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The Best Support for All Troubles at Ashley Furniture Customer Service

Buy fine furniture and decorate your home with Ashley Furniture. Get all that you need for your home from here. And if you require any assistance or help in the process, reach out to Ashley Furniture Customer Service easily. Avail of the services available for you. Without any hesitation, you may connect with all your concerns and feedback. Customer service will surely help you get the best solutions for all matters. It is an easy way to connect and avail services in your best interest.  

Commonly reported issues by customers

Customers face various kinds of problems. Some are simple and some are slightly more complicated. However, all of them have solutions. And the way to find these solutions is through customer service. Therefore, you may call Ashley Furniture Customer Service Number at your convenient time to avail the help you need. Some of the most commonly reported queries by customers are – 

  • Complaints upon delivery of the product.
  • Return and exchange policies.
  • Requesting assistance for financing.
  • Cancellation of orders.
  • Questions on discounts and offers by Ashley Furniture. 

Ashley Furniture Customer Service Provides Services 

Considering the needs and requests of all customers, the customer service operates exclusively to attain their satisfaction level. Customers are free to call Ashley Furniture Customer Service Number to avail of the services available according to their convenience. All the support will be provided by the customer service support team.   

Product Inquiry and Placing Orders.Get full support from the customer service team with details on all products and available services. Get in touch to place your orders, cancel or track them in real-time. The customer service is capable of doing it only through a phone call.
Billing/ Payment Issues.In case of any problems with your payments, just dial at Ashley Furniture Customer Service Number and get assistance. The customer service will ensure that your matter is sorted and you enjoy your shopping with Ashley Furniture.
Return/ Refund Policy.Gather information on return or refund policy by Ashley Furniture. Customer Service will be able to provide information on what products are possible or applicable for return and whatnot, and also the entire process of it.
FinancingYou can finance your purchases as well through various companies easily. Just get in touch and avail the information and support you need. The customer service will surely help you get all the information on the process and steps.
Booking Appointments for In-store VisitEffortlessly book appointments before visiting the store. Contact Ashley Furniture Customer Service Phone Number to make such bookings and receive first-hand support while shopping.
Technical SupportIf you encounter any technical problems, resolve them by contacting customer service. They will troubleshoot all technical problems while you are on call.
InformationOffers, deals, discounts, and all other information are easily accessible through customer service.

Ways to file Complaints with Ashley Furniture Customer Service

Filling a complaint is the first step you can take towards a solution. Until you file a complaint, customer service will not be able to help you. Therefore, if you ever encounter and discrepancy, without delay, reach out through any of these ways for help-

  • Call Ashley Furniture Customer Service Phone Number

Conveniently, you may call customer service for help. Elaborately explain the problem to the representative of the customer service. They will then look into the matter and help you with a solution. When you file a complaint, it will be registered and you will receive an acknowledgment of the same. It can be used for future references as well until the matter is not solved. 

  • Through an Email

Customers may also consider filing a complaint through an email. If you like to keep records of the communication and track the progress, it is a very helpful method. While you write your email, ensure to add in all the essential information about the order. Explain the matter in concern in detail. It will help the customer service team to track your request and find a relevant solution to it. 

  • Complaint through the Help Page

Another way that may be helpful for you is through the website. You may simply visit the website and contact Ashley Furniture Customer Service through the contact form. Fill up the form with the correct details and raise your ticket. The customer service will revert after a careful analysis of the matter. 

Customer Service cannot help you with certain issues

Customer service is capable of handling all queries on orders, deliveries, product information, financing, help with installation, booking appointments, and other such matters. However, they cannot always handle all matters. Some matters are always beyond the control of customer services. You may have to approach the direct authority of the same. 

  • Any item after the expiry of the warranty period will not be replaced. Customer service cannot consider any such requests or help you with them.
  • Problems with the financing company are to be dealt with directly. Ashley Furniture Customer Service Phone Number will not be able to help you in the matter.
  • For installations, you may hire a third party, or from the Ashley Furniture team. The choice is yours. But if any problems occur with the third party during installation, customer service will not be responsible. You will have to deal with the matter on your own.

Whatever be the situation, the best way to find solutions is through customer service only. Therefore, you may contact Ashley Furniture Customer Service Number at any time you need help. Also, if not possible, it will guide you I the right path to proceed. 

How to connect with Ashley Furniture Customer Service?

Connect with customer service to avail of the services. These services are available for all customers. All customers are of equal importance to the customer service, and so all queries carry equal weight. Therefore, if you ever reach out for help to the customer service you can be assured to get full support from the team. Here are some of the ways to connect-

  • Call Ashley Furniture Customer Service Phone Number

Calling lines are open only during working hours. Therefore, take note of the timings if you ever need assistance. Further, customers rate this as the best method to connect with customer service. All the attending agents are well-trained to handle all the needs of the customers. If you require any help with financing your purchases, customer service will be able to direct you to other financing companies collaborated with Ashley Furniture. As a whole, it is the easiest and the best way to communicate with customer service.

  • Contact Ashley Furniture Customer Service through an Email

Some customers also choose to send Emails to customer service. It all depends on how serious your concern is. If the matter involves finance queries or other queries related to the product, it is best that you send an Email. The response that you will receive from the team will be stored in your mail database, which you can refer to in the future. Therefore, when you need to keep track of records, it is best that you communicate through Email. 

  • Help Page through the Official Website

Only if you scroll through the FAQ section, Help Centre, and other information pages, Most of your queries will be resolved on their own. But in case you still require an expert’s opinion, you are free to seek it through the Contact Form. You may have to answer a few basic and requisite queries to get through. The team will revert with a solution to your query.

  • Make In-Store Visit

If you want to check the products on your own or want to visit the stores, you can easily locate one near you. You may call Ashley Furniture Customer Service Phone Number to book appointments or locate a store near you. The store staff will surely assist you through the store and guide you with detailed information on the products. 

What can you do after an unsuccessful calling experience with customer service? 

The main motive of customer service is to serve its customers in their best interests. And the customer service team of Ashley Furniture tries its best to achieve that. However, if you ever face anything opposite or negative, do not panic. You can still find better solutions. All you have to do is, not give up and make more efforts. Take notes from the previous call to identify the flaws from it. It will help you to avoid them in the future. Once you are ready-

  • The best thing you can do is to call back Ashley Furniture Customer Service Number to speak with a different agent. 
  • Repetitively call customer service until to reach a satisfying resolution.
  • If necessary, send an email to the customer service to explain your matter and also mention your failed attempts.
  • In case if none of this helps, try your luck and raise a ticket through the help pages. Meanwhile, also try to scroll through for more information on the official website.
  • Finally, make an appointment, or directly visit the stores. The staff will surely help you with solutions. 

Whenever you need it, Ashley Furniture Customer Service will always be at your service. Get all the help and support you need easily and find easy solutions for all problems. 

Contact Information

Phone Number866-436-3393 800-477-2222
Working HoursMonday – Friday 7:00 am-7:00 pm CT. Saturday – Sunday 9:00 am-5:30pm CT.
Best Time to Call10:15 am.
Is real human support available?Yes.
Is Call Back Available?Yes.
Alternate ContactPhone, Web, Email.
WebThrough Official Website.
Email Address[email protected]
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