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Seattle, Washington, United States
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How to avoid the waiting line at Starbucks Customer Service?

The struggle of reaching a live customer service agent is more annoying than dealing with a bad product or service. Whether you are trying your luck with a credit card company or a leading multi-national coffeehouse chain like Starbucks, getting customer support without waiting on hold is quite difficult. When you contact big companies like Starbucks for customer support, remember that you’re not alone. Many consumers like you contact Starbucks Customer Service every day for assistance. Thus, it’s quite common for consumers to deal with a long wait on hold and confusing automated call menus. But, you can skip these phone mazes and directly talk to a live person with the right information.

RepInASec creates shortcuts for you with the detailed and accurate Customer Service information of various companies, including Starbucks. From best phone numbers to tips you can try if phone-based support failed to provide you with the right solution, here you will find everything necessary.

Why do People call Starbucks Customer Service?

Starbucks is a world-renowned American multinational chain of roaster reserves and coffee houses based in Seattle, Washington. The company operates more than 30 thousand locations in over 70 countries. For many people worldwide, the company represents the second coffee culture wave in the United States.

Starbucks is famous for its range of coffees, hot and cold beverages, whole-bean organic coffee, micro-ground instant coffee called VIA, café latte, espresso lose- and full-leaf teas, Evolution Fresh juices, La Boulange pastries, Frappuccino beverages, and snacks including various items such as crackers and chips; some seasonal offerings such as annual fall launch of the Pumpkin Spice Latte and more.

As the largest coffeehouse chain in the world, Starbucks receives lots of customer queries every single day. These are some of the most common customer queries.

Service or Product-related Questions

Starbucks operates an extensive network of coffee houses, roaster reserves, and various brands such as Starbucks branded ice creams worldwide. The company also runs various customer loyalty programs, such as the Starbucks customer program. It also offers Starbucks cards and gift cards. An iconic brand of coffee beverages in the world, Starbucks has a customer base of millions of loyal customers. For a big brand and company like Starbucks, it’s quite natural for them receive various customer queries about their products and services. Some of the most common services based customer queries include:

ProgramSecurityReturn PolicyNutritional Information
Questions, issues, and inquiries related to Joining the ProgramBenefitsStars & RewardsStarbucks Rewards Visa CardProgram ChangesStarbucks Rewards Prepaid Card  Questions, issues, and inquiries related to Starbucks Card on Your Mobile DeviceOffers on Your Mobile DeviceApps and DevicesMobile Order & Pay  Questions, issues, and inquiries related to Starbucks CardCard RegistrationBuying CardsStarbucks gift balances and Reloads  Questions, issues, and inquiries related to Coffee at HomeIngredientsOrdering OnlineCoffee BasicsHome BrewingTeavanaStarbucksRecall InformationTeavana

Recent Reasons why people called Starbucks Customer Service Number

  • I’m using the gold card for years without any problem until next Sunday. I tried twice to add the amount to my card, but……
  • I want to make changes to my payment card.
  • I did not get the free promotional coffee after purchasing the required amount; it’s been over an hour…..
  • I ordered a dragon with extra inclusions, but I got only a few pieces of fruit and the wrong drink………..
  • I want to change the information in my account. My birthday is wrong on my profile.
  • I ordered two drinks from the Starbucks mobile app, but I received the wrong order………..
  • I deleted my gold card number by mistake, and now a gift card becomes my primary number……………….
  • I bought a gift card, but I only received an empty envelope. My card was missing from it……….
  • Could you please tell me why I did not get star points for a challenge I completed three days ago?
  • My old account is not opening even after so many failed tries.
  • I am facing an issue logging into my account.
  • I received the wrong order and was told I was getting a refund to add to my account. But, even after 15 days, I didn’t receive any credit………

General Information about Starbucks Customer Service

Starbucks has an online helpdesk, Faqs, and phone-based support for customers to solve their queries without any delays. You can use five different media to contact Starbucks Customer Service, including phone, email, web, Facebook, and Twitter.

Phone: There are two phone numbers that you can try to reach a live agent of customer support. One is 800-782-7282 for customer support and 877-309-3180 for the Rewards Cards department. The average waiting time for these numbers is 20 Mins, but the wait time can change from time to time. But, you can expect at least 5 minutes of waiting time when calling Starbucks Customer Service.

Email- you can contact Starbucks through email, but this method is relatively very slow to other ways. This method is perfect if your concern is related to a complicated issue or wants an official response from the company. The benefit of this method is the transcript of communication between you and the company.

Web or Online Help: Most consumers start with online help pages when they have any customer support issues. In addition, people also visit these pages to get information about assistance for a specific issue, contact information, and a quick solution for common customer queries. If phone-based support didn’t work for you or don’t want to deal with phone menus, try online help pages.

