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420 Allen Wood Road Conshohocken, PA 19428 USA
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Ikea is the world’s largest retail industry. It is a Multinational industry that produces various ready-to-assemble furniture, small kitchen appliances, and other home accessories. You can explore the amazing furniture and appliances of Ikea at affordable rates. In case if you have any requests or facing any issues related to the products, then you can conveniently reach out to Ikea customer service. 

Founded in Sweden in 1943, Ikea is serving more than 52 countries in Europe, Middle East, Oceania, North Africa, East Asia, and North America. It doesn’t matter where region you are. You can find suitable and reliable customer support for help and assistance. The customers can contact Ikea customer service in various ways conveniently and without paying any money.

Common Problems For Which Customers Contact Ikea Customer Service

It is common that while ordering, refunds and returns, canceling an order, replacing an Item, customers face issues or have queries. That’s Ikea provides hassle-free customer support to help and assistance. Ikea workers’ utmost priority is to provide the best and convenient customer care service. So, if you have any queries or facing any issues, then you can reach out to customer support. Here some of the common problems that are commonly faced by the users and for which they contact Ikea Customer Service:

  • How can I order furniture from your official website?
  • Do you provide home delivery for the product?
  • How can I the availability of the stock?
  • How can I return or replace an order?
  • What is the return policy of Ikea?
  • Can I make changes in my IKEA FAMILY card details or account details?
  • How can I connect with the customer support of Ikea?
  • Can I track my order online?
  • How can I reschedule my order delivery?
  • Where can I fix my small appliance technical issues?
  • How can I cancel an order online?

Operations and Services You Can Contact Ikea Customer Service

Ikea offers various furniture in modern design, kitchenware & tableware, storage & organization, textiles, bathroom products, Kitchen & home appliances, decoration, beds & mattresses, or Laundry & cleaning. You can conveniently reach out to customer support for genuine help and experts’ assistance. Here are the convenient ways to reach out to the customer care service of Ikea to get your issues resolved without any hurdle:

Services Customer Support
Ikea Calling Customer Service –Through phone-based customer service, customers can reach out for help and support. The customer representatives at the helpdesk are helpful and well-trained to handle your concerns. The calling customer service is available during the working hours. You can easily access the phone-based service unlimited times.
Ikea Live Chat Customer assistance –Customers can connect with customer care support through the live chat assistance from the official website. The agents will connect with you through the live chat feature and help you to resolve your concerns without wasting your money and time.
Ikea Email Customer Support –Ikea also provides customer support through email support. In case you have any query or want to report any issue or anything else, then you can use email customer assistance. Within a few hours, customers will get a response from the Ikea team to resolve your issues and queries.
Ikea Store Assistance –In case if any customer wants to talk with the customer representative face to face, then they can prefer to store assistance. At the store, you can fix your appliance technical issues and product damages with the help of a professional.

Reasons Why Customers Call Ikea Customer Service

There can be many reasons to give a call on the phone number of customer service. You can resolve your issues, get instant and effective help and support. Customers can likewise approach other various ways to reach out to Ikea customer service. All the connecting ways are efficient and satisfying to resolve your concerns. To understand more, here are some of the reasons why customers reach out to customer support:

The customers who have to order furniture, appliances, or any other Ikea product, then they can order it from your official website or you can reach out to contact customer support.

To know more about home delivery for the product in your region, then you can contact customer support.

If you want to check the availability of the stock in the store, then you can know about it through customer support.  

If the customer is not satisfied with the product or doesn’t need it, you can reach out to customer support to know how to return or replace an order.

It is necessary to know about the return policy of Ikea, in case if you want to replace or return the product. You can more know about it through online help support.

If you want to make changes in your IKEA FAMILY card details or other account details, then you can reach out to customer support.

To connect with the customer support of Ikea, you can contact them through various convenient ways to get issues resolved.

To track your order online, you can track it through the official website. For additional help and support, you can connect with customer care support.

Emergencies can happen to anyone, so if you want to reschedule your order delivery, then you talk to the customer representative for more help.

If you want to know how you can fix your small appliance technical issues, then you can learn how you can use your warranty policy to fix it.

What Issues Can Be Resolved by Calling On Ikea Customer Service Phone Number?

There are many issues that can be conveniently resolved by calling on the customer support number. Hence such issues can be related to order placing, refund, or return, or any other queries. The customer representatives of Ikea at the helpdesk are well-trained and knowledgeable to help you and resolve your concerns. In case, you are not comfortable in calling, then you can also seek help from other assistance ways. Hence, here are the issues that can be conveniently resolved by calling on Ikea Customer Service phone number:

  • You can resolve your online ordering issues.
  • You can request to return or replace your order.
  • Know about the availability of stock of an item.
  • You can know how to cancel your order.
  • Request to claim a refund.
  • You can also report a missing item not delivered to you.
  • Report any problem with an Order.
  • You can also resolve various queries related to the order.
  • You can also report unnecessary cancellations on your order.

What Issues Can Not be Resolved by Calling on Ikea Customer Service Number?

There are many issues that can not be resolved by calling on Ikea customer support. Hence for such issues as technical issues, payment issues, and online ordering can not be done over the phone call. To resolve these issues, customers have to try alternative methods.

Like if you are facing technical issues in the small appliance or if your furniture got broken or any other issues related to the product, then you have to reach out to the store. You can not fix your product over the phone call.

In the case of payment issues due to the bank server error, you have to reach out to your bank to resolve your issue. Your payment issues due to the bank server error can not be resolve by our customer representatives. 

If you want to order a product, then you have to either visit the official website or the nearest store. You can not buy any order product over the phone call.

If You Are Not Satisfied By Calling Ikea Customer Service Phone Number

Ikea provides services to over 52 countries across the globe. It will not be surprising that Ikea receives thousands of calls and requests related to help and support. Sometimes customers get satisfied services whereas sometimes customers do not get services up to the mark. So, in case if you are not happy with the customer support then, you can try calling through different ways to get customer help:

Try calling again – If you are not happy with any customer representative then you can try calling again to connect with another representative. We all know customer service depends on the training and experience of the representative. So, you can try connecting with another representative to resolve your issues with better customer support.

Live Chat assistance – If you are still not happy with customer care service then you can try connecting with the live chat feature through the official website. Through live chat, you can ask can query, and get instant replies to your concerns.

Email Customer Support – You can also connect with email support to resolve your queries and other concerns. The expert at the helpdesk will respond to your queries as soon as possible. 

Visit Nearest Ikea Store  – Customers can also reach out to the nearest store of Ikea to contact the customer representative. You can directly talk to them face to face and get your issues resolved without any hassle. At the store, you can also get the undivided attention of the customer representative.

Contact Ikea Customer Service – Conclusion!

We all know issues can be faced by anyone and anytime. That’s companies strive to provide 100% satisfying customer care support to resolve your issues. Ikea provides various services along with customer support. You can connect with customer representatives for help and support through various other convenient ways. Hence from here, you can get genuine and accurate contact details to reach out to customer support without waiting long hours.

Important Details of Ikea Customer Service

Phone Number888-888-4532
DepartmentCustomer Service
Working Hours of Call Center Mon-Sat 8am-12am, Sun 9am-12am EST
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Call Back Service AvaliableYes
Navigate phone maze to a humanIgnore the messages asking for a zip code and don’t press anything. Just wait and you will be transferred
Alternative Methods to Contactphone, live chat, email, web, n-store
Communication Quality79 %
Help Quality50 %


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