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Easy Solutions For Problems With Your Rented Car: Zipcar Customer Service

Zipcar is a company that allows renting cars by making bookings online or through the mobile application. You may book your cars within an hour or even a year before. Customers may also book cars for a day or month. They provide flexible schemes according to the needs of the customers. However, with flexibility arise queries, and Zipcar Customer Service handles them all. They are capable of handling all queries easily. If you also have any queries, feel free to reach out and find resolutions.

Why do customers reach out to customer service?

Availing services through online portals can be tricky. Which is why Zipcar receives numerous calls and message each day. The customer service has been operational since its establishment. It has dealt with various kinds of problems that customers. Some call Zipcar Customer Service Number to file complaints while others call to seek answers. Some of the common reasons for calling customer service are-

  • To re-book cars after cancellation.
  • Make changes in the online account.
  • Questions about the payment methods.
  • Help with maintaining the membership card.
  • Change or cancel bookings.

Services by Zipcar Customer Service

Providing cars to different people through an online portal requires trust. And to keep up the good trust between the customers and providers, customer service has a vital role. They ensure that customers avail good services. And for any troubles feel free to call Zipcar Customer Service Number for support.

Rent a CarCustomers can easily rent cars through the online portal or mobile application. And if you face complications, you may resolve them with the Zipcar Customer Service Number without hesitation. They will support you to resolve the matter and also book a car as per your needs.
Billing IssuesMany customers face a lot of billing queries. You can be assured that you will not be paying anything extra. However, if you are unable to understand the plans or schemes or the billing process of customer service, you can simply reach out to Zipcar Customer Service Number and get answers. The customer service will help you in providing answers to billing queries. Also, for any payments issues or refund matters, kindly reach out to customer service for help.
Roadside SupportZipcar provides drop and pick-up of vehicles. And in case you face a roadside crisis, you will still find support from the Zipcar Customer Service Phone Number instantly. They will eject a roadside assistance team to your said spot and help you in every way possible. You may rely on them for complete support.
Technical HelpAll the technical matters will be troubleshot by the Zipcar Customer Service Number within few minutes. Any troubles with your online account or while signing in or through the website can be resolve by customer service.
InformationAvail of accurate information from the customer service. Inquire about the monthly rental plans or yearly plans and also offers and discounts applicable. The customer service will guide you get through the matter.

Report matters through Zipcar Customer Service

Filling complaints can be exhausting. But with Zipcar, it is quite easy. It allows its customers to file complaints through customer service. And customer service also acts upon resolving them. Here are some convenient ways to file complaints with customer service-

  • Call Zipcar Customer Service Phone Number

Comfortably make a call with a customer service representative. Raise your concerns directly with customer service on call. Mention your matter and record the complaint. The attending agent will check the matter and try to resolve it as soon as possible. It is also the fastest way to file complaints. Customers rate calling service as the best way to make complaints.

  • Report through Email Services

Customers have the option to send in emails. If you face problems and prefer a written or more physical way to approach then this is your chance. Write about the concerning matter in detail and forward it. The customer service team will look into the matter and help you find a favorable solution. You may keep track of progress by making complaints through email.

  • Contact Zipcar Customer Service through Help Pages

You may also file complaints through the help page portal. Though it is a long shot, an effective way to get answers. Customers can visit the help portal and fill in all the requisite details. The customer service team will surely act upon it to find attainable solutions for you.

Issues that Customer Service are incapable of solving

Customer service can only help you with matters under its jurisdiction. Any matters that are not under its power, will not be able to help you resolve them. Matters related to payment issues, bookings, roadside assistance, and other such matters can easily be resolved by customer service.

Whereas, other matters that the customer service is incapable of solving will not be resolved over a phone call with customer service. Some matters where customer service cannot help you with are-

  • If you comply with the terms and conditions while renting cars, then any damage while under your possession will be liable for a fine. You will have to pay it, without any compensation.
  • Also, if the car is stolen, you will have to follow the rules to settle the matter. Customer service cannot play partial for you.
  • Requesting roadside assistance is simple. Contact Zipcar Customer Service Phone Number and connect with the team. However, they will appoint a team to follow up. Customer service cannot directly help you with the matter.

Therefore, matters that are under control can easily be handle by customer service. Other matters are difficult and require the appropriate authority to resolve the matter.

Some ways to reach Zipcar Customer Service

When you need it, they will be there. The customer service extends full support for its customers. You can easily connect with customer service, through any of these ways-

  • Call Zipcar Customer Service Phone Number

Reaching through a phone call is the easiest way to reach customer service. Customers may call during working hours. You will directly connect with a trained agent of the customer service team. All agents are well-trained to handle all customer queries. And if you ever face any complications or have questions, feel free to reach out. The customer service team will surely attend to your request and provide you with resolutions.

  • Contact Zipcar Customer Service on Email

The mailing lines are open 24 hours a day. Therefore, if you ever require any help, you may easily send in your mails. Matters related to payments are suggested to resolve through emails. It helps you keep track of the communication if matters go sideways. However, the response time is 4 hours. You do not have to wait for long to get an assured answer to your question.

  • Connect through website

If you are new to the Zipcar website, then by scrolling through the pages, you will learn most answers to your questions. Customers do not have to wait long to get answers. However, if you raise a ticket, then you cannot expect a response in less than 76 hours. The customer service team will check into the matter deeply and respond to you. It takes time, but the wait will be worth it. Resolutions are quite satisfying for the majority of customers.

Can you overcome an unsuccessful response from customer service?

 Always the sole priority of customer service is to support and work for the betterment of its customers. And similarly, the Zipcar Customer Service operates to eradicate all troubles its customers face. However, it is naturally possible that you face an unsatisfying experience. There may be flaws on your behalf or the agent attending you. Still, that cannot be an end. There is much more than you can explore to find resolutions. But first, you will have to take time and think of the drawback of the previous call. Then you may proceed-

  • By calling Zipcar Customer Service Phone Number for support. Mention of your previously failed attempts.
  • Call repetitively until you find satisfying answers. Ask for superiors if the answers do not satisfy you.
  • Send in a mail to the customer service in the designated email ID. It is necessary that you mention your previous attempts.
  • In the meantime, raise a ticket through the help portal. There are possibilities that you get better answers.
  • Finally, if nothing helps, send in a formal postal mail. And if you wish to escalate the matter, you may also post on various social media platforms about the same. This will build pressure. Hence, the customer service will be bound to pay attention to your needs and help you. You will surely get the help you need.

Get what you deserve from the Zipcar Customer Service as customers. Continuous support and top-class services are available for you.   

Contact Information

Phone Number866-494-7227
Working HoursMonday – Friday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm EST.
Best Time to Call9:15 am.
Is real human support available?Yes.
Is Call Back Available?Yes.
Alternate ContactPhone, Web, Email.
WebOfficial Website
Email Address[email protected]
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