Social Media: To get a fast response from customer support Starbucks tries its social media platforms. Starbucks is available on Facebook and Twitter. The benefit of this method is to get a transcript of communication between you and the company.

Starbucks Customer Service Number

In total, Starbucks offers two phone numbers for customer service. The best number to talk to a customer service representative is 800-782-7282 compared to other numbers in terms of current real-time wait on hold and automated phone menus. People call on this number to get solutions to common issues, including Store Feedback, Points Not Adding, Points Redemption, Update Account Info, Overcharge on Account, Gift card issues, and other customer service problems. This information is based on the experience of hundreds of customers who used Starbucks Customer Service in the last six weeks.

The next best way to talk to a Starbucks customer support representative is 877-309-3180 for the Rewards Cards department. Besides calling, you can try online help to get a solution for your issue. 

Comparison of Starbucks contact information

In total, Starbucks offers six ways to contact its customer support to get assistance, including phone numbers, live chat, social media, online help, and email. You can contact Starbucks Customer Service across the following mediums: Phone, Email, Web, Twitter, and Facebook. 

To find the best way to contact Starbucks Customer Service, you can compare all six ways to contact through the table mentioned below.

Phone Number and Way of ContactWait Time
Customer Service- 800-782-72823 Mins
Online HelpWithin 7 Hours
EmailWithin 38 Hours
Twitter2 Mins
Rewards Cards- 877-309-31802 Mins
Facebook2 Mins

What Kind of Issues can be solved through Starbucks Customer Service Phone Number?

The representative of Starbucks Customer Service are well trained to provide the solution for most customer queries, including

  • Assisting if points are not added to a Starbucks cards
  • Conveying feedback to the store
  • Updating the information and details of an account
  • Help with points’ redemption.
  • Issues related to overcharging on account
  • A different issue related to product, service, store, food, or customer experience

If you are not happy with your call to Starbucks Customer Service Number

Suppose you think that your call with a representative of Starbucks Customer Services didn’t go well or the solution provided by them is not correct. You can try these options to get a better result from customer support:

Check the notes of your original call to identify any point of miscommunication. If you don’t have any notes or recordings of the call, just sit down, take your time, and wrote everything important you remembered from the conversation.

Call Starbucks Customer Service again. Explain your issues and first communication points and be polite. The next representative may have better experience or skills to understand your problem.

Try an Alternative communication method. If your second call didn’t go well either, you could try other methods to connect with the company’s customer support. One option is the email you can try, but this method is really slow. You can visit the official websites and check out the database for solutions. The last and fastest way to connect with a live person is a social media platform where you can get the answer through direct messages.

Important Details of Starbucks Customer Service

Phone Number800-782-7282
DepartmentCustomer Service Department
Working Hours of Call CentersMon-Fri 5am-8pm and Sat-Sun 6am-4pm PST
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Best Time to Call8:35 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, email, web, twitter, and Facebook
Twitter – https://mobile.twitter.com/Starbucks
Fb – https://m.facebook.com/Starbucks/
Navigate phone maze to a humanPress 2
Communication Quality79 %
Help Quality88 %

Common Customer Queries

How to check Starbucks gift card balance?

Want to check your Starbucks Gift Card balance? For this, you will need to click on starbucks.com/card. After clicking on this link, the new interface of the Starbucks website will open. Simply scroll down and click on the Card number option. Enter the card number and card pin in the correct text boxes. After that, click on the Check Balance button then the actual balance of your Starbucks Gift Card will appear on the screen. 

How to redeem Starbucks birthday?

If you are a member of Starbucks or you have bought something from there then they will send you the reward on your exact birthday through email or in the Starbucks application. To claim the reward, you only need to check out the mail section or application where you will be able to see the rewards. After getting the notification related to the reward, visit the nearby Starbucks store and get your gift from there. 

How do I make a complaint to Starbucks?

If you are facing any issues then you can dial 1860 266 0010. Dialing this number will help you to connect with customer care experts easily.

How do I contact Starbucks district manager?

It can be reached at 1-800-782-7282. There is a district manager that works for Starbucks directly in every authorized Starbucks (in the United States). Hopefully, the district manager will hear about your suggestions. You could politely request that the district manager receive your input.

How do I change my email address on Starbucks app?

Step-1 Click “Account” after signing into your account.

Step-2 Hit the settings button.

Step-3 Now click on edit then you will be able to change your email address. 

Are Starbucks refills free?

For free refills of brewed coffee (hot, iced, or cold brew), as well as tea (hot or iced), within the same store visit, regardless of the initial beverage, display your enrolled Starbucks Card or Starbucks app at participating locations after making a beverage purchase.

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