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Dell Error code 2000-0146

What is the Reason for Error code 2000-0146

This error is related to the hard drive’s R/W(read or write cycle) issue in Dell PCs and other computing devices. It can cause the whole framework to freeze because of which framework and programming applications may quit responding. This highly influences the functionality of your framework. It additionally prompts a hardcore crash (blue screen) and causes a few Windows-related issues. Error code 2000-0146, if not dealt with timely, then it might prompt further harm to the framework and results in data loss because of disc misfunction. Thereby, it’s substantially important to fix hard drive error code 2000-0146 in the dell PC promptly to deal with any data leakage.

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How to Fix Hard Drive Error code 2000-0146

  1. Utilize an Antivirus or Anti-malware Software

Your hard drive might be corrupted with a virus or malware that is leading to disc R/W errors on your hard disc. These errors can be resolved by utilizing an effective antivirus that can just scan and remove the malware program. You can likewise utilize the Windows Defender program for this also.

Note-Ensure to Run a full PC check by any antivirus and when the scan is done, it expels all infections and malware to determine Error code 2000-0146.

  1. Boot into Safe Mode and Clean Boot

fix error code 0146

The dell Error code 2000-0146 can likewise be fixed by booting the framework into the experimental mode and cleaning up the boot history. You should terminate every added gadget like Printer, Router, modem, Wi-Fi, and so on. Subsequently to deactivating gadgets, follow steps given below:

  • Close down your framework.
  • Press the force catch to begin your framework and continue tapping the F8 key until you see the ‘Propelled Boot Options’ screen.
  • Select Safe mode with Networking utilizing bolt keys and Click Enter.
  • Presently press ‘Windows Key + R’ and type MSConfig and snap ‘alright.’
  • In the System Configuration Utility window, click the General tab and afterward, click Selective Startup.
  • Uncheck the ‘Heap Startup things’ checkbox.
  • After that click on the Services tab, check ‘Conceal all Microsoft administrations,’ click the ‘Cripple all’ button, and restart the framework.
  • Ideally, this fixes hard drive blunder code 0146 on your framework
  1. Run an SFC Scan

run sfc scan

At times, missing or corrupted framework data records can lead to extreme hard drive issues like dell Error code 2000-0146. Running SFC scan lets you fix this issue by fixing and supplanting degenerate and missing framework documents and storage records. To run an SFC filter.

  • Visit the Start tab and type the command ‘cmd’ in the command prompt afterward press key combination CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
  • Type SFC/Scannow to run the SFC check.
  • Subsequent to filtering, restart your framework. Every single debased record will be supplanted after boot. In the event that SFC filter can’t supplant a framework record, it requests Windows establishment DVD or media to fix degenerate or harmed framework documents.
  1. Change BIOS Settings

Invalid BIOS settings can seriously influence the functional performance of your PC. In this manner, it’s quite common to notice that there is no adjustment in the framework’s BIOS settings. One way out is to reset the BIOS settings to default, which can likely fix your hard drive issue. To reset the BIOS, follow these means:

  • Restart PC and press ‘F2’ consistently when PC boots until you see BIOS settings.
  • Select ‘Reset to Default,’ ‘Arrangement Defaults,’ or comparative choice in BIOS Settings to reset
  • Boot PC regularly. This may fix the issue with your hard drive and the dell mistake code 0146.
  1. Run Disk Cleanup

Disc files cleanup assists in the cleaning of corrupted documents from your hard drive. The Disk Cleanup fixes issues with the PC as well as opens up the extra room by expelling transitory records, discharges reuse canister, and evacuates pointless documents, which could be liable for the dell mistake code 0146. In the interim to run circle cleanup on your framework, follow these means:

  • Visit the Start tab, type disc clean up’, and hit key combination CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
  • Now select the drive you need to run a scan and afterward click OK.
  • Then after hold up until Disk Cleanup scans your drive. Subsequently to check, select the checkboxes of the brief documents and tap ‘alright.’
  • When a popup shows up. Affirm by tapping the ‘Erase Files’ option.
  1. Replace your Hard Drive

In the event when you despite running a PC scan face the dell Error code 2000-0146 issue and continuous PC freezes issue, it’s smarter move to supplant the hard plate of your Dell framework with another one. You likewise need to recoup information from the old hard drive before it totally comes up short. So you can contact the approved data recovery specialist for data retrieval.

Try contacting at our dell support number for help. If you liked this then also check how to fix dell error code 2000-0333.

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