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California, USA
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Get Targeted Help & Solutions For All Queries: DMV Customer Service

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a branch that controls the entire land road communications. All services from Registration of Motor Vehicles to Driver’s Licenses are controlled by the DMV Department. Making it a very busy branch of the government. And serving the entire state is not an easy task. So to make things simple and easy, DMV Customer Service is here to help you. Many matters require guidance or assistance, but standing in the queues in the branch office is not always possible for all. Customer service will help you in such situations. Just call and get instant help from the department without even making many efforts. Feel free to reach out to customer service whenever you feel the need.

Common reasons to call customer service

Movement in the road with vehicles requires to abide by the rules. Most people call with many issues to report, questions or queries, or to make a complaint. Whatever be the reason, you are free to call the DMV Customer Service Number at any time as per the working hours. They will help you attain a resolution best for you within the jurisdiction. However, there are few queries that people call regularly with-

  • To customize number plates of vehicles.
  • Matters relating to Tickets.
  • Enquire about other vehicles before purchasing for verification.
  • Registering a new car in the state.
  • Reporting other drivers or cars for rash driving on road.
  • To report missing Driver’s License.

Service to avail from the DMV Customer Service

The DMV branch is responsible for all the transportations on road. And so are the customer service department responsible for most of the activities. This facility is made available only so that people do not have to come down to the office for small matters. You can resolve small or petty problems. The customer service is competent to help you with a majority of the reasons. It is always best to call the DMV Customer Service Number for the best services. Avail of these through a call-

General ServicesYou may call to get help with the general service. Make changes with your address, email ID, Contact Details, or Language preference. The customer service will guide you through the process step by step. You can also ask for help with downloading the DMV form. The customer service will surely help you with answers.
Driver’s License or Identification Card ServicesRenew your Driver’s License simply though calling DMV Customer Service Number. They will guide you on how to do it online. If necessary they may help you do it on their end. Apart from this, customer service can help you with all the factors to get a License to keeping it updated. Book your appointment for a test drive or cancel your license by a call effortlessly.
Vehicle ServicesAvail of the service for your Vehicle. Register your motor vehicle or make any personalized change with it. You can customize your plates, renew your registration or locate your towed car, only by a simple call with customer service. Undoubtedly this is the best place to get an easy solution for all matters.
Ticket ServicesSome also call to report matters related to tickets. Any questions with your ticket will resolve as soon as you reach customer service. You can also call to report your driver if they have tickets against them.
Business ServicesContact DMV Customer Service Phone Number to get approval for dealership of motor vehicles. Though they cannot help you directly, they will help you with information about each step on how to proceed.
Technical HelpWhile carrying out any function on the online portal of DMV if you face any obstructions, reach out for help. The customer service will help you troubleshoot any such matters or help you get a resolution.
InformationUndoubtedly, authentic information will be available. There is nothing to worry about if you have acquired the information directly from the customer service department.

Report your Matters through DMV Customer Service

It is always preferential to report any matters as soon as possible. If you are wondering why report immediately, well, the sooner you report any matter the sooner they can resolve. Most people have the opinion that it will not cause problems or be harmful. But if you do not report any matter, it will be harmful to you. So, make sure to report them through-

  • Call DMV Customer Service Phone Number 

It is always easier to report any matter over a phone call. Most people find it convenient to report through this method. It is the best and convenient for all. You can make a call at any time, in the streets at home, or wherever. But it is essential to report your matters. So, whenever or wherever you feel the need to raise your concerns, make sure you do. It is best to report early, then to regret later.

  • Through the Website-

DMV is operated state-wise. That is why it is also easy to report your issues through the concerning website. When you file a report through the website, the state government will receive them, it helps in a faster response. The state will know your location and problems betters. Simply drop your query and expect a response within a stipulated time.

  • Through Social Media

With the development of generations, people are now rapidly active over social media. So, if you have any concerning matters, raise those on any social media platform, tagging your respective DMV Centre for better response. It will also help DMV Customer Service to reach you and help you sooner.

Issues that are unsolvable over a phone call

Customer service is capable to handle most of the matters over a phone call easily. But some cases require a more direct approach. In such cases, you will have to make efforts and complete the procedure independently. The customer service may not be able to help you.

  • Submission of hard copy will be accepted only at the DMV Centres. The customer service can only help you with the online procedure and submission of documents.
  • Also, for a test drive, for clearance to get the Driver’s License, you will have to come down to the nearest DMV Centre. 
  • Again, for cash payments for the renewal of any licenses or clearing tickets, go to the DMV office directly. Customer service cannot help you with this overcall. They are responsible only for online payments. Call DMV Customer Service number for such guidance.
  • To free a towed car, again visit the DMV Centre. Customer service can only help you furnish the information on where is it kept, but you will have to free it on your own.

