptop showing an error on activating windows?
  • How do I Manage the subscriptions?
  • I am not able to sign in to my Microsoft account, what should I do?
  • Why am I facing issues while making payment and billing for Microsoft 365?
  • How I can protect my windows and work more securely?
  • What is privacy at Microsoft, how can I avail of it?
  • Why am I not able to manage privacy settings?

Product and Its Services You Can Get At Microsoft Customer Service

Microsoft offers various hardware and software products. If customers have any issues or have any queries related to the products, they can easily connect with customer support. Here are some of the products of Microsoft and services related to them which you can get by contacting Microsoft customer support:

Product Its Services
Microsoft 365 know about Microsoft services, Unable to install, Want to set-up mobile devices, want to manage billing and payment, resolve issues while using it, know about subscriptions, Cancel your subscription.
Outlook How to access the emails, know more about Outlook feature, how to access the Email and Calendar, know how to add an email account, report technical issues, or any other issue.
OneDrive Know about the latest features of OneDrive, How to use OneDrive to store docs, report issues if facing while uploading photos and files to OneDrive, Know how to set-up Back up with OneDrive, report any technical issue, know how to use OneDrive for Android & iOS, Troubleshoot OneDrive issues, Report OneDrive sync problems
Microsoft Edge Get to know more about Microsoft Edge, know how to add sites to favorites, report sign in issues to Sync, know how to personalize your Edge, Learn more about tracking preventions, activate Browse InPrivate, how to manage history, Troubleshoot installing and updating issues
Xbox How to login, Retrieve password, or login ID, How to manage the account, unable to access the setting on Xbox, Unable to Update or backup settings, know to how to set up Xbox adapter, Want to cancel the subscription, request an Xbox digital refund, know about your purchase history.
Microsoft Computer and Devices How to buy, installation and setting up, how to access the settings, facing technical issues, how to track order, facing issues in billing and payment, how to do instant software download, how to activate windows, cancel or return any order, change your subscription.

Reasons Why Call On Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number

Calling customer support can be an easy way to access customer support assistance. You can directly connect with a customer representative and get instant answers and solutions to your concerns. There are many issues that can be resolved by calling on the phone number whereas there are issues that are hard to resolve over the call. Here are some of the reasons why customers contact the calling support to resolve their issues:

If you want to get the Microsoft 365 services and want to install it, then you can get helpful and informative assistant by calling support.

If you are facing issues while managing your billing and payment, the representative or you want to cancel your subscription

You can also report any facing any issues while using the outlook without any hesitation.

You can also troubleshoot OneDrive and report OneDrive sync problems by contacting Microsoft customer service.

If you want to become a member of Mircosoft Edge, then you can know more about its subscription, tracking preventions, activation, how to manage history, installing and updating issues

If you are facing any issues while login into Xbox or managing its setting, setting up its adapter, or anything then you can connect with customer support and resolve the issues within a few minutes.

What Issues Can Be Resolved By Calling on Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number?

There are various issues and queries that can be easily resolved by calling customer support. By calling customer support, you can take as much time as is needed and get fully satisfied help from the helpful and accommodating representative. You can get different numbers for contacting the experts for different concerns. By approaching them, you can find out answers and unconstrained solutions to determine the difficulties.

  • Know more about Microsoft products
  • Get Help with installing the software
  • Know how to set up equipment or any device
  • Ask queries related to operating software or a device
  • Troubleshooting Microsoft products issues
  • Report any issues while using Microsoft products
  • Request if you want to renew software subscriptions
  • Request if you want to cancelation any subscription
  • Assistance for claiming a refund on any Xbox device
  • Report any technical issue to provide repair services

To determine your issues, you need to follow the step-by-step orders of the experts. You can also get instant answers to your queries without paying any money or without wasting time.

What Issues Can’t Be Resolved By Calling on Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number?

Microsoft customer support offers various ways to resolve customers’ issues and queries. But there are some queries that can not be and impossible to resolve over the call. In such cases, customers have to try an alternative method to resolve such issues. Let’s check what issues can not be resolved by calling on the customer support phone number:

  • If you have faced a technical issue in any of your devices and it is not resolving even by troubleshooting issues, then you have to referrals for an authentic technician to fix the damage.
  • If you want to exchange or replace any order, then it can not be done over the call. In such a case, either you have to mail the parcel or visit the store.
  • Customers who are facing billing or payment issues because of the bank. Then you have to contact the bank in order to resolve your payment issue.

What To Do If Not Satisfied With Microsoft Customer Service Number?

Microsoft offer services and product to million users across the world. So it is not surprising if it receives thousands of calls daily for customer support. Sometimes customers get fully satisfied services however sometimes customers do not get service up to the mark. On the off chance that you are not happy with the administrations, then customers can connect with support through different ways:

Try Calling Back – On the off chance you are not satisfied with the services of any representative, then you can connect with another customer representative. The representative provides services differently and according to their experience, knowledge, and training. So you can connect with other customer support in order to resolve your issues without any hurdle.

Live Chat – You can also connect with the virtual agent with the live chat option on the official website. Through the live chat, customers can ask their queries and get instant and helpful solutions to their concerns. You can also give feedback and report any issue through the live chat options. It is also easy to access and anyone can ask any query related to Microsoft product.

Online – If you have queries or want to troubleshoot issues online, then they can visit the official website of Microsoft. There you can get the answers or your queries without even calling on Microsoft customer services phone number. Customers can also connect through their account by signing in to your account.

Microsoft Customer Service Number – Conclusion!

There are various issues that can be resolved by calling customer support or by connecting through the live chat or visiting the official website. All the ways are easy to access and anyone can avail of customer support without even paying any money. You can contact Microsoft customer services without any hesitation and get instant solutions to your concerns. There are a few numbers and approaches to contact the client administrations. You don’t have to stress over your issues, the experts at the helpdesk are helpful and experienced to understand any sort of issue. In this way, on the off chance that you are searching for general contact help or need to get out your questions, then give a call to 1800 102 1100. You can also visit the official website for any other assistance.

Important Contact Details of Microsoft Customer Support

Phone Number  1800 102 1100
Department Microsoft Customer Service
Working Hours of Call Centers 9 am – 5pm
Is Call back Available Yes
Is real Human Support Available? Yes
Best Time to Call 9:15 pm
Navigate phone maze to a human Press 0, then 1, then 1 then keep pressing 0 until transferred
Alternative Methods to Contact Live chat, Phone, Web
Communication Quality 59 %
Help Quality 78 %

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