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Tesla Customer Service

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PO BOX 505000, Louisville, KY 40233-5000 USA
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Tesla Customer Service Operates To Serve All Customers At Its Best

As one of the leading Electric vehicles, Tesla carries a lot of responsibility for its customers. It has innovations on electric cars for which most people do not have much knowledge. That is why Tesla Customer Service operates regularly to ensure all its customers avail themselves only the best. All customers are equal and providing them full support in their journey is what the customer service aims for. The customer service takes full responsibility for handling all problems customers face. Hence, if you ever face any problems, feel free to call customer service support for help.

Issues commonly reported by customers

As an innovation, most customers have many queries and questions about a lot of features and working of Tesla Cars. But, worry not, just call Tesla Customer Service Number and get your answers. The customer service is well-trained and competent to tackle all matters that customers commonly report. Some of the common queries that customers raise are-

  • Requesting help with financing the vehicle.
  • Technical issues.
  • Unable to charge the vehicle.
  • Delivery inquiry.
  • Change pick-up dates.

Tesla Customer Service is available for services

Effortlessly avail services from the customer service. The customer service operates flawlessly in reaching its customers. You can easily contact Tesla Customer Service Number and seek help. Services to avail from customer service are-

Delivery / Pick-Up DetailsUpdate your pick-up dates comfortably by calling customer service. They will help you get through with the update. Also, if you are expecting a delivery, you can get the status of the delivery easily from customer service.
Operational ProblemsSome customers call Tesla Customer Service Number, to seek help while facing issues with operating the car. Do not hesitate to call if you are unable to operate any feature of the car. Tesla wants all its customers to make full use of their purchases. Therefore, get full support for any issues you face.
Queries Related to financeTesla Customer Service can help you with information on your finance for the car. To know your monthly pay, or the amount left to be paid, or any such information. Also, if you face any problems with the finance, kindly contact customer service at the earliest.
Technical HelpThe customer service is ready to troubleshoot all technical matters at the earliest. And if there is any major issue, the customer service will be in the right position to guide you on the correct path to approach the technician to get it fixed.
InformationCollect all the information you need easily from the customer service. Be sure to get authentic and updated information only.

Report your issues with Tesla Customer Service

Well, as much as you may be excited about your car, it is necessary to report any problems to continue enjoying the same. Cars by Tesla are uniquely designed. And it is not simple or easy to fix by any mechanic. It requires experts’ advice. That is why it is always recommended to file a report when you face any complications. Only then, you will be able to achieve what you are looking forward to. However, these are the ways to report any issues-

  • Call Tesla Customer Service Phone Number

The most convenient way to approach customer service is through the phone number. You will connect with an agent directly, to whom you can express your issues. As the agent thinks fit, they will provide you with the standard procedure on how to move forward. You can speak with the agent as long as you are not satisfied.

For Roadside Assistance: Tesla has a different phone number for Roadside assistance if any customers seek to support. You can easily contact and avail fast response and solutions with your problems.

  • Contact Tesla Customer Service through Website

The official website of Tesla also allows you to record your problems by filling a form. You may also refer to the Help and Support pages to acquire more information. Most customers find their answers by simply visiting the site. Feel free to reach out through any means that you are comfortable with.

Issues that cannot resolve over a phone call with customer support

Though Tesla Customer Service excels in supporting its customers thoroughly, yet there are some limitations. The customer service is competent to handle all minor technical glitches by troubleshooting them, providing delivery information, and more. Yet it is not sufficient to meet all the requirements. For some situations, it becomes necessary for human support. Some matters cannot resolve over a phone call. Some of these would be-

  • You are expecting a pick-up on a later date, and so your car has not been prepared, you cannot request to change the pick-up date on the same day. You will have to give some time for it you be prepared for you before delivery.
  • For mechanical issues, an expert technician will visit your address. The customer service cannot provide direct help.
  • Also, if you need roadside assistance, the Tesla Customer Service Phone Number can record your message and forward you the assistance available. But they cannot provide direct help.
  • Complete the procedure to finance a car will complete only by visiting a showroom or meeting an agent of Tesla or a Finance group. Customer service will not be able to help you.

Therefore, it is always best to contact customer service to get the best information in all matters. But they cannot always directly help you with any issues. Feel free to reach out by any means comfortable and seek the help you need at the earliest.

How can you reach Tesla Customer Service?

There are multiple ways to reach customer service. And gladly, all of them are active and high response rate. Customers have never had issues getting through with customer service. Instead, most customers state, that the service was quick and easy. Indeed, you do not have a long haul or wait to get through. The lines are easy to connect through. Hence, if you are looking forward to connecting with customer service, you may do so, through any of these means-

  • Call Tesla Customer Service Phone Number

Tesla has separate phone numbers for general calls and roadside assistance. Make sure to dial the correct number to get a better response. The lines for general queries are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Whereas, for roadside assistance, the lines are 24 hours for 365 days. Any day you face problems, simply call to get the best out of it.

As soon as you call, you will connect with an expert representative of the customer service department. They are capable of handling all matters. Be confident to dial the number. Undoubtedly, you will get full support for any matters. Feel free to reach out with feedback or questions as well. The customer service will provide you with all that is possible on its path.

  • Contact through Website

The official website of Tesla is in itself self-sufficient. You can visit the official site and read through the separate pages on each car model. You will get descriptive information on all cars for any operational-related queries. Also, you can chat with an agent through the website. The website carries all the information any customer would ever seek information about.

It also has a help page, through which you can submit your queries. You will require to fill up a form mentioning all details about your issues. The customer service team will revert with a suitable response as per your query.

  • Visit Tesla Showroom

In case, you are unable to get through any of these, another option is to visit the showroom. You may visit the Showroom with your concerning matters. The staff will help you resolve them in the best possible way.

What to do if you experience an unsuccessful call?

Tesla tries its best to meet the needs of all its customers. But every individual has separate needs and demands. And the customer service is competent to understand the queries of its customers and act upon them accordingly. However, it is possible that, due to some circumstances, your call was not sufficiently successful. But do not worry. You can still get a better response if you try harder.

  • Firstly, you must make notes on the reasons for the failure of the first call. It will help you to refer in the future to get a better response.
  • Then, you may contact the Tesla Customer Service Phone Number again and speak with the agent seeking help. Mention your previous call. Remember that every time you call, the call connects with different agents. Hence, there are high possibilities that you get different and separate answers.
  • In case you still feel unsatisfied, try calling repeatedly. One of the other calls will surely turn helpful for you. If you feel necessary then you may ask to speak with higher authority as well.
  • Another option is to visit the showroom or write a postal letter to the head office. It will make your query more urgent and build higher chances of a response.

Indeed, one can find solutions easily through Tesla Customer Service. But sometimes it may some time. Also, instead of rushing into different methods, try to wait after you make a call. Things may take longer but they will resolve. 

Contact Details

Phone Number for General Queries888-518-3752
Working HoursMonday-Friday 8:00 am-6:00 pm EST. Saturday 9:00 am-5:00 pm EST.
Best time To Call1:15pm
Is real Human Support Available?Yes.
Call-Back Available?No.
Phone Number for Roadside Assistance877 798 3752 (USA) 1 800 64 6952 (Australia) 0162 845 0660 ( England)
Alternate Method of ContactPhone, Web.
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