Hence, customer service cannot be held responsible for all matters. They are partially responsible for cases that are possible over call or online only.

Different ways to connect with DMV Customer Service

Most people think there is only one way to communicate with customer service, by calling. But it is not entirely true. There are other ways to connect with customer service. And all of them equally active and effective for customers to get in touch while looking for answers. These are-

  • DMV Customer Service Phone Number

This number varies from state to state. They also differ in working hours as per their time zones. But one thing that remains constant, is the quality of response and swiftness of response. You will always connect with a qualified agent who will be capable enough to handle all issues. Be confident while making a call with customer service as you will get all answers. 

  • DMV Websites

Each state a different website mentioning all the ways and information on that particular state’s working. You can easily log on to the page and scroll through to get information. All the pages are deeply informative and include all the information any person would ever require. The most website provides a complete form to raise an issue or report any matters concerning you. The department will get back to you with solutions. You should feel comfortable and confident to connect with customer service.

  • DMV Email ID

Some states also offer mailing procedures to communicate with their people. So scroll through carefully to know whether your states provide this facility. Make sure to mention all your details while writing a mail.

  • Visit DMV Centre

Another way to get in touch is by visiting the nearest DMV Centre. The staff will provide you with all the help you need. People have real experiences visiting the centre. You can easily get all answers to all questions.

How to get solutions after an unsuccessful calling experience? 

Not most customers report having an unsuccessful calling experience. Very few people end up having an unpleasant experience. The DMV Customer Service Number deals with multiple calls each day. And during peak hours, there is a rush of calls. Due to this or any other matter, you may at times have unpleasant calls. But do not fret. You can still do more while looking for options. Take note of the first call, so that, the reasons for failure do not repeat. Then you may proceed-

  • The best thing to do right now would be to call back. Most customers feel confident to call the customer service all over again. You will connect with a different agent who will help you overcome your concerns.
  • Until you get a satisfying answer, be adamant and continue calling repeatedly.
  • But if it still does not help, raise your issue through the portal.
  • Also, try to visit the DMV Centre if necessary.
  • After trying everything, if nothing helps, you are free to go public with your problems. Make a social statement on social media seeking help. The customer service will be bound to help you no matter what.

Never give up until you exhaust everything you can do. Reach DMV Customer Service when you feel the need and get immediate help effortlessly.

Contact Details

Phone Number District of Columbia DMV202-727-5000.
Phone Number Wisconsin DMV608-261-2583.
Phone Number Alaska DMV907-269-5551.
Phone Number Vermont DMV802-828-2000.
Phone Number Utah Division DMV800-368-8824.
Phone Number Massachusetts DMV857-368-8000.
Phone Number Washington DMV360-902-3770.
Phone Number Colorado DMV303-205-5600.
Phone Number Kansas DMV785-296-3621.
Phone Number Mississippi DMV601-923-7000.
Phone Number Wyoming DMV307-777-4375.
Phone Number West Virginia DMV304-558-3900.
Phone Number Tennessee DMV615-741-3101.
Phone Number South Carolina DMV803-896-5000.
Phone Number Texas DMV512-424-2600.
Phone Number Michigan DMV517-322-1624.
Phone Number Queens DMV718-966-6155.
Phone Number California DMV800-777-0133.
Phone Number Alabama DMV334-242-9000.
Phone Number Oklahoma DMV+1 405-425-2424.
Phone Number Ohio DMV614-752-7500.
Email ID DC
Working Hours of DC, Wisconsin, Alaska, Vermont, Utah, Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Wyoming, Tennessee, South Carolina DMVMonday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm EST.
Working hours of TexasMonday-Friday 7:00 am-6:00 pm EST.
Working Hours of Michigan, Queens24×7.
Working Hours of CaliforniaMonday-Tuesday 8:00 am-5:00 pm PST. Wednesday 9:00 am-5:00 pm PST. Thursday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm PST.
Working Hours of AlabamaMonday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm CST.
Working Hours of OklahomaMonday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm EST.
Working Hours of OhioMonday-Friday 7:00 am-6:00 pm EST. Saturday 8:00 am-2:00 pm EST.
Department of CallingCustomer Service
Real Human Support Available?Yes.
Call Back Available?No.
Alternate Method of ContactPhone, Web, Email.


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